Han Solo (Jason Derulo Parody)

I LOVE THIS! It’s stuck in my head now but I’m fine with that!

This is made my MC Chris, check out his website http://www.mcchris.com/

Also the Calvin and Hobbes/ Chewie and Han art is made by Chris Wahl

Han is such a hottie!

[Source Dorkly]

Superheroes Need Health Care Too!

This is one of a series of videos made by Avengers Assemble The Series. Check out their video on the Oil Spill and Job Loss.

[Source Topless Robot]

How to create the Mona Lisa using Microsoft Paint

This video makes you think twice about Microsoft Paint as the butt of a joke.  The video isn’t new but it’s still impressive!

[via Buzzfeed and made by Eclectic Asylum Art]

The Twitter Movie Parody

With The Social Network, aka The Facebook Movie, coming out on October 1st, IndyMogul made a parody trailer for theThe Twit Network.  Whether you use Twitter or not this is hilarious!  Also follow me on twitter @girl_gone_geek #shamelessplug #kanyeshrug.

The makers IndyMogulsaid this about their video:

“If Hollywood can make an overly dramatic film about the early years of Facebook, why can’t we make an overly dramatic movie about Twitter? Or at least the trailer to that movie! Check out the exclusive (parody) trailer for “The Twit Network” right here on Rated Awesome!”

“If Twitter is as useless and boring as they say, then someone would have tweeted it by now.”

[Source IndyMogul and I found out from GeekGirlCamp tweeting it! HA!]

F*ck Me Ray Bradbury

Great authors are what us Lit Lovers daydream about!  I wonder if Ray Bradbury has seen this?  Probably not since he said that, “We’ve got too many Internets.”  Either way thank you Rachel Bloom for this sci-fi naughtiness!  And get a free Download of the video here!

Warning: Lyrics are NSFW because of the frequent use of the F word and mentions of ejaculating on books and such.

[Source Geek Girl on the Street]

MMORPA ART: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Art

This was made by Jason Baalman aka EclecticAsylum on YouTube.  He does some unique and cool art videos on Youtube.  Check out his channel and you can buy his art on ebay.  He also submitted this video for the Guggenheim Museums YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video.  He used the website iScribble.net to do this online drawing.

“An evolving painting created by four artists working simultaneously on the same digital canvas. The paintings metamorphic process was unplanned and free form. The artists took cues from each others actions and interpretation of various shapes/colors. Communication was made possible by text chat. The total elapsed time was 4 hours.”

I think it would be pretty fun to do this with a bunch of friends.  Who’s down?

Zombie Week- Sucker Punch Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Sucker Punch the movie by the director of “300” and “The Watchmen” Zack Snyder. Read the post I did about the movie here.  Thanks to @robocake33 for the link!  What do you guys think?   Looking forward to it?

Zombie Week- Zombie Kid

Ah one of the many wonders of YouTube.  Zombie Kid is one of favorite memes.  Simple but effective.  This is far from new but it’s always funny to watch!

Zombie Week- Cute and Cuddly… Zombies?!

Who knew zombies could be this cute?!   And the best part is you can pull apart their limbs!  I need one (or a few) of these in my life.  Get your Dismember-Me Plush Zombie  at Think Geek for $12.99.

Watch the mini-movie/Dismember-Me Plush Zombie Trailer!

[via Gizmodo and Think Geek]

Sonic and Mario Awkward Reunion

A friend from Otakus and Geeks told me about this video… HILARIOUS!! Poor poor Sonic, I really feel for him.

[via CollegeHumor]