Sunday Funnies- Hawkeye Needs A Ride

I couldn’t help but feature Noelle Stevenson’s comics again. Her teeny Avengers are so darn cute! Check out her Tumblr, The Ginger Haze, for comics that are sure to make you smile and squee.

Adorable Avengers assemble! 

And some other cute stuff just ’cause.


Sunday Funnies- Where the Wario Things Are

[Source: Dorkly made by Dueling Analogs]

Sunday Funnies- Deus Ex that 20%

 [Source: VG Cats]

Sunday Funnies- Pitwit (Portal 2 Spoilers)

[Source: Awkward Zombie]

Sunday Funnies- Harry Potter Edition

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Ever wonder what Harry Potter would be like if it was a teen show in the 80s? So did Lucy Knisley (via her LucyLou Liveblog).

Kate Beaton from Hark, a vagrant’s The Adventure’s of Tiny Hermione. She was featured in a previous Sunday FunnyBrown Recluse Spider-Man. Continue reading →