Sunday Funnies- Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

[Source: Dorkly made by H. Caldwell Tanner]

Sunday Funnies- Servile with a Smile

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Sunday Funnies- Skyrim: King of Relationship Ruiners


By Zac Gorman

Sunday Funnies- Pikémon

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Sunday Funnies- Game of Porcelain Thrones

I’m on A Storm of Swords now. Gods be good, I don’t think I’ll stop reading until I reach A Dance with Dragons!

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 [Source: Virtual Shackles]

Sunday Funnies- And now you know…

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Sunday Funnies- Why T-Rexes Cant Be Superheroes

Ian Brooks:

Why T-Rexes Cant Be Superheroes by Jillian Nickell

Based off an old threadless design…The other problem is they have those pitiful baby arms.


 “Rex’s superhero ambitions are quickly forgotten when he realized people are delicious.”

[Source: The Uniblog]

Sunday Funnies- Off Guard (The Legend of Zelda- Spirit Tracks)

 I never finished Spirit Tracks. I blame it on the train. 

 [Source: Dorkly 1 and 2 made by Awkward Zombie 1 and 2]

Sunday Funnies- Be careful what you wish for…

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Sunday Funnies- The Doctor meets Link

Made by Pirpintine 

And another one made by Jack (tardis-owl.tumblr) because I love you so much! Continue reading →