Cute & Creepy Superhero Art

Christopher Uminga has created this unique and chibi’ish artwork, check out his website and see all of his awesome work.  Below are some adorable, and some creepy, (but all are great!) art of superheroes, villains, TMNT and Star Wars characters.   Dontcha just want to give the Hulk a big hug?! He looks like he needs it…

[Source Unreality Mag]

Batman 3 Villain Rumors and Suggestions

You might have heard by now the rumors about Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing The Riddler in Chris Nolan’s next Batman film.  Considering his role in Inception it seems the rumors might be true.  Especially since there were three other actors who played in Nolan’s Batman films in Inception as well.  I personally think he would do a good job.  We’ve seen him do comedy and serious roles and I think he’s really solidifying his presence as a good actor.  Also I’ve heard that he will shoot all of Batman 3 in IMAX (no 3D).  Nolan you are amazing #thatisall.

Here’s a list of other rumors or suggestions of other villains I either came up with on my own or with the internets help, that’s what it’s there for after all!  Take the poll if you think JGL would be a good Riddler or not. Also sound off (in the comment section) on what you think about the villain suggestion/rumors and if you have suggestions of your own!

The Riddler:

Paul Bettany

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

Guy Pearce

Robert Downey Jr.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ewan McGregor

Jude Law

The Mad Hatter:

Matt Damon

Mr Freeze:

Ron Perlman

The Penguin:

Philip Seymore Hoffman ← That Batman would be epic with him!

Paul Giamatti

The Penguin:

Paul Giamatti

Poison Ivy:

Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men)

Rachel McAdams

Amy Adams


Monica Belluci

Anne Hathaway

Lucy Lui

Penelope Cruz

Natalie Portman

Angelina Jolie


Shia LaBeouf