Tattoo Tuesday Featurette- Bonnie’s Zelda, Totoro & Portal Tattoos

I’m pretty sure you love Tattoo Tuesday as much as I do. Sadly enough I don’t do them every Tuesday, because frankly they take a very long time to compose. But I’ve found a way to give you your weekly dose of nerd ink every Tuesday! I was inspired by Bonnie’s geeky trio of tattoos to start a Tattoo Tuesday Featurette series. I wanted to know more about her, her tats and what makes her squee. So I asked her!

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Tattoo Tuesday Featurette Interview with Bonnie Williams: 

Girl Gone Geek: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Bonnie: I’ve been a gamer since I was four years old, I remember the day my dad brought in a SNES that my uncle didn’t want anymore plus Street Fighter II and Super Mario World with it. I was hooked from then with the only difference being that I’m more heavily into PC games now but still play console games, gosh it’s been two decades now!

What are your tattoos of and why did you get them?

I first got Navi from The Legend of Zelda tattoo’d on my left shoulder, I choose this location as it felt fitting since she couldn’t exactly be tattood in the air next to me so she’s always by my side, she was Links companion and I wanted something simple, recognisable and cute for the general audience who haven’t a clue about the game series, she was a combination of the cartoon and 3D versions of her. The Legend of Zelda was my first game obsession and love which is still pursued even now and felt like the Zelda series has always played a part in my life important enough to represent.

My next tattoo was several months later and almost on impulse, I played a game called Portal in 2010 and didn’t think I’d get in with the hype of the game but I did even if I struggled, I managed to complete it and fully enjoy it, I felt this was an accomplishment and I was proud of myself. The companion cube symbolises a lot in the game and after seeing a friends t-shirt from the Valve store I fell in love with the design and decided to get it on my forearm although I do regret getting the complete design and intend to cover up the two lines underneath the companion cube alhough with what I can’t decide yet.

My most recent tattoo was half an impulse as I’d been thinking about getting a tattoo involving my love for rainbows and I wanted to combine it with something else I loved to make it extra special. I looked for ideas ranging from cute things I loved such as strawberries to things like soot sprites from Studio Ghibli. In the end I found someones artwork on DeviantArt and asked to use their image, I’ve always gone to a place in Brighton called The Wizard of Ink and this time I gave them a bit ore of a challenge and made a few changes such as adding deeper sketchier lines as my tattoos all have that little touch, they suggested adding their own style of clouds to it to which I agreed too. It was the most painful and longest of my tattoos and he’s on my right shoulder holding an umbrella forming a rainbow behind it as if he’s floating through the sky over my shoulder.

Was there a moment that you realized you went from liking to loving Totoro, Zelda and Portal?

With Zelda I remember falling in love with it when I was five or six years old from the first scene of playing A Link to the Past and it’s stuck ever since. With Portal I didn’t think I’d love it like I do so that surprise made me even more fonder for the game although I’ve yet to play Portal 2 I love it already. Totoro was a love I didn’t understand at first, why did all these people love such a simple and dull film? I wanted to love Totoro too but I didn’t understand but after watching the film a second time I was deeply in love with the Totoro character and the film “My Neighbour Totoro”, I’ve spoken to others who have felt the same after watching it two times too and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the Japanese equilevant to Disney which is Studio Ghibli, if I have children they’re being brought up on these films!

Do you have any plans for future tattoos?

Yes actually, I intend to get a dragon of some sort, perhaps Haku from Spirited Away so I’ve got another link to something else I love but it’s always an issue as to where and what size you’d like the tattoo although I’ve also got my best firend of seventeen years now to design me a tattoo of the Zora theme of Link doing a love and peace sign best done by Vash from the anime series called Trigun as that has also played an important part to my teenage years and I recently rewatched with my boyfriend to remind me of how good the series is (although it holds nothing on the manga but has some good voice cast members in it). There’s more than those I’d like in the future and simple cute things such as stars, rainbowd and strawberries but they’re not very geeky.

Which character would you want to hang out with for a day and why, Link, Totoro or Wheatley?

I think Wheatley would be great for conersation especially with the voice of Stephen Merchant but Link would be justified by my love of him to choose over Wheatley especially since it has been a love for two decades now, it would be like a scene from a Shoujo anime where the female main character finally gets to meet the man she’s loved all her life although he’d not have much to say judging by the games although the mangas do make him talk more and bring more character to him, lets just hope he’s not the same Link as from the 1980’s cartoon series. As for Totoro he’d be amazing company but we’d not have much to say really, given that he doesn’t speak any language that I’m aware of, he’d be great for cuddles though.

Where do you live on the internet?

I’m sometimes found on Twitter as NorikoNeko but generally I’m dull lazy when it comes to using websites, my games and reading take priority over my social life on most occasions unless it can be combined with Steam of course!

Tattoo Tuesday- Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the music, the shopping madness, the movies, the secret santas, the decorations, oh and most of all the gifts! Whatever you celebrate this season, (if you celebrate anything) I hope it’s wonderful and geeky!

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

[Source: Smosh]

[Source: Smosh]

Tattoo by Tim Baxley Southside Tattoo & Piercing East Point, Ga [Source: Flickr]

Robot Santa [Source: Flickr]

[Source: OrchardBoard]

[Source: Smosh]

Chris’ Grinch tattoo, “It was done by Shane O’Neill, he’s currently working out of Trademark Tattoo in Wilmington, DE. ” [Source: Rate my ink]



[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Smosh]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Smosh]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Smosh]

[Source: Buzzfeed]


Snowflake tattoo, Adam Rose Fallen Owl Tattoo [Source: DeviantArt]

Tattoo by tiffy-toxic [Source: DeviantArt]

Tattoo by Donald Purvis at Asgard Ink tattoo studio in New Albany Indiana. [Source: Flickr]

[Source: Tattoo Doneky]

Snow flake tattoo by Malia Reynolds at [Source: Flickr]

[Source: Flickr]


Tattoo Tuesday- Buffy, Angel and Whedon Oh My!

This weeks Tattoo Tuesday is dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer one of the many blessings Joss Whedon has bestowed upon this great planet. Before the world was infiltrated by sparkly vampires, there was Buffy. While Buffy and the Scooby Gang were stakin’ vamps and takin’ names, the rest of the world fell in love. (Tattoo Tuesday-Firefly here)

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

“My Buffy tattoo! Took 9 hours with one subway break ahaha. I am in LOVE with Buffy, I am going back in two weeks so she can put the saying below it. It’s going to say “Into every generation a slayer is born.”  via fyeahtattoos

Spike [Source:]

(unfinished) Hellhound Tattoo done by Christopherallenism [Source: Deviant Art]

Buffy and Bellatrix Mashup! [Source: fuckyeahbuffythevampireslayver tumblr]

“Check out reader Whitney’s brand-spankin’ new and hard core Whedonverse tattoo depicting Angelus’ narration from the episode “Passion” done in the Buffyfont! It took five straight hours and runs from underarm to hip. Kind of reminds us of Dark Willow’s skin when she’s sucking the books for magic in “Villains”, no? Anyway, how fabulous!
note: Whitney also has tats of the Buffy Season 8 Twilight symbol and Mutant Enemy monster. ” [Source: Buffyfest Blogspot]

Epicbookshelves’s Buffy quote tattoo on her leg:

“This is a quote from (the tv show) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As soon as I heard it, I had to rewind and hear it again. I’m going through a divorce right now, and this quote really hit home with me. One thing I’ve decided and realized lately is that I don’t want to ignore that passion inside of me, whatever it may be in regards to. This is a reminder that I cannot supress my thoughts and feelings, desires, and passion for life. It’s a reminder to live the life I want. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I REALLY love Buffy. ETA: Done by Kyle at Platinum Ink, Austin TX.” [Source: 25hourbooks]


Mandi Kaye’s:

“So before everyone asks, let me explain the significance of “five by five.” I first heard the phrase years ago when Faith used it on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She used it to mean that everything was good or okay. This past summer, I remembered it when I was trying to decide what kind of tattoo I wanted. I knew I wanted the tattoo to mean something. I decided I wanted it to represent the major change that was going on in my life – my crisis of faith. Even when my life was up in the air and I felt constant turmoil, I still had this overwhelming sense that everything was going to be okay. No matter what I chose – faith or no faith – it was going to be okay. That’s when I remembered the phrase “five by five.” I knew I would encorporate it into my tattoo somehow. At first, I tried to go for a larger more elaborate design, but in the end I chose simplicity. And I love it.” [Source:]

Sharron’s Buffy quote tat:

“As a self confessed Buffy fan, I was more than a little stoked at getting to do this tattoo. It was a buffy geek fest while I was tattooing this. I nearly broke into songs from the musical a couple of times.So for Buffy geeks everywhere here you go”  [Source: Sharroncaudill]

 “My first tattoo!!! Its the little Buffy heart logo that appears on Buffy the Vampire Slayer merchandise and such. I got it done in January 2005. Another shot of the tattoo: [link]” [Source: Deviant Art]

Amiee’s BVS tat she got done after season 5 [Source: Zimbio]

[Source: Tattoos for Everybody]


 The mark of Eyghon [Source: nika-summers]

“Can’t figure out what the relation is to Buffy? Well take a look again. It’s a railroad spike. Now guess what character Julie likes the most? Spike of course. It’s located on the back of her neck and done in solid black for $40 at Texas Body Art in Houston, Texas.” [Source: nika-summers]

“Julia got the sign of Vocah at the end of June in 2004. It’s located on the inside of her left ankle. Shoutout to Isabelle for helping her win the money for the tattoo at the casino!” [Source: nika-summers]

Faiths tribal tattoo [Source: nika-summers]

“This is Julia’s Angel Investigations logo tattoo. She got it in October of 2002 by Ms. Judy at the Anchorage Tattoo Studio in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s about 1 1/2 inches tall and is on the inside of her right ankle. She always wanted a tattoo and since she loves the Whedonverse, she thought this would be a great way to combine the two.” [Source: nika-summers]

Angel tattoo [Source: Tattoo Fashion Flash]

Grrr Arg Mutant Enemy Productions Joss Whedon [Source: Geeky Tattoos]

Tattoo Tuesday- Tank Girl

Made by Jessica V, Superstition Tattoo, Massapequa, NY [Source:Monster Ink Tattoos NY]

After a long hiatus from Tattoo Tuesday I am returning with a BANG! I see no better way to resurrect Tattoo Tuesday (after it was beaten and tortured by work, grad school and interning) then with Tank Girl! She’s the bad ass of all bad asses! I started reading Tank Girl this past summer and loved it in all its bizarreness and lewdness. However The Walking Dead ate my brains soon after I started Tank Girl and I found it difficult to focus on anything else. I vow to dutifully return to Tank Girl as soon as I find the time and NYPL has the volume I need available.

It’s absolutely necessary to mention that Jamie Hewlett (who has the same birthday as me!) is the brilliant co-creator and orginal artist of Tank Girl which was co-created with Alan Martin. Hewlett is also the co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz. The current Tank Girl artists are Rufus Dayglo, Ashley Wood, and Mike McMahon.

For more Tank Girl goodies check out:

A Great Tank Girl Cosplay

Fuck Yeah Tank Girl Tumblr

Tank Girl Scans Tumblr

Rufus Day Glo



I included all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

[Source: SophieAnnCammish Flickr]

Andrea’s Tattoo [Source: Henners1313 DeviantArt]

lillianthalia tattoo was done in Aliso Viejo, CA by Forest [Source: Fuck Yeah Tattoos] Continue reading →

Tattoo Tuesday- Chuck Palahniuk

I’m a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk‘s books, my favorites include Survivor, Invisible Monsters and Haunted. He is most notably known for Fight Club which was made one of my favorite films which has cult-like fans *points to self*. I am well on my way to reading every one of his books. They are chock full of some truly marvelous/intense/alarming quotes, many of which have been turned into tattoos. If you haven’t read any of his novels, next time you’re in your local book store or library pick up some Chuck, you can thank me later.

I included all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]


Fight Club Tattoo (via JasonRhodekill on DeviantArt)

Kaci Marie’s Fight Club Tattoo “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” (via

Fight Club quote “You’re not a beautiful, unique snowflake.” (via Anothermenswearrevol on Deviant Art) Continue reading →

Tattoo Tuesday- Ghost in the Shell

Strangely and surprisingly enough I’ve returned from my Tattoo Tuesday hiatus during finals week. I suppose it’s about time to come up for air before I’m pulled back under again for a few more days.

This week is dedicated to one of my favorite anime films of all time, Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell. I even wrote a 20 page paper on it for class last semester, I was allowed to pick my topic *evil grin*. I created a condensed blog post version Cyborgs Exist and Humanity is Doomed. It’s about how we are currently living in a posthuman society (yes right now) and how cyborgs exist. I use GITS as an oracle for what we can expect in the future and debate whether a ghost (i.e. soul) can exist in a shell (i.e. machine). GITS goes much further than the typical self-aware machine, and pushes the limits and achieves a type of techno-transcendence (isn’t that a brilliant word?!).

If I don’t stop myself now I’ll start an entirely new 20 page paper! And you didn’t come here for that, you came here to see tattoos and tattoos you shall see!

Enjoy Cyberpunkers!

I included all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

Joe Peacock’s gorgeous tattoo of The Major done my tattoo artist Todo, 9-hour sitting, at Hell City in Columbus, OH May 29 2009. [Source: Joe Peacock’s Blog]

Major Motoko Kusanagi Leg Tattoo done by the tattoo artist Kryoide [Source: Kryoide DeviantART

Aliensatemyhead Kusanagi Tattoo done by Rachel in Orlando (that’s all the info available) [Source: Aliensatemyhead on DeviantArt] Continue reading →

Tattoo Tuesday- Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

This weeks Tattoo Tuesday features Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic book series.  I found some beautiful tattoos of Dream, The Endless, other characters, quotes and symbols.  I’m currently reading the Sandman series now and think it is pure genius.  It also feeds the ravenous fascination I have about dreams, my obsession with literature and my growing comic book fangirlness all at the same time.  Although I’m not done with the series yet, I could seriously see myself getting a tattoo of a Sandman/Gaiman quote in the future.

Check out previous Tattoo Tuesday’s here.

UPDATE: After @neilhimself RT’ed this post (yes, I fainted!) I got an enormous amount of views which just sent me over the moon!  A lot of you wonderful Sandman fans included links in the comments section below of their own Sandman tattoos which I loved to see.  So I wanted to make sure everyone else looked in the comments section and checked those out as well. There’s some really good ones! I really appreciate everyone adding their tattoo in the comments! Everyone else feel free to share your Sandman ink below! 

I included all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

William submitted his Morpheus back tattoo to Geeky Tattoos. Tattoo was done by Tony at Dragon’s Den in Augusta, GA.

(Source: Geeky Tattoos)

Yavannna‘s Sandman Tat from Studio Bee-Shop done by David Arias.

(Source: Flickr)

Source: FuckYeahTattoos Continue reading →

Tattoo Tuesday- Steampunk

Steampunkers enjoy!

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***click on images for links***

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