Tattoo Tuesday- Tank Girl

Made by Jessica V, Superstition Tattoo, Massapequa, NY [Source:Monster Ink Tattoos NY]

After a long hiatus from Tattoo Tuesday I am returning with a BANG! I see no better way to resurrect Tattoo Tuesday (after it was beaten and tortured by work, grad school and interning) then with Tank Girl! She’s the bad ass of all bad asses! I started reading Tank Girl this past summer and loved it in all its bizarreness and lewdness. However The Walking Dead ate my brains soon after I started Tank Girl and I found it difficult to focus on anything else. I vow to dutifully return to Tank Girl as soon as I find the time and NYPL has the volume I need available.

It’s absolutely necessary to mention that Jamie Hewlett (who has the same birthday as me!) is the brilliant co-creator and orginal artist of Tank Girl which was co-created with Alan Martin. Hewlett is also the co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz. The current Tank Girl artists are Rufus Dayglo, Ashley Wood, and Mike McMahon.

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I included all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

[Source: SophieAnnCammish Flickr]

Andrea’s Tattoo [Source: Henners1313 DeviantArt]

lillianthalia tattoo was done in Aliso Viejo, CA by Forest [Source: Fuck Yeah Tattoos] Continue reading →

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