Sunday Funnies- Game of Porcelain Thrones

I’m on A Storm of Swords now. Gods be good, I don’t think I’ll stop reading until I reach A Dance with Dragons!

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Sunday Funnies- Why T-Rexes Cant Be Superheroes

Ian Brooks:

Why T-Rexes Cant Be Superheroes by Jillian Nickell

Based off an old threadless design…The other problem is they have those pitiful baby arms.


 “Rex’s superhero ambitions are quickly forgotten when he realized people are delicious.”

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Sunday Funnies- Brown Recluse Spider-Man

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Sunday Funnies- Dah Na Na Nah!

 This is why Link takes so long to get ready…

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Sunday Funnies- The Science of Pokeman

It all makes sense now…

[Source: Dorkly made by Cadwell Tanner]

Sunday Funnies- Chibi Doctor Who & The Contest Winner!

Congratulations Ruth Jimenez! I’ll be emailing you instructions on how to claim your prize from an item that’s in stock at Ian Leino’s shop. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s response to the question on their favorite science fiction film/TV show/ book/comic/etc. The most popular answers were Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Firefly, the Stargate’s and Doctor Who. Thank you everyone for entering the contest, hopefully I’ll be able to do giveaways more often!

Series 6 of Doctor Who begins in a few days, so in preparation for new Who, today’s Sunday Funny is a super adorable comic made by Comic Who. I wish this is what really happened during 10’s regeneration… It would have saved me a box of Kleenex! Check out Comic Who for more chibi Who comics!

Sunday Funnies- A Failure of Vision


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