The Brick Thief & Cl!ck: A LEGO Short Films

The Brick Thief

Ever wonder where all your missing LEGO bricks go?

“Lego presents their latest short film, entitled “The Brick Thief”. Directed by Blue Source, the film is a follow up to last year’s popular short by the toy brand (see below). (High Snobiety)”


LEGO’s first short film about where creativity comes from.

[Source: LEGO Cl!ck and High Snobiety]

Dee & Ricky Stop Motion LEGO Video

Dee and Ricky the twin accessory designers known for their famous LEGO heart pins, bow ties, cigarette pins, and Pac Man and so much more LEGO wonders (I featured them on my Pixel Jewelry Post).

Below is their very cool and colorful stop motion teaser video for their upcoming show “The Dee & Ricky Super Happy Fun Time Show” which is in production and will be released in the coming months.  I’m not sure what the show will be about but it has anything to do with 8-bit/LEGO’s you know I’m all over it!  It should be a super happy fun time, or at least a nostalgic time which is just as good.

[Video is made by Kenzo and thanks Mickey Factz for telling me about the video!]