True Blood Comic Unveiled in Comic-Con

Alan Ball unveiled the new True Blood comic book at Comic-Con. The first issue is ready and will be available for Trubies at Comic-Con… just another reason for me to sink deeper into depression about not being at Comic-Con.  The storyline will be different from the show and there will be a new supe in the series that we haven’t encountered on the show.  There will be 6 issues this year, one every month, and Ball said they plan to continue the comic the year after.

The books can also be preordered at the HBO store (they ship out July 28th) or downloaded from the Apple Apps Store or the Sony Digital Comics Store.

Watch Alan Ball talk about the True Blood comic:

Look at more enlarged pages from the comic click here.

[Thanks to via TVsquad and The Examiner]

True Blood Second Half of Season 3 Preview

If you are like me you are crying yourself to sleep every night because you aren’t at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  At the True Blood panel Alan Ball showed the Trubies this preview of the second half of this season.  It’s pretty much filled with a ton of OMFG moments!

Because I read the books I’m super excited for what it shown at the end of this preview.  Don’t worry I won’t ruin it for you all.  Alan Ball sure pressed shuffle when he created this season because he has stuff from some of the most recent books, which makes it interesting for Sookie Stackhouse series lovers like myself (by Charlaine Harris).

Also if you haven’t already check out my most popular post 10 Reasons to Watch True Blood and vote in the poll Which Supe (Supernatural) would you be? Vamp? Were? Shifter? Telepath? Or a Fangbanger… not a supe but Eric is why I had to put that as an option. But looking at the super(naturally) hot Alcide I’m going to have to add Furbanger on there as well!

Be warned there are some spoiler alerts! Watch it much bigger at HBO.