Tattoo Tuesday- Sailor Moon

I, like many little girls, absolutely adored Sailor Moon! I had a major crush on Tuxedo Mask, yes I was fully aware he was animated… don’t judge me. I thought Rei/Sailor Mars was kind of bitchy but I still kind of liked her because of that. But I connected more with Lita/Sailor Jupiter because she was a tomboy and I was going through that phase at the time. Not many other little girls I knew went out and caught crickets with their dad for their pet chameleons, and liked it. I used to doodle the Sailor Scout symbols in my notebook in school and I patiently waited for the day my cats at the time, Speckles and Sheba, would talk like Luna and Artemis. Looking up these tattoos was like diving headfirst into a magical ocean of nostalgia and I hope you enjoy these tatted up Sailor Scouts!

And because my job isn’t done until the Sailor Moon theme song is stuck in your head for at least half the day… Come on, sing it with me (you know you already are) “Fighting evil by moonlight…”

No nudity but some are NSFW.

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

NeneneSumiregawa tattoo by Timmy Tatts at Tattoo Marks in State College [Source: Deviant Art]


nikianime tattoo designed by her [Source: Deviant Art]

hotcooquita tattoo [Source: Deviant Art]

Sailormoonangel22 said about her tattoo, “I love her transformation in The Promise Of The Rose. I wanted something that could represent my transformation through the struggles in my life and why not have a hero from my childhood”  Tattoo done at Tattoo UK, Rayners Lane [Source: Deviant Art]

0flying0unicorn0‘s Eternal Sailor Moon tattoo [Source: Deviant Art]

isma-angel said this about their tattoo, “I love Sailor Moon. Therefore, what better way to top my sleeve tattoo than to have Usagi right before going Moon Princess-y at the end of the R movie. I LOVE how this came out. I don’t have the words to describe how much I love my tattoo and my artist.” Tattooed by Jody Wells at Accent Tattoo & Piercing Ukiah, Ca. on 1/9/10 [Source: Deviant Art]

This is what BubbleColourSlut had to say about her tattoo, “This is my first tattoo. I chose Sailor Moon because she’s played a positive role in my life and I am entirely obsessed. I’m so happy with the artwork and how it looks. The art work is from the reprint manga, and it will not be my last tattoo, I want the companion (Chibi-Usa) to this one as well.” [Source: Deviant Art]

Raflyn said this about their tattoo, “This is the tattoo I got while studying abroad in Japan. I got it in Ame-Mura at Chopstick Tattoo–Nattsu did my tattoo. Since Sailor Moon started my love of Japan and the Japanese language, I thought it was fitting to get this tattoo in Japan!”  [Source: Deviant Art]

[Source: FanPop]

[Source: Myspace]

TiAmoItalia‘s tattoo, “[Source: Deviant Art]

innocentkitty214 luna tattoo by Kris at [Source: Flickr]

Krysti’s Lucky Luna tattoo”Its Luna from Sailor Moon as a japanese Lucky Cat, with the sign for Venus in the coin. Venus is one of my favorite Sailor Scouts and her symbol is precious. It turned out better than I could imagine and since Pooka is a fellow nerd –  I cant wait to go back to her for more nerd tattoos!”  Done by Jessica “Pooka” Herrera at Phat Joe’s in Miami, Florida. [Ckrystipryde Blog]

NeneneSumiregawa‘s Sailor Scout symbol tattoo done at Tattoo Mark in State College [Source: Deviant Art]

Sailor Saturn Tattoo tattooed by Todo at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Ma [Source: Off The Map Tattoo]

Jacklyn’s Sailor Jupiter tattoo [Source: Tumblr]

Sailor Mars [Source: CrunchyRoll]

Neon’s Chibi Tattoo [Source: Tumblr]

“This is the time key that Chibi Usa uses to travel between Crystal Tokyo and (1995ish) Tokyo.” [Source: Bublasaur Eyes Blog]
Angel Butler and her friend got matching Sailor Moon wand tattoos, ” My best friend Meghan and I got new ink on Thursday :) It is the wand from Sailor Moon. This tattoo represents our favorite show as children (and I still continue to watch it) and our friendship. I love this tat so much. It didn’t really hurt either! It just sounded weird hahaha” [Source: Flickr]
Ofsorrowblue said this about her Doom Tree tattoo, “I got this tattoo dedicated to my childhood love of sailor moon. This is the doom tree from the series. I got this because I found beauty in the story behind the doom tree”  [Source: Deviant Art]
Shelliroth said this about her tattoo “The design is from the top of her Neo Queen Serenity crown, but with the crescent moon and stars added. The coloring was largely based on the inside of the eternal moon article. I just took elements I liked, and made something with all of them.” Done by Spider at Five Star Tattoos in Battle Ground, WA. [Source: Deviant Art]
Ochibawolf‘s Cosmic Heart Brooch Tattoo she said, “I really love it! My tattoo artist designed the color part of it, and I designed the brooch itself. Here is my rough design that I gave to my tattoo artist. I’m super happy with it, and I’m glad the red worked out fine. This was done at King Pete’s Tattoo( by Pete himself.”  [Source: Live Journal]
[Source: Myspace]
Ritzeratzekatze‘s Sailor Moon Brooch tattoo [Source: Deviant Art]
Im-a-hot-toepicker said this about her tattoo, “Sailor moon tattoo of her Super S Compact, Done by Chris at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Va. It’s SO awesome I love it, but hurts SO bad!!!” [Source: Deviant Art]