Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut is a fan-made remake of Star Wars.  The people behind Star Wars Uncut cut up 15-second increments of Star Wars and hundreds of geeks claimed their clip and remade it any way they wanted.  Just within the first few minutes we see twitter updates, blog comments, pizza, salt shaker and an animation that looks like it was made from Microsoft Paint.  It’s fun and some are very impressive, watch the entire film here.

[Source Topless Robot & Star Wars Uncut]

Galactic State of Mind

Came across this galactic greatness on Geek Dome’s blog today (Check it out here).  The Darth Vader rapper sounds strikingly familiar hmm…

[via CollegeHumor & Geek Dome’s]

Star Wars takes the NYC Subway

Improv Everywhere takes over a NYC subway car again! This time they reenact the first Princess Leia and Darth Vader scene from “Star Wars”. I wish I was on that train ride. And of course it’s on the 6 train which is I train I take to go home! All I ever see are the usual beggars, “singers”, crazies, vain young men doing pull ups on the bars, and little kids selling candy for their “basketball team”.

It’s great to see the passengers are getting a kick out of it, since New Yorkers usually wear the “minding-my-business-and-you-should-too” stone cold face on subways. Color me guilty. I especially like the “Galactic Takeover for Dummies” Princess Leia is reading. Is that for sale in Barnes and Nobles? If not it should be.

Improv Everywhere also did the No-Pants Subway Ride, Frozen Grand Central, Food Court the Musical, and staged a scene from “Ghostbusters” in the New York Public Library… *sigh* where am I when all this awesomeness commences?