“This is Aperture”- Portal 2 & The Nightmare Before Christmas Mashup

Oh sweet baby turret in a manger! Words cannot express the rush of delight I experienced while watching this Portal 2 and The Nightmare Before Christmas Mashup “This is Aperture” remix of “This is Halloween”.

YouTuber Harry Callaghan created this nerdgasm for us. The video quality is great, not to mention the hilarious lyrics and appearances by our favorite turrets, Wheatley, GladOS and more!

I’d support a Kickstarter to make this into a movie. Internet make it happen already!

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Sunday Funnies- Pitwit (Portal 2 Spoilers)

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27 Pieces of Portal (the Video Game) Jewelry

After constantly coming across Portal jewelry on the internet, I took it as a sign from the all mighty Blog God that I should gather the best (and practically all) Portal video game jewelry out there. And by “out there” I mean on Etsy, ’cause I love Etsy.

This is where I should probably go on about how utterly amazing Portal is, but you already know that. If you don’t know, and haven’t played Portal before well then I urge you to take a long hard look at the choices you’ve made in your life.

PS- Gamer girls, you’re welcome.

Think with Portals

Five Portal Danger Level Icons Necklace- Laser Cut Stacked Acrylic Pendant (each icon can be made into individual necklace)– By LicketyCut

The Original Portal earrings laser cut acrylic– By SVJewellery

Laser cut acrylic Portal stud earrings– By SVJewellery

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Picture of the Week- ‘Ten and Wheatley’ and Interview with the Artist Rose Fox

Ten and Wheatley

Two of my favorite things at the moment (and in life) are Doctor Who and the video game Portal 2. Well geeks, dreams do come true! Tennant and Wheatley are the perfect mashup and it isn’t just because of their accents. Looking at this piece makes my imagination run wild, I can really see a DW episode taking place in Aperture Science. What a splendid episode that would be! Definitely a two-parter and then… oh there goes my imagination again, let me reign it back in.

The brilliant Rose Fox (yes I already asked her if her last name was really Tyler, she “claims” it isn’t) created ‘Ten and Wheatley’ and she makes a lot of other fan art from Supernatural, Good Omens and more which is featured in the gallery below. Check out the interview I had with her and read about where she got the idea for this weeks Picture of the Week, her favorite Doctor, artist and other geeky goodies. Also, Rose answers the most important question: cake or lemons?  Continue reading →

Sunday Funnies- The Science of Pokeman

It all makes sense now…

[Source: Dorkly made by Cadwell Tanner]

Sunday Funnies- Does Anyone Actually Press That? (Portal 2)

I want to marry Portal 2

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Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/26)


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Darth Buddha via Dracorubio


Someone Writes the Entire First Chapter of Harry Potter on a Bathroom Stall via GeekoSystem

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Doctor Who: Worlds of TimeFree-To-Play MMO Will EXTERMINATE Your Leisure Time via GeekoSystem

Gaming Angels at NY Toy Fair 2011

Smithsonian Wants Your Help For New Video Game Exhibit via GeekoSystem

Worldwide Premiere of High School of the Dead English Dub via Gaming Angels

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Interview with Uncle Yo via Otakus and Geeks

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Game Of Thrones: An Invitation To Westeros (HBO)

Student vs. Homework (Pokemon Battle) via Dorkly

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Amazing Cat Gives Thumbs Up

LOTR Remix-Murmurs Of Middle-Earth

Portal 2 Valentine’s Day Preorder Video

Gamer guys and gals don’t want flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day. We want you to preorder Portal 2 for us! *hint hint*

Valve released this “Romance Safety Compliance Guide” on behalf of Aperture Laboratories (because they are all about safety). The video tells us the way to win our valentine’s heart is to preorder Portal 2 . I recommend you take their advice since they highlighted the alarming statistic that 4/5 women get crushed to death by giant diamonds everyday. It’s got to be true! Aperture wouldn’t dare lie to us… Right?

The release date for Portal 2 is April 19th.
Preorder Portal 2 here!


[Source: Geekosystem]

Sunday Funnies- 11/21

Unless you’ve been out in the woods hiding from He Who Shall Not Be Named, Deathly Hallows came out Thursday at midnight. Of course this little muggle *points to self* was in line with all her Potter pals an hour and a half early which apparently was “late” by the size of the line.  It was a blast to be in a theater where every single person was there to watch Harry Potter since every theater was playing Harry Potter at 12:01am. I don’t have the time to write a full review for Deathly Hallows Part 1 (because I’m a full-time grad student) BUT I absolutely loved it!  I wasn’t a fan of the last film, but I thoroughly enjoyed DH, it was funny, intense, emotional (yes I cried and I’m sure you did/will too!).  They did a great job keeping me immersed in the film especially since it would have been very easy to get boring with the “hiding out and finding horcruxes” chunk of the book.  I’m not sure what I will do with my life after DH2… but anyways before I fall into severe depression here’s a Sunday Funny brought to you by Dueling Analogs.

I think this is how my brother felt when I was playing Portal and talking with him on Skype.

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Geek Backpacks

So today I start my last year of grad school *insert applause*.  I stumbled across the Darth Vader backpack while wandering through the land of Interwebs and decided to find some more.  And although I don’t wear backpacks anymore you might!  I hope all of you back-to-schoolers have a great year!

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Darth Vader Backpack 

This Yoda totally creeps me out 

“C-3PO Bespin Backpack and your friends will think you’ve just rescued an over-talkative droid from the smelter on Cloud City. C-3PO features light-up flickering eyes and has a zippered storage pocket in his torso.” 

Chewbacca Backpack 

R2D2 BackPack 

Boba Fett Back Pack 

Portal Backpack 

Koopa Shell Backpack