Etsy Crush of the Week- Sugar & Vice

I first discovered Sugar & Vice while I was scouring Etsy for Portal themed jewelry for a previous blog post, ‘27 Pieces of Portal Jewelry‘. Once I saw their Portal Earrings and necklaces, I became practically obsessed with Sugar & Vice ever since. Sarah the crafter and creator of Sugar & Vice was kind enough do this interview with me all the way from the U.K.! Sarah is just as awesome as the jewelry (or should I say jewellery) she makes! She has a horror movie podcast called Gorepress, she’s a gamer, comic book and action figure collector and makes her own alcohol! It gets even better, I know crazy right, but you’ll only find out from reading the interview.

Interview with Sarah of Sugar and Vice Jewelry:

Girl Gone Geek: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sarah: Well, I guess the basics are that I’m 28, live in Canterbury and obsess over my cat; Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. I adore making jewellery but my other love is films and I also run a horror movie website and record a podcast with a friend (, ahem, shameless plug).

GGG: How long have you been making jewelry?

S: I think it’s around 5 years since Sugar & Vice came about and I didn’t really have much experience with jewellery before then so I suppose I’m still a beginner, comparatively!

GGG: What is Sugar & Vice origin story?

S: So many people have asked me this question and I never know how to respond. It was a happy accident! I started making bits and pieces and selling them through my MySpace page about 5-6 years ago while working for a builders merchant (which is exactly as glamorous as it sounds.) Over the years I started a bigcartel shop, then my own website and then I discovered Etsy. Things have just gone from strength to strength and it allowed me to leave my job a few years ago to concentrate on this full-time. It’s so rewarding and although it can be exhausting, it’s always enjoyable.

GGG: Do you have any funny Sugar & Vice stories?

S: Not long after we bought the laser cutter, we’d been working with it pretty solidly in a fairly badly ventilated room and as a result started to feel a bit funny. What we thought was acrylic fumes making us think the room was moving, actually turned out to be an earthquake. Doh!

GGG: What was the inspiration behind some of your geeky and horror themed pieces?

S: Well, as I previously mentioned, I’m a huge horror movie fan so that was a no-brainer for me. As for the more geeky jewellery, my partner and I are both huge nerds. He’s an academic with two Science degrees and I collect comics and action figures. We’re both avid gamers too and there seemed to be a real gap in the market for that sort of jewellery so we thought we’d attempt to fill it. I always assumed it would be quite niche but they’ve proved to be some of our most popular pieces! I’m an enthusiastic gamer but tragically not very good and I love reading online comics and obsessing over movies.

GGG: I know you do custom pieces for customers, have you had any favorite or unusual requests?

S: Too many to possibly name! We do a lot of nameplate necklaces for roller derby girls so I think some of my favourites have been ‘Baberaham Lincoln’, ‘Annie Thingoes’ and a few logo necklaces for English teams. As for the more geeky stuff, we’ve recently done some Harry Potter themed pieces and the Naboo symbol from Star Wars [see left], both of which were a lot of fun to make.

GGG: What else do you do or other hobbies do you have besides making fabulous laser cut jewelry?

S: I’ve recently started making my own alcohol. In a strictly legitimate, non-prison wine sort of way! So far I’ve made elderberry wine, raspberry and rhubarb wine, sloe gin and a batch of ale. I love cooking too, I’m such a homebody! I’m also building up a substantial collection of colourful tattoos, much to my Mothers annoyance!

GGG: If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring? (this deserted island has electricity)

S: Hmm, good question! I think the video game would have to be Left 4 Dead (provided there was someone with me to play co-op mode), the book would have to be Girlfriend In A Coma by Douglas Coupland. Movie is a tough one, how can I pick just one?! I guess I’d have to go with something like Cecil B Demented, I love John Waters and it was my favourite movie for such a long time when I was younger. As for the TV show, that’s an easy one, it would have to be Freaks and Geeks. All the best ones get cancelled prematurely!

GGG: Where can we find you in the web (websites, online store, facebook, twitter, etc.)?

S: Well we have a very active Etsy store –, our own website –, and a Facebook fan page (search : Sugar & Vice) so please stop by and say hello, we’d love to hear from people who have any suggestions or custom ideas!

Sugar & Vice Jewelry Gallery

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27 Pieces of Portal (the Video Game) Jewelry

After constantly coming across Portal jewelry on the internet, I took it as a sign from the all mighty Blog God that I should gather the best (and practically all) Portal video game jewelry out there. And by “out there” I mean on Etsy, ’cause I love Etsy.

This is where I should probably go on about how utterly amazing Portal is, but you already know that. If you don’t know, and haven’t played Portal before well then I urge you to take a long hard look at the choices you’ve made in your life.

PS- Gamer girls, you’re welcome.

Think with Portals

Five Portal Danger Level Icons Necklace- Laser Cut Stacked Acrylic Pendant (each icon can be made into individual necklace)– By LicketyCut

The Original Portal earrings laser cut acrylic– By SVJewellery

Laser cut acrylic Portal stud earrings– By SVJewellery

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