Geek Burlesque: Hazel Honeysuckle Interview

WARNING: The following post contains images that are NSFW and will most likely result in multiple nergasms. 

Hazel Honeysuckle as LeeLoo

This blog post could only contain photos and a caption saying, “Hazel Honeysuckle is gorgeous burlesque performer that plays D&D. You’re welcome.” and you would be perfectly fine with that. I’ve seen Hazel several times at Wasabassco Burlesque performing everything from a tradition burlesque number, a Dwarf Fighter act and even managed to make Cookie Monster very sexy.

Try to pry your eyes off the stunning photos of Hazel and check out the interview I had with her. The photos will still there after you read the interview, I swear.

Girl Gone Geek Interview with Hazel Honeysuckle

How did you get into burlesque?

Hazel: My husband and I saw a couple of shows together, and I was so delighted by the mix of glamour, humor, and creativity. I found the NY School of Burlesque, and Jo Weldon set me on the path to this glittery life I enjoy today!

How long have you been performing?

Hazel: I’ve been a performer for just over two years.

How did you come up with your name?

Hazel: Nothing very fancy; I wrote out a list of names I liked (there was a LOT of alliteration), and ended up with this one. Naming yourself is an interesting exercise. I’m more comfortable with this name, the only problem is sometimes it’s a little hard to fit on a flyer!

When was the first time you decided to do your first nerd burlesque performance?

Hazel: It was very early on; I was invited to perform with a live band in a sci-fi-themed show. I created a Leeloo Dallas act as well as my Seven of Nine act. Seven’s LED pasties were very popular.

What made you want to merge your love for D&D into your burlesque?

Hazel: When Anja Keister started the D20 Burlesque show, I knew I needed to make something fantastically nerdy. My Sheila the Thief act includes enlarged printouts of Sheila’s character sheet. Many of the stats came from the little booklet packaged with the DVD box set of the D&D cartoon series, and my husband and I filled in the rest. I wanted to make sure it was a playable character!

Have you done any other nerd burlesque performances?

Hazel: Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, I also have Dwarf Fighter act, loosely based on my character, Bill, from a recent campaign I played with many members of D20 burlesque. Then there’s my Lovecraft-inspired act based on his story “Dreams from the Witch House”, in which I have an extremely disturbing puppet with a baby’s face. I also have a couple of Harry Potter-themed acts and, of course, Cookie Monster!

Do you have a favorite?

Hazel: Right now it’s Cookie Monster. I made a googly-eyed headband for the last performance, and it makes me so happy to see the eyes going crazy when I shake my head! Not to mention I get to eat a whole bunch of cookies…

What draws you to fun performances like your D&D dwarf and Cookie Monster numbers?

Hazel: Frankly, most of my nerdy numbers were developed to fit a particular show where I’d been asked to perform. I enjoy having that guideline to come up with something that I can really commit myself to. The other half of it is a chance to show my nerdy side. The best part of burlesque for me is the complete creative freedom to do whatever I want. I make my own costumes, choose music, choreography, etc. It’s very empowering.

Any other geek acts you want to perform in the future?

Hazel: Tasslehoff Burrfoot. One of Miyazake’s heroines, maybe Princess Mononoke or Nausicaa. Princess Daisy!! Sandra Bullock from the classic, Demolition Man…hehe.

How do you manage to mix the right amount of nerd and sexy into those acts?

Hazel Honeysuckle: Hmm. Well I think the sexy comes out anyway, it’s kind of my go-to thing. When I add the nerdy, I guess it balances itself out.

If you were on a deserted island what video game, book, movie, TV show would you bring?

Hazel: Ooh, that’s a tough one! Video game would have to be Dr. Mario, my favorite since NES. For books, I’d go with Weiss and Hickman’s Dragonlance books (a series is ok, right? After all, we’re nerds…). TV show is definitely Futurama. Plus it has the added bonus of so many great sci-fi references!

Hazel Honeysuckle as LeeLoo

Hazel Honeysuckle as LeeLoo

hazel honeysuckle 1 hazel honeysuckle harry potterhazel honeysuckle Hazel_by_BettinaMay6 Hazel_by_BettinaMay5 Hazel_by_BettinaMay1 hazel honeysuckle 3 Gin-Town_02_Hazel-Honeysuckle2 hazel honeysuckle


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