Sunday Funnies- Servile with a Smile

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25 Pokemon Re-Imagined by an Artist



Here are 25 Pokemon re-imagained by Gavin Mackey aka SoupAndButter on DeviantArt.  These are some gruesomely beautiful re-imaginations of Pokemon.  They are a lot more scary and a lot less cute and catchable than the version we are familiar with.  If these are what Pokemon really looked like I’m sure Ash and Misty would question whether or not to be Pokemon trainers. Check out his DeviantArt Gallery and his Pokemon Series!

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Video Game Minimalism: Less is More

Less is more in this case.  My super amazing brother showed me some of these minimalist video game posters a while ago (pre-blog).  And since sharing is caring I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I think they are very cute and clever!  If I still lived in a dorm I’d have some of these posters all over the walls… well at least my side of the room.  You can buy some video game minimalist shirts here and buy some  posters on here and through the artists links.

Hardcore gamers will be able to recognize all of these posters.  BUT I provided the cheat code just in case.

The posters are made from: Justin Russo, Infinite Continues, Chris and Ashley Browning.

Fanboys don’t worry the next post I will do is on superhero minimalist posters.