Harajuku Fashion Walk

Photo by FMAPhotoStudio

Photo by FMAPhotoStudio

My friend Imani (she tattooed me!) hit me up a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go to a Harajuku Fashion Walk in NYC. I immediately said yes, or more likely I said “YASSS!”. A few days later I started to freak out about what to wear. I have my one Lolita coord, but those pictures are all over the internet so I wanted to wear something new. Despite being into Japanese street fashion, I didn’t think I actually owned a Harajuku’ish outfit.

Of course, in typical Jamila fashion I didn’t plan my outfit until the night before (oops!). Thankfully I had Imani as my Harajuku Fairy Godmother. I texted her pictures of all of the cool and kawaii clothes and accessories I owned. In the end, we ended up with a coord I was really happy with. I felt like it was still very “me” and very Harajuku as well. I didn’t feel like I was trying to hard which is what mattered the most. With the help of my Harajuku Fairy Godmother, I discovered I’ve always had some Japanese street style in me!

My Coord

It’s a little Fairy Kei at the top and little punk and goth at the bottom; so together it’s kind of pastel goth, which is a look I’ve always wanted to rock. My Shoujo Manga/Anime Eyes shirt I got from The Kawaii Machine on Etsy. (Along with a Kawaii Titan shirt.)

My Beetlejuice leggings I got a few years ago at some random store here in NYC. There’s no tag so I don’t even know the brand haha! But I’m sure you can find them online or in a store near you.

I wore Doc Martens and the lightening bolt shoe accessory I got from my last Lootcrate! They’re called Shwings and I’m sure they’re available in shoe stores. (Get 10% off Lootcrate with the code: GIRLGONELOOT.)

Accessories & Makeup

My Purple Easter Bunny Headband is from Deadly Cherries on Etsy. She makes gorgeous headbands perfect for Lolita, Mori, Dolly, Goth and Pastel Goth styles. My coveted Barbie shoe bracelet I got way back in 2009 from the now non-existent Bizzare Design Etsy store. My Gun Earrings and Necklace are from Girl Props and my super cute Iridescent Pink Heart Ring is from Black Tulip Shop on Etsy. My Black 8-bit Heart Ring I found in a thrift store in Brooklyn. Imani let me borrow her Black Glitter Bow Ring and Eyeball Hair Bow.

My Harajuku Fairy Godmother suggested I try Cult Party Kei makeup. It was the first time I tried this style and I LOVED it. I applied blush above my cheeks so it was basically under my eyes and at the corner/sides of my eyes. It’s a really pretty look I plan to use more often when I go out. I used my Lolita makeup tricks for my eyes to make them seem larger and hopefully more kawaii.

Japanese Street Style

We arrived at the Lincoln Center fountain an hour early but thankfully we weren’t the only ones. They had some Fashion Week’s shows at Lincoln Center so the square was filled with people. There were tons of photographers just scoping the scene for fashionable people to take photos of.

When we arrived we instantly spotted some Sweet Lolitas (since they are pretty easy to spot). As more and more people arrived for the meetup, more and more photographers flocked to our area to take pictures of us. Some people thought we were in costume so we had to explain this was a Japanese Street Fashion meetup.

The Harajuku Fashion Walk

As you can see from the photos, dozens of people came out for the meetup. The styles included Lolitas, Punk, Goth, Mori Girl, Visual Kei, Fairy Kei, Gyaru, Decora, Cult Party Kei, Dolly Kei and more. We took photos, chatted, made new friends and exchanged contact info for over an hour. Then we walked from Lincoln Center to the Red Steps at Time Square (about 16 blocks) for one big photo shoot.

Overall I had a lot of fun and would totally do this again. These kinds of Harajuku Fashion Walks and meetups happen all over the world! Search the internet and Facebook for groups and events in your area.

New York Comic Con and Anime Festival 2010

Hey guys, so if you didn’t notice from my Tweets or my Facebook page I’m going to New York Comic Con and Anime Fest this weekend from Oct. 8-10.  I can’t wait to geek out with all the marvelous fanboys, fangirls, otakus, geeks and gamers!  If you’re going to attend hit me on my Twitter @girl_gone_geek!  I’m going to try to attend some of the tweet ups going on this weekend in the city as well.  I’ll be tweeting and twitpicing about it all weekend and of course blog about all of the awesome geekery.  For more information about the con go to New York Comic Con’s website and Anime Fest Website. Also follow them on twitter for the latest tweets @NY_Anime_Fest @NY_Comic_Con!

In Memory of 9/11

I wanted to take the time and remember all of the victims of 9/11 and their families and friends.  And consequently, I would also like to remember and thank all of those service men and women who gave (and are still giving) their lives protecting our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world.  This day will forever be etched in our hearts.

God Bless.  May we always remember.  May we never forget.

[Source Azrael Merryland]

Brooklyn Book Festival

NYC’s biggest book festival is back with a bang!  This weekend (Sept 10-12) is the Brooklyn Book Festival at Borough Hall and Plaza.  There will be over 200 authors there for book signings as well as book sellers, panel discussions, performances, workshops and more!  There will be 170 vendors at the book fest whispering sweet nothings into my ear (and wallet).  Good thing I just got paid!

Some of the authors that will be there are:

Salman Rushdie, Venus Williams, Sarah Silverman, Paul Krugman,Dennis Lehane, Paul Auster, Naomi Klein, Gary Shteyngart,Rosanne Cash, Jennifer Egan, John Ashbery, Nelson George, Mary Gaitskill, Colson Whitehead, Francine Prose, Esmeralda Santiago,Pete Hamill, Russell Banks, Michael Connelly, John Hodgman,Kristen Schaal, Sam Lipsyte, Sloane Crosley, Paul Harding and over 200 more! Plus children’s and young adult lit stars like Rebecca Stead, Sara Shepard, Jacqueline Woodson, Jon Scieszka, Jenny Han, Tad Hills, and Francisco X. Stork! (via Brooklyn Book Fair)

So as you can see, there are some big names that will be in attendance.  I’ll be there on Sunday (hopefully) getting my books signed by Salman Rusdhie, Mary Gaitskill and my new favorite Colson Whitehead (who I stalk on twitter).  I also read on Brooklyn the Borough read that Joyce Carol Oats will be doing a reading so she’s also on my list.

More info check out:

Full list of authors

Full list of vendors

List of events


[Brooklyn Book Festival & Brooklyn the Borough]

Jean-Michel Basquiat Collections for Zara and Reebok

Following up the release of the documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, Zara and Reebok have released a Basquiat Collection.  He was, “[one] of the first African American graffiti/painter to become famous in New York City and internationally during the Neo-expressionist (1980 era.)” If you don’t know much about Basquiat read about him here.

Zara released a Basquiat Collection of mens shirts, although I’m still getting one for myself!  Last season Zara released a Keith Haring Collection and I’m hoping they keep the artist-themed collections up!

Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquiat Capsule Collection- Fall/Winter Line (see all the sneakers here)

[Source Ermou Mag Sneaker News & Hype Beast]

Star Wars takes the NYC Subway

Improv Everywhere takes over a NYC subway car again! This time they reenact the first Princess Leia and Darth Vader scene from “Star Wars”. I wish I was on that train ride. And of course it’s on the 6 train which is I train I take to go home! All I ever see are the usual beggars, “singers”, crazies, vain young men doing pull ups on the bars, and little kids selling candy for their “basketball team”.

It’s great to see the passengers are getting a kick out of it, since New Yorkers usually wear the “minding-my-business-and-you-should-too” stone cold face on subways. Color me guilty. I especially like the “Galactic Takeover for Dummies” Princess Leia is reading. Is that for sale in Barnes and Nobles? If not it should be.

Improv Everywhere also did the No-Pants Subway Ride, Frozen Grand Central, Food Court the Musical, and staged a scene from “Ghostbusters” in the New York Public Library… *sigh* where am I when all this awesomeness commences?

Crayon Art

Christian Faur creates masterpieces with crayons, and not the way you may think.  Instead of using crayons as they were made to be used (you know, by coloring) he uses crayon tips to act as an individual pixel for his artwork.

By using a digital mapping technique he is able to deconstruct the imagery down to pixels.  From there he hand-casts crayons to the exact tones and colors needed for that piece.  Thousands of crayons later you get a unique mixture of both sculpture and photography.  From a distance the pieces appear to be pixellated images.  Up close the image disappears and all you see are rows upon rows of crayons.

Faur has his first solo exhibit in NYC at the Kim Foster Gallery which ends on Sunday, July 17th.  Check out his website for more images of his artwork (crayon and non-crayon) and where you can see him in a city near you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He’s also made some pretty cool art using shreds of paper:

close up

Walt Whitman Celebration in Brooklyn

Tomorrow July, 1st from 5pm- Midnight, Issue Project Room is celebrating The Brooklyn Heights Association’s 100th Anniversary with the event “I Do Not Doubt That I am Limitless: Walt Whitman’s Brooklyn”. The free event “will channel the psychedelic spirit of the poet, journalist, humanist and Brooklynite, Walt Whitman”. It will be at the beautiful Pier 1 Harbor View Lawn of the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article on the event:
“It’s going to be a Whitman freak-out jam by the waterfront… a mobile, marathon reading of “Leaves of Grass” begins at 5 p.m. and occurs all over the park, Animal Collective sidekicks Prince Rama will mix Sanskrit chants and synthesizers, and Shannon Fields, from the band Stars Like Fleas, will lead a seven-piece ensemble… Other performers, from avant-garde jazz bassist Henry Grime to funk and folk acts, will lend music to Whitman’s words.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Walt Whitman he is one of the most influential poets of the American cannon. Some of his most significant works are the poems “Pioneers! O Pioneers!” and “Song of Myself” which are both in the epic poem “Leaves of Grass”. “Leaves of Grass” stirred up a lot of controversy in its time because of it’s overt sexuality. His sexuality is often debated by biographers but he is often noted as being bisexual or homosexual.

He was deeply influenced by deism and embraced all religions equally. He was a realist and a transcendentalist. He also greatly influenced the Beat movement of the 1950s and 60s and its leaders Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.

I just found out about the event today which is why I didn’t post it sooner. Hopefully those of you who live in NYC can make it, it should be fun and I plan on going.

For more information on the event visit Issue Project Room.

All the City is a Stage- Shakespeare in NYC

If you live in NYC you already know how amazing NYC summers are.  Mainly because of the boatload of free events they have.  Many of you, hopefully, have heard of Shakespeare in the Park,  you probably also know how difficult it is to get tickets.

This is because:

1. It’s Shakespeare and he’s amazing (duh)

2. They usually have one big time actor in the play

3. It’s free

Well don’t fret! I’ve done all the hard work and found free Shakespeare plays in NYC this summer.

Shakespeare in the Park

The Merchant of Venice

The Winters Tale

June 9 – August

This year Al Pacino is in it! Also Jesse L. Martin from “Law & Order”, and the ginger Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family”.

New York Classical Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing

Battery Park City (July 17-Aug. 1)

Central Park (Aug. 5-29)

In this show the scenes move and the audience picks up and moves with them. Sounds fun!

The Boomerang Theatre

The Tempest

On weekends until July 18th in Central Park

Hudson Warehouse

Romeo & Juliet

Aug 5- 29

No tickets required just show up!

This is actually a modern Afghanistan version of R&J.

“Assume a virtue if you have it not.” –Hamlet

Insult someone Shakespeare style!

Andy Warhol goes to Brooklyn

Andy Warhol: The Last Decade will be at the Brooklyn Museum from June 18th- Sept. 12th.

The Brooklyn Museum is the first U.S. museum to exhibit the late work of everyone’s favorite pop artist Warhol (or the only one most people know). It encompasses nearly 50 of his works before he left us for that big museum in the sky. He was inspired to return to the hand-painted image because of collaborations with Jean-Michael Basquiat, Francesco Clemente and Keith Haring which are featured in the exhibit.

I’m so in there!

Some quotes from Andy just ’cause:

“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”

“Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

“I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows.”

“I like boring things.”

“I never think that people die. They just go to department stores.”

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?”

I always felt like Andy was a sad man deep down… or maybe not so deep down.

Well that line was enough melancholy for one post!  For info visit Brooklyn Museum Warhol Exhibit