Tattoo Tuesday Featurette- Baron von Brunk’s LEGO & Zelda Tattoos

LEGO extraordinaire Baron von Brunk has an imaginative set of Zelda and LEGO tattoos. If his ink didn’t impress you enough (which they should have), he makes LEGO replica’s of an old video game consoles that transform into a robots. I know right?!

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Tattoo Tuesday Featurette Interview with Baron von Brunk

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Baron: My name’s Baron von Brunk, a highly-praised multimedia artist, sideburn aficionado, quirky inventor and humble country boy! Currently living in Queens, NY, I’m employed as a professional package layout designer, however as an AFTRA/SAG actor, I have aspirations to get back into the entertainment industry rather than corporate work — and hopefully be a permanent actor, with a hobby for creative designs on the side. For fun, I build custom LEGO models based on geeky references or historical scenes, and I previously I was a Flash animator for, before I took a break from web animation in 2009. A lot of my old cartoons from the mid-2000s still survive online, but times have changed and my styles have lately been more geared towards better quality work, rather than crude web toons. I’m also a freelance artist who’s done lots of advertisements for indie events, local bands and burlesque shows — the latter of which is a more recent venture, in which I plan to get more involved with!

What are your geeky tattoos and why did you get them?

Baron: Currently I have 10.5 tattoos — the left arm has several small Legend of Zelda items, whilst my right arm has two LEGO minifigures based on vintage sets. My left arm is designated to be my monument for my early years as a Nintendo gamer, whilst my right arm is in honor of my lifelong fascination for LEGO bricks — and specifically my two favorite genres of said toy brand!

What was the tattoo shop you got your tattoo done and the tattoo artist? 

Baron: I actually got all of my tattoos done by a freelance tattoo artist named Kristen Fristed — who unfortunately doesn’t have a website nor shop, as she works from her apartment solely through word of mouth. (If interested you can get her contact information from Baron.)

Any plans for future tattoos? 

Baron: Probably at some point in this year I intend to get more small Zelda items on my left arm, such as small rupees, Poe ghosts, and possibly an ocarina. As for my right side, I’m considering getting a large tattoo of my custom illustration of my site’s mascot: an Amish LEGO minifigure with scythe! I can tolerate a lot of pain, hence my tattoos always get completely filled in with as many colors as possible — never any dull little outlines or tiny symbols!

What sparked your love for LEGO?

LEGO Robin Hood figure

Baron: “LEGO” was actually the first word I could spell as a wee lad! My first sets were DUPLO toys given to me around age 2, and throughout my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by all things relating to LEGO and its various brands. My two all-time favorite genres of LEGO have always been Castle and Space — hence my tattoos of a Castle Forestman minifigure, and a diagram of a Space Futuron astronaut. Otherwise, I’ve been consistently collecting sets and assembling my own custom original creations since my early years. It’s only been in recent times that I’ve been chronicling my creations via photos and web — and making more refined models!

Favorite Zelda game?

Baron: To be perfectly honest, I was never really a Legend of Zelda fan early in my NES days — as I’ve always been more of a Mario fan. My fascination for the Zelda franchise came about in my middle school days around age 14, when Ocarina of Time was released — and subsequently, I became a huge fan, and inevitably Majora’s Mask! Unfortunately, in my opinion modern video games don’t hold much entertainment value compared to their predecessors, ergo I don’t consider myself a modern console gamer — and thus, my Zelda tattoos are more of a monument to my childhood/teen years during the heyday of gaming: classic sprites to early 3-D polygons — mid 1980s to early 2000s!

Do you have any other favorite fandoms?

Baron: As a geek amongst geeks, I have man interests — but in a very selective sense. Aside from vintage video games and LEGO models, I’m rather interested in classic Transformer toys — as in, the original (real) ’80s toys, and in no way whatsoever “Bayformers.” I’m also a collector of Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Mobile Suit Gundam, and some G.I. Joe toys here and there. I like to do a lot of “mashup” projects with my LEGO sets and other fandoms, such as LEGO Nintendo controllers that transform into robots — some of which were featured in Nintendo Power! I’ve also built my own custom Mobile Suit Gundams from LEGO, and even made plans to assemble Ban Dai Gundam models painted with custom colors and insignia to resemble World War II vehicles.

If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring?  

Baron: For video games, realistically I’d say Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as those games had seemingly endless replay value (besides, maybe it’d give me an opportunity to complete every side mission). For comics, more than likely I’d choose the graphic novelizations of the U.K. Transformers series from the late 1980s. Movie? I’d say probably the only real Transformers movie — the animated one from 1986 with Judd Nelson and Robert Stack! And finally, for TV, I’d say every Gundam series — as there’s so damn many of them, and could thus last a lifetime trying to watch!

Where can we find you on the internet? 

Baron: I’m all over the place online, and a shameless self-promoter! My main website is, which has ample links to my other ventures and whatnot. I don’t have a basic Facebook profile, but instead, a fan page for my creative designs. On Twitter, my username is @baron_von_brunk, on Tumblr I can be found on Feel free to follow me on one of those places, and chances are I’ll follow back! All of those aforementioned sites contain ample galleries of my work, such as LEGO sculptures, paintings, vector sticker designs, promotional burlesque material and so forth!

Baron von Brunk- LEGO Spaceman Diagram

Baron’s Zelda tattoos include: 275 in Hylian rupees, Biggoron’s Sword, the Lens of Truth, and an activated Bombchu.

Tattoo Tuesday Featurette- LunaRae’s Yoshi and Full Metal Alchemist Ink

LunaRae was one of the first people to contact me about adding her Yoshi tattoos to a Tattoo Tuesday post, thus sparking the “Reader Submission” idea. Thanks LunaRae! Get to know the delightful LunaRae and the heartwarming meaning behind her tattoos.

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Tattoo Tuesday Featurette Interview with LunaRae:

Can you tell us a little but about yourself?
Hmm.. Well, I’m in college working on a degree in ASLIS (American Sign Language Interpreter Studies). I took an ASL class and just fell in love with it. I started playing video games before I was even in grade school. My first game was Super Mario Brothers 3 on NES. I have many hobbies other than video games such as reading, pole dancing, spinning flag or saber, photography, writing short stories and poetry, as well as drawing.
What are your tattoos of and why did you get them?
I have three tattoos at this moment. I have a green Yoshi that I got December 2010. I had always wanted to get all of the colors of Yoshi on me in some kind of band or something. I contacted an old high school friend, Amber Bananafish, to speak with her about getting it done. It was my first and I was nervous but it was something I felt I needed to do. I found that all too often, I lost who I was and what I stood for. I allowed other people to control my life and I decided I was done with that silliness. This Yoshi reminds me to always be true to myself in every way possible. It also gives me courage to do things that are hard or scary. Oddly enough I’m horrified of needles, shots, and blood. Yet I allowed Amber to tattoo me for two hours. I can do anything!

My second tattoo is a blue Yoshi with wings holding another blue Yoshi egg. I had planned this tattoo shortly after getting my first one. My grandmother had passed away in 2005 and it was something that took me years to deal with. The color I picked was the color of her old house. A place that brings back great memories for me, but sadly is no longer in our family. Then I met Josh Fetz, we became really good friends very quickly. He passed away in October from Cystic Fibrosis. I added the egg for him because he was so young in his life, where as my grandmother had lived a long life. Oddly enough, Josh’s birthstone is the same color blue I had planned on making the Yoshi. I was going to wait until December to get this as kind of a “happy birthday Yoshi…now I have two..” type thing, but in the wake of Josh’s passing I decided to get it as soon as I possibly could, which ended up being November 12th 2011. Amber was able to fit me in quickly and did another wonderful job.

My third tattoo is the Ourboros tattoo seen in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist as well as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It signifies eternity, a dragon continually eating it’s tail. It has a beginning but no end. The seven deadly sins are branded with this logo in various places of their body. My favorite of them would be Lust, but I’m not too keen on getting a chest piece. (Don’t get me wrong some are stunning and gorgeous, but just not for me.) This was a Valentine’s gift to myself. It reminds me of various things, but most importantly I need to be careful in the things I do. Amber did this piece for me Feb. 11th 2012.

Any plans for future tattoos?
Yes! One of my oldest and closest friends are getting semi matching tattoos. In the movie The Lion King Rafiki draws Simba on a tree. My friend has the adult version with a mane where as I am getting the younger version. No matter what has happened between us in our lives, we have always come back together and been there for each other when we needed it most. 
I also want to get a Sailor Mars tattoo. She is my favorite Sailor Scout and the show Sailor Moon has a very special place in my heart. It was the first anime I ever watched. I can’t even explain how it captivates me. I’m not sure how I want this tattoo to look yet or where, but I’ve got time to think about it.
I’m also still debating on whether or not I want to finish my original plan of getting all the different color Yoshi. So far I have green and baby blue, and I would need to get red, yellow, dark blue/purple. I’m just unsure where I would put them since the other two are so big.
What are you other favorite fandom’s?
Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, The Simpsons, Dexter, X-men, Batman, The Lion King, and werewolves.
If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring?
Super Mario World (because I never get sick of it), Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause or Orange Crush by Tim Dorsey, The Dark Knight, and most likely Dexter season 4 or the Simpsons (any season 1-8)
Where do you live on the internet?
I’m on Facebook of course, though I keep that personal. I do have a photography page there “LunaRae Photography“. I am also on Deviantart, LunaRaeB.