Geeky Holiday Cards

Tis the season to be geeky. What better way of sending our holiday tidings than with a Geeky Holiday cards!


[Source: By Wondermark via Telegraph]

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[Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy]


Winner of the X-Men Nagel-Inspired Shirts from!

The winner for ‘X-Men 80′s Patrick Nagel Designs’ is Heather aka @ZombiEdward! I loved reading everyone’s “If I were a mutant…” response on Twitter, Facebook and the blog post. Thanks to everyone to entered the contest and a HUGE thanks to Mighty Fine for sponsoring this contest. 

Check out Mighty Fines on: 

Congratulations again Heather/@ZombiEdward! She won because not only did she explain what her mutant power would be, but described her impressive costume too! I know who I’m siding with when the mutant war erupts. Check out her answer: 

“I already have my answer for this (thanks to playing table-top super hero games.) I would have the mutant ability to control metal. Not just a Magneto thing, I’d kick more ass that he does. He can only magnetize, I could magnetize, rust, bend, melt, weld. If metal can do, so could I. My super hero name would be MetalSurge and my costume includes a metal spiked covered leather jacket and metal boots and all of the metal in my clothes can then meld together to form a full bodysuit when the mutant fighting begins.” 

Etsy Crush of the Week- Sugar & Vice

I first discovered Sugar & Vice while I was scouring Etsy for Portal themed jewelry for a previous blog post, ‘27 Pieces of Portal Jewelry‘. Once I saw their Portal Earrings and necklaces, I became practically obsessed with Sugar & Vice ever since. Sarah the crafter and creator of Sugar & Vice was kind enough do this interview with me all the way from the U.K.! Sarah is just as awesome as the jewelry (or should I say jewellery) she makes! She has a horror movie podcast called Gorepress, she’s a gamer, comic book and action figure collector and makes her own alcohol! It gets even better, I know crazy right, but you’ll only find out from reading the interview.

Interview with Sarah of Sugar and Vice Jewelry:

Girl Gone Geek: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sarah: Well, I guess the basics are that I’m 28, live in Canterbury and obsess over my cat; Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. I adore making jewellery but my other love is films and I also run a horror movie website and record a podcast with a friend (, ahem, shameless plug).

GGG: How long have you been making jewelry?

S: I think it’s around 5 years since Sugar & Vice came about and I didn’t really have much experience with jewellery before then so I suppose I’m still a beginner, comparatively!

GGG: What is Sugar & Vice origin story?

S: So many people have asked me this question and I never know how to respond. It was a happy accident! I started making bits and pieces and selling them through my MySpace page about 5-6 years ago while working for a builders merchant (which is exactly as glamorous as it sounds.) Over the years I started a bigcartel shop, then my own website and then I discovered Etsy. Things have just gone from strength to strength and it allowed me to leave my job a few years ago to concentrate on this full-time. It’s so rewarding and although it can be exhausting, it’s always enjoyable.

GGG: Do you have any funny Sugar & Vice stories?

S: Not long after we bought the laser cutter, we’d been working with it pretty solidly in a fairly badly ventilated room and as a result started to feel a bit funny. What we thought was acrylic fumes making us think the room was moving, actually turned out to be an earthquake. Doh!

GGG: What was the inspiration behind some of your geeky and horror themed pieces?

S: Well, as I previously mentioned, I’m a huge horror movie fan so that was a no-brainer for me. As for the more geeky jewellery, my partner and I are both huge nerds. He’s an academic with two Science degrees and I collect comics and action figures. We’re both avid gamers too and there seemed to be a real gap in the market for that sort of jewellery so we thought we’d attempt to fill it. I always assumed it would be quite niche but they’ve proved to be some of our most popular pieces! I’m an enthusiastic gamer but tragically not very good and I love reading online comics and obsessing over movies.

GGG: I know you do custom pieces for customers, have you had any favorite or unusual requests?

S: Too many to possibly name! We do a lot of nameplate necklaces for roller derby girls so I think some of my favourites have been ‘Baberaham Lincoln’, ‘Annie Thingoes’ and a few logo necklaces for English teams. As for the more geeky stuff, we’ve recently done some Harry Potter themed pieces and the Naboo symbol from Star Wars [see left], both of which were a lot of fun to make.

GGG: What else do you do or other hobbies do you have besides making fabulous laser cut jewelry?

S: I’ve recently started making my own alcohol. In a strictly legitimate, non-prison wine sort of way! So far I’ve made elderberry wine, raspberry and rhubarb wine, sloe gin and a batch of ale. I love cooking too, I’m such a homebody! I’m also building up a substantial collection of colourful tattoos, much to my Mothers annoyance!

GGG: If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring? (this deserted island has electricity)

S: Hmm, good question! I think the video game would have to be Left 4 Dead (provided there was someone with me to play co-op mode), the book would have to be Girlfriend In A Coma by Douglas Coupland. Movie is a tough one, how can I pick just one?! I guess I’d have to go with something like Cecil B Demented, I love John Waters and it was my favourite movie for such a long time when I was younger. As for the TV show, that’s an easy one, it would have to be Freaks and Geeks. All the best ones get cancelled prematurely!

GGG: Where can we find you in the web (websites, online store, facebook, twitter, etc.)?

S: Well we have a very active Etsy store –, our own website –, and a Facebook fan page (search : Sugar & Vice) so please stop by and say hello, we’d love to hear from people who have any suggestions or custom ideas!

Sugar & Vice Jewelry Gallery

(click images to enlarge) 



Picture of the Week and Contest- X-Men 80’s Patrick Nagel Designs

I bet you thought this post would come with leg warmers and shoulder pads, nope! Just totally gnarly X-Men apparel from Mighty Fine ( from their 80’s Art Fashion Series. These bodacious X-Men babes are inspired by the 1980’s minimalistic illustration style of Patrick Nagel.

The day I discovered was the same day I ordered a Storm Nagel-inspired shirt (and Phoenix for a friend’s birthday gift). The icing on the cake was when I received my package in the mail and not only did I get my shirts but also they threw in some great Mighty Fine swag. It included a big bag with Hello Kitty on one side and Elmo on the other, a Mighty Fine poster with my name on it and some stickers. It was a nice touch to see all that fun stuff in my box which shows how they go the extra mile to make their customers happy. They also keep adding new and fun Nagel-inspired designs check them out here.  

Mighty Fine has much more (non-80’s) addictive designs and shirts ranging from My Little Pony to Star Wars.  Since I love you and these shirts so much I’m going to give one away to a lucky reader! A huge thanks and shout out to Mighty Fine for sponsoring this contest! 

Mighty Fines links: 

Contest Rules to WIN a Nagel-Inspired X-Men shirt from Mighty Fine:

  • – Answer the following question: If you were a mutant, what would your powers be?

  • – Subscribe to my blog on the top right hand side of the page or click here 
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  • – You can submit your answer THREE different ways (or all of them if you fancy):
  •           – The comments section of this post
  •           – Facebook: Post your caption in the comments section of this image
  •           – Twitter: tweet me @girl_gone_geek your answer using #ifiwereamutant (you can use more than one tweet to respond)
  • – Winner will be chosen next  on Monday Sept 5th

My 1 Year Blogiversary & Geek Soap Contest!

Girl Gone Geek blog water bottle my friends got me!

Happy Blogiversary to me! 

Girl Gone Geek Blog turns 1-year-old today! Which is about 13 in blog years. I can’t believe it’s already been a year… Actually that’s a lie, it totally felt like a year. I started this blog with no intentions other than to blab about all of the brilliant things I am unashamedly obsessed about, they just so happen to dwell in the geek realm. The fact that it continues to grow and the positive feedback you all give me is something I never anticipated, but it thrills me to bits!

The blog is like an extension of myself, albeit the geekiest parts. One of the aspects of my blog that I hope that comes through is how I try to create a sense of connection with my readers and fans. I think my favorite part is geeking out with you all every day whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or email. The past two years I was going to graduate school full-time (I just graduated with my Master’s), interned at NYLON Magazine, working part-time and all the while trying to squeeze in something that resembles a social life. But blogging never felt like a chore it was something I loved to do and an escape from all the chaos. Well I guess that’s more than enough mushy bloggy talk for one post.

Now to move along to what you all are really here for, free stuff! To thank you all for being so awesome I’m having a giveaway contest with the talented Lesley Karpiuk of Geek Soap and The Pink Toque.

Lesley makes these insanely cool soaps which are not only geeked out but are “individually handmade from all natural and vegan friendly ingredients.” What’s not to love?! She’s made such exclusives like “Game Cartridge soap, D20 Soap on a Rope, and almost all of the soap themes [she’s] used such as [Doctor Who] and Cthulhu.” These soaps didn’t exist before her, and we are forever grateful. She also knits Cthulhu themed goodies as well which you can find on The Pink Toque.

Thanks to Lesley, Girl Gone Geek is having not one but three winners! The soaps being given away are the “Clean of Kong” which are the barrels from the Donkey Kong video game, the NES “8-Bit Game Cartridge” and the “Soapstone” aka Hearthstone from World of Warcraft.


  • The 3 winners will be chosen on Friday, June 3rd,  I will pick the three winners that have the best answers to the question below
  • Answer the Contest Question below in the comments section of this post
    • Question: How would you use one of the geek soaps if you won?
    • Example: I would use the Donkey Kong soap to… *insert something witty here*.
  • Subscribe to this blog (right hand side of the page)
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  • Follow @GeekSoap on Twitter (if you have one)
  • *Please include your Twitter name and your name as it appears on Facebook (if you don’t want the public to see this, email it to me at girlgonegeekblog-at-gmail-dot-com)
  • *If I do no hear back from a winner by June 6th I will choose another winner

Children’s Books Gone Geek

Nostalgia and Geekery always makes my heart smile, and these children’s books with a geeky twist are no different.

Related links:

This Dr. Seuss x Pokemon combo idea came from Draw2D2 a blog with one of my favorite concepts I’ve heard in a while:

“Draw2D2 is core group of artists who draw geeky things, simple as that. Everyone in the group submits one idea and through some complicated mathematical equations and lots of sweat, those ideas are paired up to create the mash-ups!

Our artists have 2 weeks to do the illustrations. Postings occur every other Wed and the deadline is marked by the looming countdown above! Then a poll is put up for you to vote your favorite. The Artist who wins the poll gets a spotlight post showing the process of their illustration, and then we do it all over again.[Draw2D2]”

Check out all of the Pokemon/Seuss submissions here. Check back on Draw2D2 in a week for their next mashup Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jason Welborn (originally found on The Mary Sue)

Alex Ryan:

James Hance created this adorable Where the Wild Things Are x Star Wars combo as well as a few of my favorites I’ve included. All of the money for his art goes to raising money for his daughters medical bills, she has a rare intestinal disorder. He has tons of great stuff I recommend you check out and if you see something you like and buy it, you know it’s going for a good cause. Or if you want to donate a couple of dollars to help out a child in need that’s always welcomed.

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15 Geeky Wedding Invitations

I now pronounce you Nerd and Geek!

One of my followers @goingmyway showed me these geeky wedding invitations featured on Buzzfeed which I just love! These creative invites aim to prove that romantic and nerd can and do belong in the same sentence. Don’t worry fanboys, these invitations prove the nerd gets the girl, and even better, she’s a nerd too! Check out Buzzfeed to see other half they featured.

What would you have on your geeky wedding invitations?

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One Big Happy Star Wars Family

Check out today’s (Mar. 3rd) Tee Fury Star Wars design by Steve Thomas “We Are Family”. Here’s what he had to say about the concept:

“The design was inspired by the family decals you see on the rear windshield of minivans and suv’s alike. Sure there are other Star Wars decals, but from what I could find, they either have a stormtrooper helmet or Vader helmet. In mine, a few of the core characters are represented (the good, that is). Perhaps I should do a design for the dark side of the force later on.”

This would also be great as an actual car decal, possibly in the future Steve? If soccer moms put this on the back of their mini vans they’d be the coolest moms on the block! But until then buy this from Tee Fury today for only $10 and you can settle for being the coolest gal/guy in the galaxy.

For more art form Steve Thomas check out his websiteblog and Zazzle store.

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