Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut is a fan-made remake of Star Wars.  The people behind Star Wars Uncut cut up 15-second increments of Star Wars and hundreds of geeks claimed their clip and remade it any way they wanted.  Just within the first few minutes we see twitter updates, blog comments, pizza, salt shaker and an animation that looks like it was made from Microsoft Paint.  It’s fun and some are very impressive, watch the entire film here.

[Source Topless Robot & Star Wars Uncut]

Zombie Week- Sucker Punch Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Sucker Punch the movie by the director of “300” and “The Watchmen” Zack Snyder. Read the post I did about the movie here.  Thanks to @robocake33 for the link!  What do you guys think?   Looking forward to it?