Tattoo Tuesday- Avengers

Tattoos Assemble! 

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

Brandyn Brinson’s Avengers logo tattoo” [Source]



Avengers tattoo by James Dean Pruitt at Alliance Tattoo Lounge in Yuma, Arizona [Source]

Tattoo by Nick Bones [Source]

Girl Gone Geek Reader Submission!

The Avengers Trio above is from my Twitter buddy and Girl Gone Geek reader Alycia Carhart/@MalfoyFangirl:

“Of all the comics I’ve read, Marvel has most appealed to me. I enjoy all their groups (X-Men, Fantastic 4) but The Avengers is my favorite. I got the Iron Man tattoo because he is my favorite superhero. But he was lonely so I decided to add Cap and Thor, my second and third favorites, to balance the art.”    Artist: Josh Hartley, Shop: Guru Tattoo, San Jose, CA



The original line-up from Avengers #1. Done by Roger Z., formerly of Tuff Luck Tattoos in Carbondale, IL. [tattoo above Source] [2nd tattoo image Source]

Hulk and Captain America Tattoo done by Steve Wimmer – Willow Grove, PA [Source]

The four tattoos above are oalvarez_inc’s avengers tattoo sleeve [Source]

And MadHatterJervis‘s Loki tattoo just ’cause it’s Loki [Source]

Tattoo Tuesday- Captain America

You didn’t come here to read (if you did let’s make believe), you came here to look at Captain America tattooed into the skins of fangirls and fanboys. Who am I to delay you from doing just that?! Behold… *cue American patriotism*.


 I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at].com.

Tattoo Artist: Erica Dinco [Source: Peter Kitts Deviant Art]Tattoo artist: Marc Durrant/ Yoni Tattoo, Los Angeles, CA [Source: MarcDurrantTattoos Flickr]

Captain America Sugar Skull Tattoo, Submitted to 2 Tattoo Designs by Samuel Clatterbuck.
Tattoo Artist: Alicia Foley  [Source: F Yeah Tattoos] Continue reading →

Happy 4th of July from Jubilee!

 Jubilee is the unofficial spokesperson of the 4th of July according to me.  Why?  Well because she shoots fireworks from her hands of course!  On behalf of Jubilee I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July.  Leave the fireworks to Jubilee and the professionals we don’t want any missing limbs! Continue reading →

Sunday Funnies- Brown Recluse Spider-Man

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Sunday Funnies- Overeaters Anonymous

I’m sure Galactus and Unicron understand Kirbys addiction to overeating.

[Source Dueling Analogs]

Superheroes Need Health Care Too!

This is one of a series of videos made by Avengers Assemble The Series. Check out their video on the Oil Spill and Job Loss.

[Source Topless Robot]

Sunday Funnies- If Superheroes Were Hipsters (9/19)

College Humor brings us this weeks Sunday Funny “If Superheroes Were Hipsters”.  Living in the Hipster Capital of the world makes this extra funny.  Also I love how Spiderman is the Michael Cera prancing meme check it out here.

Picture of the Week (9/13)- X-Babies

These baby mutants are adorable!  But if I was asked to babysit for them I’d politely decline. My friend told me that in writer Gregg Schigiel and artist Jacob Chabot did a 4 issue mini series of X-Babies that is a reimagining (and much younger) version of the Mojo created X-Babies here.

[Source Suga Esta Borracho]

Runaways- The Movie

I’m not sure how Marvel Studios finds the time but they have are the beginning stages of yet another new project! Runaways is set to be released Summer of 2012.  They are scheduled to start production on March of 2011 in LA, just a month after The Avengers begins shooting.   The casting rumors haven’t began yet but Peter Scollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) is signed on to direct.

“Debuting in 2003 from creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, Runaways is an award-winning comic series which follows the story of a group of six teenagers who learn that their parents are super-villains. Together they gather weapons and run away to learn more about themselves and the powers they have, using them for good. (Screen Rant)

I haven’t read Runaways, but as we all know comic book movies are either hit or miss so we’ll just have to wait see as the production progresses.  But if it does well, who knows we might see more Runaways films, TV shows, etcetera, etcetera.

[Source Screen Rant]

Happy Labor Day!

I want to wish everyone a fun and safe Labor Day!