Sunday Funnies- Growth Management

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Sunday Funnies- What Miyamoto’s Retirement Will Actually Be Like

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Super Mario Bros. Enemies Reimagined Straight From Your Nightmares

Nightmare Goomba By Michael Puncekar

I would think twice before stomping on that goomba! These Super Mario Bros. enemies look they belong in an entirely different game, maybe something the Umbrella Corporation created or a resident of Silent Hill. These darker takes on the baddies were made by Mike Puncekar

If you like creepy things (and I know you do), check out these reimagined Pokemon (you probably don’t want to catch these).

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Picture of the Week- Pinup Video Game Girls and Interview with Artist Marques Cannon

Kratos- God of War

I featured Marques Cannons Pin-Up Video Game Girls back in August 2010 before I started Picture of the Week and I knew that one day I’d have to bring them back and feature his Video Girls Series again because I loved them so much! Marques is also the first artist I interviewed for PotW and I hope to interview more of the artists I feature whenever possible. Kratos is definitely my favorite reinterpretation!  Continue reading →

Converse x Super Mario Bros. Chuck Taylor All Star Collection


Converse Japan wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved and massive Super Mario Bros. franchise so they shacked up with Nintendo and birthed these nostalgic gamer kicks. The full title is a mouthful, “Super Mario Bros. x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 25th Anniversary Collection”, or you can just call them Mario Chucks for short.   Continue reading →

Super Mario: The Indie Film

“How many people are you willing to step on to get what you want?”

There have been quite a few Super Mario Bros. live action re-imaginings but this one I actually like. Oh and then there was that actual live action Super Mario Bros. movie… but we won’t talk about that. Mario was produced and directed by Joe Nicolosi for this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

“At most of the major film festivals, cute little mini-shorts run before each screening. These shorts, called bumpers, usually focus on the theme of that year’s festival. Sundance bumpers often focus on the independent spirit or going against the system. Smaller film festivals like SXSW or Fantastic Fest usually aim for funny. [/film]”

Mario takes an indie spin on our beloved franchise which seems to be the trend now-a-days (see links below), but I can’t say that I mind.

Check out:

God of War Indie Movie Trailer

Doug: The Movie

Inglorious Plumbers

Dig Dug Trailer

Manic Mansion Trailer

Minesweeper The Movie

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Sunday Funnies- Luigi’s Anal Adventure

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