NYCC & NYAF 2010- Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

During NYCC and NYAF this past weekend I was allowed to go in a few hours early on Friday because of my press pass.  Besides being able to walk around and feel slightly important, I was able get some game play in before the big crowd showed up.  I played Kirby’s Epic Yarn, The Michael Jackson Experience, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kidz Bop (which I won’t review) and River Rush for the Kinect. Reviews for the other games coming soon.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn was just one giant ball of adorable!  This game, and Kirby in general, is heaven since I am a total Nintendo whore, have an incurable sweet tooth and obsessed with the color pink and all things cute.  I like Kirby, as does anyone else with a heart, and I just loved Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  I played it with Anime Angel over at Otakus and Geeks and we had a blast.  The entire time I kept blurting out “Aww’s” and “How cute’s”.

My review: Kirby is made out YARN! It’s a-freakin-dorable! Do I need to really say anything else?  Not really, but I will because I like you.

Release Date: October 17 (for North America)

Plot: “One day, Kirby spots a strange-looking Maximum Tomato and decides to eat it. However, the tomato belonged to an evil wizard named Yin-Yarn who becomes angry at Kirby and sucks him into a dimension where everything, including himself, is made of yarn. Upon arriving in this strange world, Kirby saves a young prince named Fluff from an enemy. After Fluff explains Yin-Yarn’s plans, Kirby agrees to help him (Wiki).”

To play Kirby you hold the Wiimote sideways. From playing only one level I didn’t have to use any Wii motion control in the game. As you can see from the video below it can be played as two player, the other player being Prince Fluff.  There are a few things different in this Kirby game than previous ones.

First of all Kirby no longer swallows enemies and copies their power, which was one of my favorite things.  Instead, he has this kind of whip which is used as a weapon and a tool to interact with the environment.  He can grab on buttons and swing on them to get altitude. You also use the whip to pull open patches, unzip the background and more.  You also use the whip to pull the background closer (so it bunches up) in order to get across a pit or a large body of water.  When you defeat an enemy, which is also made out of yarn, it’s unravels.

He can also grab enemies so they turn into balls of yarn which he can then throw.  In two player mode, in order to get certain items you have to pick up the other player with your whip and throw them.  You can also carry them around, much like Super Mario for the Wii.

They really took advantage of the title Epic Yarn because the levels are made out of textiles, buttons, cloth, yarn, you name it.  You can even go behind the foreground and when you move it looks like a little lump moving behind cloth.

Kirby doesn’t float like the previous games either, rather he floats down as a parachute, which is just darling!  Certain sections of the level you could also turn into a car for extra speed.  Another new feature is you can collect beads throughout the game to increase score, get medals, unlock side levels and spend them in the in-game shop to buy furniture for Kirby’s living area.

Because I only played one level and not the entire game I won’t give it a number score but I loved it.  Kirby is cuter than usual, if that is even possibly, but if you like Kirby you know the game is ridiculously easy and that remains true in Epic Yarn.  If you have a Wii and love or even like Kirby I recommended it 100%.