Sunday Funnies- Hawkeye Needs A Ride

I couldn’t help but feature Noelle Stevenson’s comics again. Her teeny Avengers are so darn cute! Check out her Tumblr, The Ginger Haze, for comics that are sure to make you smile and squee.

Adorable Avengers assemble! 

And some other cute stuff just ’cause.


Cute & Creepy Superhero Art

Christopher Uminga has created this unique and chibi’ish artwork, check out his website and see all of his awesome work.  Below are some adorable, and some creepy, (but all are great!) art of superheroes, villains, TMNT and Star Wars characters.   Dontcha just want to give the Hulk a big hug?! He looks like he needs it…

[Source Unreality Mag]

Sunday Funnies (8/29)

Comic Book University

[Source College Humor drawn by Cadwell]