Geeky Christmas Guide- Star Wars Edition

I’ve searched the Interwebs for great Star Wars gifts for all ages and genders!

Jewelry and Accessories

There is no Try Pendant on Rubber Necklace (via Star Bright Girl Etsy)

Stormtrooper Hello Kitty (via Azuree Alice Etsy)

Jedi Symbol Brooch (via Star Bright Girl Etsy)

Red Light Saber LEGO Earrings (via Gr0glmann Etsy)

Rebel Seal Ring (via Big Bad Toy Store)

Empire Seal Ring (via Entertainment Earth)

Darth Vader Cuff Links (via CrimsonKing Etsy)

Imperial Logo Earrings (via Her Universe)


I heart Scoundrels (via Think Geek)

Daakusaido (aka The Dark Side)

Padme Nouveau (via Her Universe)

Daddy’s Little Girl (via Her Universe)

Boba Fett Underwear Set (via Her Universe)


Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp (via Think Geek)

Star Wars Clock (via YOUgNeek Etsy)

Star Wars Character Driver Covers (via The Golf Warehouse)

Star Wars ABC’s (via Amazon)

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones (via Think Geek)

Star Wars Stormtrooper DJ Headphones (via Entertainment Earth)

Han Solo (Jason Derulo Parody)

I LOVE THIS! It’s stuck in my head now but I’m fine with that!

This is made my MC Chris, check out his website

Also the Calvin and Hobbes/ Chewie and Han art is made by Chris Wahl

Han is such a hottie!

[Source Dorkly]

Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut is a fan-made remake of Star Wars.  The people behind Star Wars Uncut cut up 15-second increments of Star Wars and hundreds of geeks claimed their clip and remade it any way they wanted.  Just within the first few minutes we see twitter updates, blog comments, pizza, salt shaker and an animation that looks like it was made from Microsoft Paint.  It’s fun and some are very impressive, watch the entire film here.

[Source Topless Robot & Star Wars Uncut]

Star Wars Voices Available For Your GPS

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… you got lost.  But fear no more Jedi (or Sith) because now you can have the Star Wars characters guide you through your quest no matter how mundane thanks to TomTom!

With this (fairly) new TomTom GPS initiative you can have the voices of Darth Vader, C-3PO, Han Solo and Yoda accompany you on whatever journey you embark.  Sorry Chewy you didn’t make the cut for obvious reasons.  The voices make your routine trip to the mall sound like an adventure of epic proportions.  This definitely makes me wish I had a car… but maybe I should get a license first.

Listen to voice samples and buy them on TomTom they cost $12.95 each character.

These videos of Yoda and Darth Vader in the recording studio are hilarious!

“A wrong turn you made, to the dark side.” – Yoga

“At the end of the road, turn round.” – Darth Vader

[via Cool Hunter & TomTom]