Cthulhu Old Spice Commercial

Check out this Cthulhu Elder Spice… oops I mean Old Spice Commercial!

“Look at your God. Now look at me.”

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Get Your Own Cuddly Cthulhu!

Following up on the two other Lovecraftian posts (del Toro movie and podcast) I felt it was about time I did this post about Cthulhu Chick.  Ruth makes these adorable and abominable crocheted Cthulhu!  I plan on getting one for me (pink of course) and my brother since we both love us some H.P. Lovecraft.

Don’t know what a Cthulhu is? Cthulhu Chick explains it for you on her site,

“…In essence, Cthulhu is a creature dreamed up by H.P. Lovecraft in his tale “Call of Cthulhu.” From the story:

“If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general outline of the whole which made it most shockingly frightful.”

Cthulhu caught on in cultural consciousness, especially among geeks and gamers. The Call of Cthulhu RPG has become particularly popular as has the Cthulhu Munchkin game and the Call of Cthulhu video game.”

These cute little creatures cost $17.50 and are all handmade you can get yours on her Etsy page and follow her on Twitter @CthulhuChick.  Also I discovered this Cthulhu emotion while getting lost in google  (;,;) how cute!

Scary Cthulhu

Cute Cthulhu!

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H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

I’ve been in a Lovecraftian mood recently and stumbled upon of the best podcasts I’ve ever laid ears on.  It’s the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast. It is nowhere near new but I had to share this discovery with you all.  Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer are the hosts and they do an outstanding job.

Even though many Lovecrafts stories are short, they are also dense and this helps readers untangle their way and better understand and hopefully appreciate Lovecraft.  Each week they go over one or two of his stories and to be honest you don’t even need to reread or even read the stories prior to the podcast.  They give an in-depth summary and discuss the background of the story, history and things of that nature.  But what makes me love this podcast so much is it’s actually funny.  They made me literally LOL.

Something else I like is that if they don’t like a story, they say it and they say why.  They love Lovecraft but also say whether they think a story is good or bad, they don’t blindly believe everything is gold.  They also address Lovecrafts overt racism in his stories.  You can download them (free of course) on iTunes or visit their website HPpodcast.com and listen and download them there.  They are on currently Episode 52 but I’ve started from the beginning and I’m on Episode 13.

Also check our their Facebook page.

Rumor: Guillermo del Toro taking H.P. Lovecraft to the Big Screen

According to the LA Times Blog, here are rumors that Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) may direct an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s 1931 novella At the Mountains of Madness.  They asked him in an interview recently whether that would indeed be his next film and he, “he flashed an impish grin and said, “We’ll see” (LA Times).”  He also said in an interview with First Showing that “If I had the freedom to choose and the chance to hold it until its done, I’d do Mountains right away.”

In an interview last year he discussed plans on making a Frankenstein film and an adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness where he referred to Madness as “[his] obsession.”  He apparently already has a script and maybe this will help him (and us) get over the The Hobbit.

He also told Aint it Cool,

“Mountains is exactly the movie I would like to do,” del Toro said. “It would push buttons, and it’s extreme in many areas. It’s a hard R-rated, big production tentpole in the genre of horror. What I love about tentpole horror – which is not done much anymore, if at all – is that there was a time when you could see something like “Alien” or “The Shining” or “The Thing”. Movies that came not as a B-movie product of a studio, but as an A, tentpole, big release, high-end production like “The Exorcist”, and so on and so forth.”

Excited yet?!

LA Times sources have whispered that Madness will definitely be his next movie and that James Cameron will produce it and it will in 3D.  I’m sick of 3D movies, but if it’s Camerons 3D, plus Del Toro’s directorial prowess with the macabre mind of H.P. Lovecraft well count me in!

Lovecraft fans know how difficult it is to effectively adapt his stories to the big screen while staying true to the nature of the story.  Why?  Well because they are so damn crazy!  I haven’t read At the Mountains of Madness but in simplest form it’s a monster movie in Antarctica (read more about it here).

For those of you unfamiliar with Lovecraft he was an American author of horror/fantasy/science fiction or what he would like to call “cosmicism” or “cosmic horror”.  He’s widely known for his Cthulhu Mythos, if you don’t know about it you should, it will make you a better person :).  Pretty much any horror writer or film maker has been influenced by Lovecraft in some way.

“According to Joyce Carol Oates, Lovecraft — as with Edgar Allan Poe in the 19th century — has exerted “an incalculable influence on succeeding generations of writers of horror fiction”. Stephen King called Lovecraft “the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale.”

Also fanboys you know Arkham Insane Asylum in the Batman series, well Arkham was a fictional New England city originally created by Lovecraft.  If you know Lovecraft it makes complete sense to name an insane asylum Arkham.

Lovecrafters are you excited or upset about Madness being taken to the big screen? Sound off below!

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