Girl Gone Geek’s 2 Year Blogiversary & Giveaways

Two years ago today I started Girl Gone Geek Blog. It began with just my friends and family reading it, and has slowly taken on a life of its own. It has grown into a 2-year-old baby geekling (23 in blog years), and I couldn’t have done it without you.

As you are probably well aware, I’m pretty obsessed with a lot of things. I started this blog because I wanted to talk about my many obsessions because I couldn’t keep it all bottled up inside me. I had no expectations with my blog. I just hoped some people would come on by, read it and hopefully enjoy what they read.

This blog has become a large part of my life these past two years. I’ve been able to meet amazing people and do amazing things because of it, and I’m extremely grateful. For my blogiversary I’ll countdown Girl Gone Geek’s Top 5 Moments. And also throw a pretty sweet giveaway to celebrate thanks to Universal Pictures’ Snow White & The Huntsman, and The Geekerie. Giveaway details below!


Girl Gone Geek’s Top 5 Moments

5/4. Meeting the Cast of Doctor Who & Doctor Who Series 6 Premiere Screening

I’m madly in love with a lot of shows, films, books, series, etc. But Doctor Who is by far my favorite thing in all of time in space. Simply put, Doctor Who makes me happy. So when I found out the cast and crew were coming to NYC for a signing and a screening I knew I had to go. Last April, I stood in line for over 12 hours (for both events combined) and I would do it all over again. I was able to meet Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and see Steven Moffat and Alex Kingston at the screening as well. Of course I blogged about it and you can read about that here and here.

3. Neil Gaiman Retweeting Me and Seeing him at an Event

Twitter handle is now @girl_gone_geek

Yes, I said “retweeting me”, and yes it was one of my favorite moments. I completely adore Neil Gaiman and think he’s a literary genius. I did a Sandman Tattoo Tuesday post back when my blog was only a few months old and I tweeted it out to my Twitter followers and included @neilhimself in the tweet just for kicks. I never expected him to actually see it, but he did. I woke up in the middle of the night and compulsively checked Twitter before going back to bed only to see that Neil Gaiman RT’ed my Tattoo Tuesday tweet. Needless to say I was so happy I couldn’t fall back asleep. That is still the highest viewed post to date. I also went to see him at 92nd St. Y for his discussion on the 10th Anniversary of American Gods. That was, of course, better than any RT. I really love that mans mind.

2. The Day I met Grant Morrison 

I’m an enormous Grant Morrison fan. If I were to name my top 3 personal geek gods he would be one of them (Also Neil Gaiman and Hayao Miyzaki). When I read The Invisibles a few years ago, it blew my mind. It was brilliant and bizarre simultaneously. I had never, and will never, read anything like that again. That was the series that ignited my love affair with comic books. Because of him, you can take a wild guess where I am every Wednesday. Last year I was able to meet my comic book super hero and, you guessed it, I blogged about it.

1. You

Albeit corny, but I’m serious. If it weren’t for you this blog might have ended ages ago. But as long as you keep reading it and supporting me, I’ll keep on writing. Girl Gone Geek Blog is an extension of myself and I write from the heart; so it means the world to me when anyone says anything nice about it. I’ve gotten emails, tweets and people who have told how much they really like my blog and it makes me incredibly happy every time I hear it. I’m still shocked and elated when I meet someone and they say they’ve heard about it. There have been some girls who’ve contacted me saying how much the blog means to them because they are the only geek among their friends and often feel alone. Or they feel like an outcast not just because of what they like, but because they are a girl who likes these geeky things. I can’t even describe how unbelievable it feels to hear that my blog has inspired and made some lady geek out there happy. I’ve made so many friends through this blog, both in real life and through the internet. I write because I’m passionate these things, but it wouldn’t mean anything without you. Every word I write is dedicated to you. Thank you.

I also have to give a special thanks to everyone who has ever supported this blog in any way, whether it was an interview, RT, tweet, blog post, or Facebook post, sponsored a contest/giveaway or discount code . You know who you are, and you are amazing!

Blogiversary Giveaways

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