Star Wars Swimsuits

I could have totally used this for my trip to the Cayman Islands last week!  Get these ridiculously cool Vader and R2 swimsuits here at Black Milk for $85.  I hope they do more of these, C3PO would be perfect!  Black Milk also has some other nice swimsuits and leggings check them out!

Han Solo (Jason Derulo Parody)

I LOVE THIS! It’s stuck in my head now but I’m fine with that!

This is made my MC Chris, check out his website

Also the Calvin and Hobbes/ Chewie and Han art is made by Chris Wahl

Han is such a hottie!

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Star Wars Infographic

OnlyInfographics made this great Star Wars graphic showing us how George Lucas’ brilliant idea has earned more 22 billion dollars.

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Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut is a fan-made remake of Star Wars.  The people behind Star Wars Uncut cut up 15-second increments of Star Wars and hundreds of geeks claimed their clip and remade it any way they wanted.  Just within the first few minutes we see twitter updates, blog comments, pizza, salt shaker and an animation that looks like it was made from Microsoft Paint.  It’s fun and some are very impressive, watch the entire film here.

[Source Topless Robot & Star Wars Uncut]

Stay at Luke Skywalker’s Tatoonie Home

Luke Skywalkers Tatooine home is actually a hotel in Matmata, Tunisia.  As Star Wars fan knows, before Luke’s Jedi days he lived with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Lars who were moisture farmers on the planet Tatoonie.  Even though Luke left his home to save the galaxy and whatnot, you can still visit. George Lucas shot the Tatooine scenes in 1976 at the famous Hotel Sidi Driss in Africa.

The hotels storage room was the Lars dining room.  In 1995 Phillip Vanni, a French Star Wars fan, helped remodel the store-room and turned it into a Star Wars-themed restaurant and bar.

In 2000 Lucas returned to shoot scenes for Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones.  The Tatooine set was rebuilt and still remain on site as part of the hotel’s decor.

According to it’s $10 a night per person including breakfast.

Hotel Sidi Driss History (Quoted from Insider Movies):

“The hotel was built centuries ago by the indigenous Berber people of North Africa. Refugees would dig detailed cave locations to hide away and defend themselves from attackers…  It wasn’t until 1967 that Matmata became more widely known after it received emergency support from surrounding cities, following a devastating rain season. New, above-ground residencies were built, but many of the classic cave dwellings were repaired and still serve as the primary housing facility.

Behind the hotel is a small museum of Matmata’s local history. Additionally, the hotel can arrange for guests to take walking tours of the surrounding residential cave dwellings.”

[Source Insider Movies]