My Geekoverse Apparel and Accessories Launch

The Inspiration:

I’ve decided to take my obsession to the next level my wonderful geeks. For the last few weeks I have been working on designs for my new clothing and apparel line called Geekoverse. The idea and inspiration for Geekoverse came from different people at different times. As I continued hearing similar suggestions to create some designs for apparel from different people I finally decided to listen to the universe, she tends to know what she’s talking about. Also, if you want any of these images as a computer wallpaper, to blog about or to flatter me, email me at and I’ll email you a high res file.

Everything is available at:

Why I chose

There are several reasons I chose to have a shop on Cafepress. I’m a student and therefore making student money and I decided to wait to see the (hopeful) success of Geekoverse before I started investing in items to create and ship the products myself.

The Name:

It took me a while to decide on a name. I wanted the name to encompass everything geeky that I like. Since I like a great deal of things in the geek universe (anime, comics, games, literature, the genre’s, etc.) Geekoverse just popped in my head and felt right.

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Picture of the Week- Who Watches the Empire?

Jonah Block created this great mashup of Star Wars and Watchmen. This was featured on Tee Fury a few weeks ago, but fear not, you can buy prints, skins and shirts with the artwork here on Society 6.

Check out his website Amateurish at Best for other great art!

His Deviant Art gallery Biotwist

Jonah’s profile on Tee Fury and past shirt designs

Facebook: The Art of Jonah Block

Some more of Jonah’s art that I like:

Minimalist Doctor Who (prints, skins and shirts available here)

“Fighting evil by moonlight” Sailor Moon Head [Source: Threadless]

The Son of Manio [Source: Threadless]

Superhero Minimalist Shirt (which I posted about a few months ago here with other superhero minimalist art) 

[Source: Culture Popped and Tee Fury]