Sunday Funnies: Return to Animal Crossing

I lost my 3DS a few months ago after I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I worry about the well-being of my town everyday.

webcomic return to animal crossing

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Sunday Funnies: Videogame Companies Are Your Friends


Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-nintendo

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-microsoftVideogame Companies Are Your Friends-sony

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-sega

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends- bethesda Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-activision Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-blizzard Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-EA

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-valve Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-zynga


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Sunday Funnies- Super Mario Bros. 2 From a Different Perspective

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Sunday Funnies- Why T-Rexes Cant Be Superheroes

Ian Brooks:

Why T-Rexes Cant Be Superheroes by Jillian Nickell

Based off an old threadless design…The other problem is they have those pitiful baby arms.


 “Rex’s superhero ambitions are quickly forgotten when he realized people are delicious.”

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Sunday Funnies- Be careful what you wish for…

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Sunday Funnies- Link and his Notes

Sometimes I don’t even understand what I wrote on my map it’s so sloppy… Okay most of the time.

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28 Geeks Later- A Short Zombie Film

“I just don’t think we should run, it’s not what I grew up with.”, said one zombie to another. These nerd zombies bitch and groan about how inauthentic they are because they can think, and talk and run. Which is exactly what you’d imagine a bunch of infected undead nerds doing during the inevitable apocalypse. This funny short zombie film was written by 
Tyler James Nicol

 and stars Duchess Jenean L. Skappak, JJ Webb and Tyler James Nicol.

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Sunday Funnies- Harry Potter Edition

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Ever wonder what Harry Potter would be like if it was a teen show in the 80s? So did Lucy Knisley (via her LucyLou Liveblog).

Kate Beaton from Hark, a vagrant’s The Adventure’s of Tiny Hermione. She was featured in a previous Sunday FunnyBrown Recluse Spider-Man. Continue reading →

Sunday Funnies- Why Link Really Saves Zelda

I found this comic by  Zac Gorman and his artwork on one of my favorite sites Geek-Art. I included some more of his work below.


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Sunday Funnies- The Doctor meets Link

Made by Pirpintine 

And another one made by Jack (tardis-owl.tumblr) because I love you so much! Continue reading →