Picture of the Week- May the Font be With You

Fabian Gonzales made these typographical Star Wars wonders.  These characters, if you haven’t noticed, are made solely out of typefaces! It’s every geeky graphic designers dream!  I hope he does more.  Jabba would rock in type! Check out his Flickr here (Lishoff on Flickr).  You can buy the Boba Font as a poster, iPod case, iPod skin, Laptop and iPoad Decal here.

Fonts Used: Arial, Myriad, Futura, Helvetica, Gill Sans, Comics, Rage italic, MaiandraGD, Scala Sans Exp Black, Daxline Pro, Bauhaus, Fago, SF Transrobotics.

C3typo and RDtypo


Boba Font


[Source Geeks are Sexy]

Zombie Week- Creepy Zombie Dolls

Shain Erin make these grotesque Zombie Dolls and she named them too which kind of creeps me out even more.  Well she didn’t name two of them so I decided to fill that responsibility.  She also makes much more unsettling dolls check them out here.  If you love these dolls so much you can buy one for yourself, some are for purchase on Etsy and run from $45-$300.

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Zombie Week- Zombie Picture of the Day (7/30)

Typical zombie can never keep their head straight! lol

Found on Flickr from Midnight-Digital

The Vader Project

I stumbled across “The Vader Project” on Kanye’s blog.  For four years 100 artists were asked to remix a 1:1 scale replica of Darth Vader’s helmet.  There was a final ten-day exhibition in at Hollywood and ending tomorrow July 10th you will be able to big on these ridiculously awesome Vader helmets at Freeman’s Auction in Philadelphia.  But be warned the lowest they start at is $3,000.

For more info you can check out “The Vader Project” website which is extremely underwhelming.  Or check out all 100 at Freeman’s Auction and flickr.

Check out the slideshow below for a few of my favs.

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