Interview with Cosplay Photographer Darrell of BGZ Studios

BGZ Studios- X-Men Dark Phoenix Cosplay

Interview with Sci-fi & Fantasy photographer Darrell of BGZ Studios

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Darrell: My name is Darrell and I currently live in the Atlanta area. I photograph awesome cosplay and costumes from all over the country.. i absolutely love the community and love comics and anime.

How long have you been a photographer?

Darrell: I have been using film since the High School ages (I am 28 now) – I have been photographing professionally for about 7 years – I own numerous contracts with agencies and catalogs.

What made you want to focus on shooting sci-fi and fantasy projects?

Darrell: I have been a nerd my whole life.  Comics and being a gamer used to NOT be the cool thing to do when I was in school.. and now suddenly it is.. shows you my luck..

Any plans for future sf/f projects?

Darrell: I have a couple up my sleeve and on paper for planning. This weekend I will be shooting a Psylocke in a Matrix replica Dojo.. excited about that. I also have some plans for another big x-men shoot :)

If you were on a deserted island what would video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring?

Darrell:  I wouldn’t bring any of that.. I’d bring a camera and lots of memory cards :).. because a deserted island has to have some epic places to photograph!

Where can we find you in the web?

Darrell: I am mostly active on my fanpage – – You can also follow me on twitter @BGZ_Studios

BGZ Studios- X-Men Dark Phoenix Cosplay

BGZ Studios- X-Men Emma Frost

BGZ Studios- X-Men Rogue

BGZ Studios- X-Men Psylocke Cosplay

BGZ Studios- Scarlet Witch Cosplay

BGZ Studios- Catwoman Cosplay

BGZ Studios- Batman and Catwoman

BGZ Studios- Jem the Hologram

BGZ Studios- Final Fantasy X-2 Berserkers

BGZ Studios- Odin Sphere, Griselda Cosplay

BGZ Studios- Mass Effect

BGZ Studios- Mass Effect 3, Tali Cosplay

BGZ Studios- Trinity Blood Cosplay

BGZ Studios- Princess Mononoke

BGZ Studios- Lucy from Elfen Lied

BGZ Studios- Eternal Sailor Moon

BGZ Studios- Eternal Sailor Moon

BGZ Studios- Hentalia, Axis Powers Costume Shoot

BGZ Studios- Hentalia, Axis Powers Costume Shoot