Sunday Funnies- Servile with a Smile

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Sunday Funnies-I Do Not Like Green Pigs and Birds

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Sunday Funnies- Scorpion: Relationship Kounselor

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Sunday Funnies- And now you know…

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Sunday Funnies- Sonic’s Sidekick Auditions

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Sunday Funnies- A Failure of Vision


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Sunday Funnies- Luigi’s Anal Adventure

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Sunday Funnies- Welcome to ChatotRoulette

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Sunday Funnies- 11/21

Unless you’ve been out in the woods hiding from He Who Shall Not Be Named, Deathly Hallows came out Thursday at midnight. Of course this little muggle *points to self* was in line with all her Potter pals an hour and a half early which apparently was “late” by the size of the line.  It was a blast to be in a theater where every single person was there to watch Harry Potter since every theater was playing Harry Potter at 12:01am. I don’t have the time to write a full review for Deathly Hallows Part 1 (because I’m a full-time grad student) BUT I absolutely loved it!  I wasn’t a fan of the last film, but I thoroughly enjoyed DH, it was funny, intense, emotional (yes I cried and I’m sure you did/will too!).  They did a great job keeping me immersed in the film especially since it would have been very easy to get boring with the “hiding out and finding horcruxes” chunk of the book.  I’m not sure what I will do with my life after DH2… but anyways before I fall into severe depression here’s a Sunday Funny brought to you by Dueling Analogs.

I think this is how my brother felt when I was playing Portal and talking with him on Skype.

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Sunday Funnies (10/24)

I’m back everyone from the beautiful Cayman Islands.   Did you miss me?!  Well I sure missed you!  If you were wondering why I didn’t have any posts this week it’s because I was on a little vacation, I twitpiced a few pictures of it.  Well paradise is lost again and it’s back to reality and of course back to my blog!

Enjoy this weeks Sunday Funny, this one I literally LOL’ed. Having the Blue Shell/Spiny Shell in Mario Kart made me feel like God!

Girls this one is for you!

Here’s what Dueling Analogs had to say about this comic,

“I would have referred to them as Spiny Shell Condoms, but that would have given the comic a completely different feel. Literally.

I had this comic finished pretty close to midnight EST, but I wanted to create a mock wrapper for a Blue Shell Condom. Thought it adds a little something more to the experience. Or at the very least a picture of a fake condom wrapper.

Seriously though, the blue shells or spiny shells or whatever kind of shell you want to call them are a mixed bag of tricks. On one side, it’s a cheap way to win and an even cheaper way to lose. It can completely destroy the whole skill aspect of any given race. Then again, it does add a completely random level of uncertainty of how a race will play out even until the very last second. So I guess I have a love hate kind of relationship with the blue spiny shells. Though, it’s still an extremely crappy way to lose.”

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