Doctor Who Takes NYC Part 2- Series 6 Episodes 1 & 2 Spoiler Free Review

I’ve just returned home from the NYC screening for Doctor Who series 6’s first two episodes, The Impossible Astronaut and Day Of The Moon presented by BBC America and my head is still buzzing with excitement! I also haven’t eaten a full meal in about 20 hours so the buzzing might be a little bit of that as well. Writer Steven Moffat made us promise we would keep our reviews spoiler free…*River Song* voice “spoilers” so don’t worry. I planned on doing that anyway and trust me, you’ll thank me later. What happens in the first two episodes of series 6 you want to find out the old-fashioned way, with all of the shock and awe preserved.

I’ll start off by saying what an outrageously incredible few days it has been for me. After two major events it feels even more amazing than normal to be a Doctor Who fan right now. I’ve never done one of those, “waiting long hours in line for something geeky” events before, but for Who it was a pleasure and I’d gladly do it all over again. Especially when so many awesome and enthusiastic fans surround me!


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