Decals for Macbooks Review and Giveaway

My Game of Thrones and Aperture Science decals from Decals for Macbooks

I don’t know about you, but I really love covering my computer in decals and stickers. I’ve been through several since my computer has had more wear and tear than I’d like to share. But I’m really excited for my brand new Game of Thrones decal and Aperture Science (Portal) decals from Decals for Macbooks!

I probably spend more time than necessary deciding on which decals to put on my laptop. Because I have a lot of love for many things, I want to make sure they are all represented. Currently the ones I’m rocking are video game and Doctor Who related (surprise surprise).

But now I’m proud to show my Westerosi pride with a Game of Thrones Stark sigil decal that states the infamous and ominous, “Winter is Coming” line from Decals for Macbooks. And of course I needed the Aperture Science decal… for reasons. I’m sure GLaDOS would approve. Since I’ve had my fair share of really good and really bad decals, I’m happy to say that the application process on these decals was super easy and it only took me one try to apply! Decals for Macbooks has tons of geek themed decals you can stick on your laptop, video game consoles and and other flat surface you fancy.

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  • Answer: Decals aren’t just for computers, they work on any flat surface, tell me in the comments section below where you’d put your decal if you won.
  • Three winners will get a decal of their choice!
  • * Contest ends Monday, Oct. 15th

Kodama Decal Giveaway and 200th Post on Girl Gone Geek Blog!

This is the 200th post on Girl Gone Geek Blog!

If you are wondering why I’m “celebrating” post 200 and not post 100 it’s because I blogged right on by post 100 without noticing, typical me!  I started Girl Gone Geek Blog (GGGB) May 27th of this year.  What began as a hobby to share my little obsessions with the citizens of The Interwebs has turned into so much more than I had imagined!

While searching for awesome geekery to blog about I discovered so many amazing blogs, websites which you should also check out, most of my favorites are on my Blog Roll on the left of the site.  Despite how cliché it sounds, the best part of GGGB was getting the chance to “meet” all of you who read my blog on a regular and send me such positive responses on here. And how could I forget all of my wonderful geeky/gamer/otakus/fangirl/fanboy twitter friends!

Here’s a few of my favorite posts thus far (it may seem like a lot but it’s out of 200!):