Etsy Crush of the Week- Lara Theme

When I browse the Lara Theme Etsy shop it feels like I’m in Kirby’s Dream Land because everything is really cute and really soft and looks really tasty (although you shouldn’t eat it).

I ordered a Totoro, because honestly how could I not, and Lara made me a custom Mega Man that I’ll give to my brother for his birthday. I couldn’t be happier with the way they came out! The quality of the material and craftsmanship is wonderful. I know my way around the hand-made crochet and plushie shops on Etsy and a lot of them are pricy. So I’m glad to say that Lara’s shop is extremely affordable which makes deciding on which item to get easier (get them all!).

My Totoro and custom Mega Man plushie by Lara Theme

Interview with Lara of Lara Theme Etsy Shop:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lara: My name’s Lara. I’m a 23 year old girl from Scotland with a serious coffee addiction. I care for two children: my 5 year old son, and my 27 year old boyfriend. I can usually be found on the sofa with my nose in my Kindle, in front of my sewing machine, or getting excited over something happening in space that nobody cares about but I still ramble on about anyway.

How long have you been crafting and making jewelry?

Lara: Honestly, not very long at all. I think it was roughly 18 months ago that I came across a really cute tutorial on a blog, showing you how to make a felt hair clip. It all started from there!

How did Lara Theme Shop come to be?

Lara: I realised that I couldn’t carry on creating all this stuff and keeping it myself – I don’t have enough room for it all! That, plus a bit of nudging from family and friends, made me decide to start selling on Etsy! 

Which have been some of your favorite pieces to make?

Lara: It changes all the time. At the moment, I’m really enjoying making polymer clay necklaces, especially the octopuses!

What are you a fangirl for?

Lara: The Dragon Age games. It’s ridiculous how much I adore Alistair and Fenris!

If you could live in any Studio Ghibli/Myazaki film for a month, which would it be and why?

Lara: Ponyo! I reckon my little boy would get on well with Sōsuke.

If you were on a deserted island what video game, book, movie and TV show would you bring? 


Video game – definitely Dragon Age Origins.

Book – tough one… would have to be The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Maybe then I’d finally get it finished!

Movie – Sunshine.

TV show – Probably the Big Bang Theory!



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Interview with Crafting Maven Lesley Karpiuk and Geek Soap Contest Winners

Lesley Karpiuk, the creator of Geek Soap and crotched Cthulhu goodies at The Pink Toque, was nice enough to take the time for an interview for Girl Gone Geek Blog. Read it below and find out her inspirations, geekiest thing she’s done, geek soap making process, her favorite video games, what she’d take on a deserted island and more!

Also a big congratulations to the three winners of the Geek Soap contest and thanks for everyone who entered! It was really tough for me and Lesley to decide on winners for each of the soaps there were so many great answers!


Jesus won the Donkey Kong Barrel Soap! Here’s what he’s going to do with it: “If I won the DK barrels, I would use them as a mean for self-defense against guys in red shirts. Finally, after a long day of climbing ladders and rafters, I would retreat to my cave, and use my barrels to lather the stress away.”

V. Nerdy won the Hearthstone soap from World of Warcraft, here’s what they will do with it: “I would use the Hearthstone soap to unwittingly send myself back to Org mid-shower. Hilarity would ensue… including a flash-mob of whispers asking if I want some intimate RP action on the second floor of the Inn.”

Mister Z won the NES cartridge soap, here’s what he will do with it: “If I were to get the video game cartridge I would take it with me to PAX East when it comes back around and get it signed by the team behind Guild Wars 2. (They throw the best open bar/beta parties btw)”

Interview with Lesley Karpiuk:

Age: 31

Hometown: Greenwood, IN, but I’ve lived in Calgary, AB Canada for several years and am now back in Indiana.

How did you get into crafting:

I don’t know when, but I was young. I have been making things my entire life; as far back as I can remember. I must’ve had an active imagination as a child; I would make castles out of cardboard for my toys or draw backdrops for my friends’ Barbie playsets. I’ve always loved making things, and over the years I’ve tried it all at least once.

What made you want to take your crafting to the next level and start selling it?

When I first moved to Canada in 2006, I was unable to work. I had to wait on immigration for nearly a year before I was legal to work, and so I spent most of my days knitting or sewing. (in addition to A LOT of World of Warcraft, lol.) I started a craft blog during that time in 2006 as I was learning how to knit and sew, and I started making things that people were interested in purchasing. I decided that since I couldn’t get a proper job in Canada yet I would try to sell some of my handmade creations online. Etsy was barely a year old and most people didn’t know what it was yet, and I opened a store there. My husband also built me a store website and I began selling my wares online by the fall of 2006.  Continue reading →