AnimeNEXT Con 2013


I attended the AnimeNEXT convention in Somerset, NJ over the weekend with my friends over at Otakus and Geeks and had a blast.

AnimeNEXT 2013 Girl Gone Geek badgeI had never attended this con before, so I had no idea what to expect. What I immediately noticed was there were more people in cosplay than people not wearing any cosplay. The crowd was different from what I had experience before, but not in a bad way! A category specific convention like AnimeNEXT weeded out the casual fans and observers you would see at the larger and more general cons and left only very dedicated anime fans and it was such a lovely experience. Everyone was buzzing with excitement!

Although the floor was small, it had a variety of different booths. Artist Alley was my favorite, which I probably walked around at least 10 times. They had a little bit of everything from art and accessories to crafts and commissions. I got two commissions done, too! The first was a chibi San/Princess Mononoke by the talented Lily Cernak and she gave me the Fionna Adventure Time print for free, sweet!

Anime NEXT 2013 Princess Mononoke commission by Lily CernakAnime NEXT 2013 Lily Cernak Adventure Time Art

The commission below that Eden Benton drew for me is absolutely amazing! I’m completely blown away. The colors and paper used really made this stand out.

Anime NEXT 2013 commission art by Eden Benton

Of course I wanted to buy all of the things, but I clung on to what little self-control I still had. But that doesn’t mean I left empty-handed! I got these adorable Finn and Jake Adventure Time earrings and a Totoro ring from Kelly’s Keychains. I couldn’t resist getting this BMO “Dat Ass” keychain from another booth.

Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Girl Gone Geek goodies

One of my personal highlights was meeting the delightful Melissa of Cool Geek Madness. She follows my blog and remembered that I had a blogiversary! Etsy is my kryptonite, but I really needed some self-control at her booth because it was Etsy IRL! She has the cutest accessories and after much deliberation, I narrowed it down to the three headbands below.

Anime NEXT 2013 Cool Geek Maddness

Now for my favorite part of AnimeNEXT, the cosplay! 

Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay doctor who power rangers Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Fullmetal Alchemist Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Grey Skull Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Journey Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Kingdom Hearts Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Kirby Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay parappa the rappa Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Megaman family Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Luigi Mario Kart Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Lord of the Rings Hobbit Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Ponyo Studio Ghibli Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Sailor Moon Deadpool Marty McFly Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Zelda Twilight Princess
Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Spike Cowboy Bebop Vega Street Fighter Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay The Legend of Korra AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay 9 AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay sailor moon AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay Porco Rosso Studio Ghibli AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay Mario Kart AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay green arrow AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay Spirited Away Studio Ghibli no face Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 2 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 3 AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay Spirited Away Studio Ghibli AnimeNEXT 2013 cosplay xmen rouge gambit Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 5 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 6 thor zelda AnimeNEXT2013 Cosplay 1 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 6 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Adventure Time 1 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay David Bowie Labrynth Goblin King Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 7 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay 8 Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Doctor Who Clara tenth doctor eleventh doctor Anime NEXT 2013 cosplay Adevnture Time Marceline

Anime NEXT 2013 masquerade

Some of my Vines of AnimeNEXT!

Anime NEXT 2013 Girl Gone Geek

I was con’ed out!


NYCC & NYAF- The Walking Dead Panel

The highlight of NYCC, for me, was The Walking Dead Panel by far.  Besides having a soft spot for all things undead, everything I saw and read about The Walking Dead tells me it will be another great television series.  I recently started reading The Walking Dead Compendium One, by Robert Kirkman and I am officially obsessed.  I read it for hours and couldn’t put it down, good thing I have a lot of The Walking Dead material to read since it’s been out since 2003.

The ING Theater was filled to capacity, if I hadn’t went in during the previous panel (which was M. Night Shaylaman) I wouldn’t have gotten in.  The line was ridiculous and I heard people who couldn’t get in showed just how upset they were. At the panel is the comic book creator Robert Kirkman, producer Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, The Terminator) and director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile).  The main cast also showed up, but my battery died, typical.   At the panel we saw an “exclusive clip” from about 6 minutes of when Rick first meets Glenn.  Since mostly everything at NYCC I had seen on TV or online before from a previous con I was excited for something new.

One of my favorite moments at the panel was when the actor who plays Shane came out and the crowd booed him.  He said how happy he was to hear that because at the previous cons they cheered for him and let’s just say the crowd was Team Rick Grimes, as they should be.

I was able to get three of the main cast, Kirkman, Hurd and Darbont to sign my comic of The Walking Dead!!!  :) They were really nice about taking the time to sign comics and take pictures with the fan before they were rushed off to an interview.

Season 1 will have 6 episodes, the pilot will be 90 minutes long and the rest will be an hour.  Hurd made it very clear that the only way season 2 will happen is how well season 1 is received.  So if you are a fan of The Walking Dead series or just really excited for a new great show, watch it and watch it live (as best you can).

You can read more about the show in one of my previous post here and the amazing Zombie Week here.

The Walking Dead airs on October 31st on AMC at 10pm.  It will also air in 120 countries the same week it airs in the US!

Part of The Walking Dead Panel I recorded


NYAF & NYCC 2010: Cosplay/Costume Tuesday


This past weekend was New York Comic Con and Anime Fest and it was every otaku and fanboy/fangirls dress up dream!  Instead of the usual Tattoo Tuesday I’m going to feature some of the many cosplay and costumes I saw at NYCC and NYAF.  A few pictures are from Dorkly and two are from Tall Tale Features.

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NYCC & NYAF 2010: Funimation Panel

I sat in on the FUNimation Panel on Friday Oct. 8th which was pretty much just a bunch of clips and trailers for shows that have already aired but are coming to DVD soon.  So yeah… it wasn’t that big of a deal.  When it comes to anime I am extremely picky so it’s hard for me to see an anime I really like and keep up with it, but I do want to check out Eden of the East and Corpse Bride. Below are some of the shows they discussed and their DVD release dates.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

DVD Season 2- 10/12/10- “Hetalia a webcomic, later adapted as a manga and an anime series, by Hidekaz Himaruya.  The series presents an allegorical interpretation of political and historic events, particularly of the World War II era, in which the various countries are represented by anthropomorphic characters (wiki).”

I also hear some people say it is racists.  I haven’t watched it yet but I hear it’s a matter of opinion.  I haven’t watched this show but I did get the voice actors to sign some Hetalia stuff and I was wearing my TARDIS shirt that day and me and one of the voice actors started gushing about David Tennant and he said he might have to opportunity to work with him and I told him to give David a kiss for me when he sees him! :)

Corpse Princess/Shikabane Hime

It is already released on DVD-  I want to watch this, even though the only reason may be because it has to do with zombies.  I talked about it previously during Zombie Week check it out here.

Eden of the East

DVD 10/19/10- I want to watch this one, it reminds me of Bourne Identity with a twist and a whole lot of yen.

For more information on the FUNimation Panel check out Japanator.

NYCC & NYAF 2010

This past weekend, from October 8-10, was New York Comic Con and Anime Festival. I attended the entire weekend and had a blast.  There was tons cosplay, costumes, great panels, long lines and of course bad smells.  This week I’ll be giving you my recap on the good, bad and the geeky… oh wait that was the entire weekend!

I had a press pass which allowed me in a few hours before everyone else on Friday to check out the con and get some gameplay in before the crowd was let loose which was pretty cool.  The highlight for me was The Walking Dead Panel, this isn’t just because I love zombies, but a majority (if not all) of NYCC seemed to be left overs from San Diego Comic Con and E3.  Basically, most of what was there wasn’t new and exclusive but The Walking Dead creators and cast showed us “exclusive” clips and the panel was great.  I also got the comic signed by a few of them!  Oh and also I saw Stan Effing Lee three times and just about exploded into a million pieces!

This upcoming weeks blogs on NYCC & NYAF 2010:

  • Cosplay and Costumes
  • Panels:
    • Shinigami and Death in Japanese Culture
    • FUNimation
    • Grant Morrison Documentary Panel
    • Hayao Miyazaki Themes and Motifs Panel
    • The Walking Dead
    • R&B Singer Ne-Yo’s Comic
    • M. Night Shyamalan Panel
  • Games/Game play:
    • Kirby’s Epic Yarn
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns
    • Kinect
    • Michael Jackson The Experience Wii
    • Kidz Bop- Wii

If you are wondering how I plan on blogging about all of this while working and going to Grad School, well I’m wondering the same damn thing!

Check out some pics from this weekend, and a few from Big Apple Comic Con last weekend.  (The awesome cosplay/costume pictures and other pics and video from the panels will in their respective posts throughout the week.)

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Enjoy this mashup video I did of the con and a slideshow below.  The music played in the beginning of the video is parody of “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason Darulo by MC Chris now the new and improved “Han Solo” version, which I did a post on earlier today.

*I apologize for the shaky camera and video quality, I am clearly no Spielberg*

The little girl at the end was just too cute, and really good, at the Michael Jackson Experience.