Sunday Funnies- The Doctor meets Link

Made by Pirpintine 

And another one made by Jack (tardis-owl.tumblr) because I love you so much! Continue reading →

Sunday Funnies- The One Puzzle Professor Layton Can’t Solve

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Sunday Funnies- Blame it on Computer

“Happens to me all the time.” *In Flo from Progressive voice*

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Sunday Funnies- Welcome to ChatotRoulette

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Sunday Funnies- Lord of the Nerds

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Sunday Funnies- TRON Meets Farmville

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Five Sci-Fi/Children’s Books Mashups

Dontcha just love mashups?! These are great, I especially love the Doctor Who/Seuss Mashup, it’s perfect! These are made by Caldwell Tanner, he does a lot of stuff for CollegeHumor which you can check out here and his own website I’ve also featured him quite a few times for Sunday Funnies, check them out here.

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Sunday Funnies- Happy Thanksgiving

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Sunday Funnies- Overeaters Anonymous

I’m sure Galactus and Unicron understand Kirbys addiction to overeating.

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Sunday Funnies- Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I was The Joker on the 30th (pictures here) and Luigi on Halloween here and here.  What was everyone for Halloween?

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