15 Item Blogiversary Giveaway!


It’s Girl Gone Geek’s three-year anniversary week and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a massive giveaway! Etsy Crush of the Week is one of my favorite things to blog, so I reached out to some of my favorites artists and crafters to help me celebrate my blogiversary.


Giveaway Rules:

1. Answer the following question in the comments section: What’s your favorite fandom and why?

2. Follow Girl Gone Geek on Facebook, Twitter @girl_gone_geek and Instagram @girl_gone_geek (if applicable)

3. Follow any (or all!) of the Etsy shop’s you are interested in winning (links below).

* Contest ends Friday, June 7th


15 Item Giveaway!

lara themes Daenerys Targaryen Doll

Giveaway Item #1: Daenerys Targaryen Doll

Etsy: Lara Theme

Facebook: Facebook.com/LaraTheme

n3rdwool Yoshi

Giveaway Item #2: Yarn Yoshi Doll

Etsy: N3rd Wool

Facebook: Facebook.com/N3rdWool

comic salvage

Giveaway Item #3: Vintage Comic Book Necklace

Etsy: Comic Salvage

Facebook: Facebook.com/comicsalvage

treno nights Xbox 360

Giveaway Item #4: PS3 Controller Necklace or a Xbox Controller Necklace

Etsy: Treno Nights

Facebook: Facebook.com/TrenoNights

red lotus designz

Giveaway Item # 5: An item of your choice from Red Lotus Designz

Shop: Red Lotus Designz

Facebook: Facebook.com/RedLotusDesignzOfficial

X-Men Retro Inspired Character Minis

Giveaway Item # 6: 3 posters of your choice from The Geekerie

Etsy: The Geekerie

Facebook: Facebook.com/thegeekerie

show pony store Doe Patronus Necklace

Giveaway Item # 7: Harry Potter “Always” Doe Patronus Necklace

Etsy: Show Pony Store

Facebook: Facebook.com/SHOWPONYSTORE

nerd hussy Give away magnets 1

Giveaway Item # 8: Comic Book Magnet and Button Set

Etsy: Nerdy Hussy

Facebook: Facebook.com/NerdyHussy


show pony shop Tolkien cuff

Giveaway Item # 9: Tolkien Quote Cuff

Etsy: Show Pony Store

Facebook: Facebook.com/SHOWPONYSTORE

MyGeekyBoyfriend Ninja Tote1

Giveaway Item #10: Ninja Tote Bag

Shop: My Geeky Boyfriend

Twitter: @MGeekyBoyfriend

nerd hussy Give away earrings 1

Giveaway Item #11: Star Trek Earrings

Etsy: Nerdy Hussy

Facebook: Facebook.com/NerdyHussy

Giveaway Item #12: Geeky Goodie Bag worth $30 from Word to your Unicorn

Etsy: Word to your Unicorn

Facebook: Facebook.com/darlingstewieblog

bethy designs TARDIS Bookmark

Giveaway Item #13: Doctor Who TARDIS Bookmark

Etsy: Bethy Designs

Tumblr: Bethybookmarks.Tumblr.com

harshness stark poster

Giveaway Item #14: A poster of your choice from Harshness

Etsy: Harshness

Facebook: Facebook.com/Harshness

Sugar and Vice sugarskulls_LRG

Giveaway Item #15: Dia De Los Muertos Necklace

Etsy: Sugar & Vice

Facebook: Facebook.com/Sugar-Vice


HUGE thanks all the Etsy shops for helping me sponsor this giveaway! I couldn’t have done this without you (literally)!

It’s Girl Gone Geek’s Three-Year Blogiversary!


I can’t believe my little baby is three years old! When I started my blog back in 2010, I had no idea it would turn into this lovely little blog. I just wanted to write about my favorite geeky obsessions and hoped a couple of people would read it.

As the years went on (wow, I can say years now), I realized that I could use my blog for more than just sharing cool Sandman tattoos or why I love Hayao Miyazki so much. As a black and hispanic female geek blogger, I felt I had a responsibility to bring certain issues to the forefront. So I began discussing important topics such as gender, race, bullying, loss and more as it relates to geek culture.

We share common passions, so why not help and support each other as well? I hope that by opening up about these things and getting personal, it will help others. We’re a community and I want to make sure that we treat each other as such. I’ll also never stop talking about how much I love Doctor Who on Twitter or Facebook. That’s really important as well.

Girl Gone Geek is celebrating three years of existence today because of you. So I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll stop all the feels now before it gets out of hand. But for reals, thanks.