You can contact me using the form below. Please note this blog is no longer active and I am not going to do any reviews, features, etc on here. For more info on what I’m up to, visit Thanks!



  1. i love this blog! good to see girl gamers!
    i love the art section. really great talent there.
    check out my site. i have a drawing you might love – my take on my faves:
    lara croft, jill valentine, rainbow brite, and strawberry shortcake :) <3

    ash lethal


  2. Hi there, I just wanted to say a love your blog. Also, I wanted to ask if you can possibly mention my tumblr to your viewers, considering your blog is much like mine. Although, i feel like yours is 100 times better. I just want to get my name out there to the type of readers you have. I appreciate it if you can.
    Thank you :)


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