Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images & Videos (3/5)


http://goodnightdune.com (read this now!)


The Charlie Sheen Comics Page via Culture Popped

New Geek Site for Women made by Geekosystem The Mary Sue

The 12 Ugliest/Stupidest/Crappiest New Pokémon via Topless Robot

Dorkly’s The Weekly IRL 7 More Pictures of Cosplay Win

Red Skull Images come out for Captain America via Topless Robot


Zelda Cosplay via geekleetist.tumblr.com

Endless Last Supper made by Tom Fowler

Oscar Posters, Reinterpreted via Culture Popped (click link for more posters)

Un-sexy Star Wars Pinups via Fashionably Geek (click link for more posters)

Aliens go to a ball game via lookatthisfrakkinggeekster


Cartoon Network Trailer For New Thundercats via Otakus and Geeks

The Official Song of Bummed-Out Stormtroopers Everywhere via Topless Robots

Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/26)


Harry Potter Death Adventure Tee via Topless Robot

Darth Buddha via Dracorubio


Someone Writes the Entire First Chapter of Harry Potter on a Bathroom Stall via GeekoSystem

Harry And Dobbs: It’s A Magical World via Culture Popped

Keeping Up With The Cardassians via Culture Popped

The Weekly IRL Hittin’ The Streets (8 Pictures total) via Dorkly

Dan Hipp via Geek-Art

Epic The Legend of Zelda Picture via Geek-Art


Doctor Who: Worlds of TimeFree-To-Play MMO Will EXTERMINATE Your Leisure Time via GeekoSystem

Gaming Angels at NY Toy Fair 2011

Smithsonian Wants Your Help For New Video Game Exhibit via GeekoSystem

Worldwide Premiere of High School of the Dead English Dub via Gaming Angels

Japan’s Anti-Anime Law via Gaming Angels

Interview with Uncle Yo via Otakus and Geeks

Firefly returning to cable via Gaming Angels



Game Of Thrones: An Invitation To Westeros (HBO)

Student vs. Homework (Pokemon Battle) via Dorkly

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Amazing Cat Gives Thumbs Up

LOTR Remix-Murmurs Of Middle-Earth

Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/19)


Beauty, Brains and Badassery: The Sexiest Geek Girls Alive via Geeks are Sexy

Guinness World Records and The Little Big Planet via Destructoid

OtakusandGeek.com Top 5 Favorite Batman (the animated series) Episodes

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee via Popular Mechanics

Facebook Adds Civil Union, Domestic Partnership Relationship Statuses via Geekosystem


11 Dating Tips From Videogame Characters [via Dorkly]

Baby Star Wars [via Fashionably Geek]

Dalek and TARDIS cosplay via xnoiseandkisses Tumblr

AT-MOM made by Oscar Blanco (Otas32 on Deviant Art)

Samus Aran Cosplayer via Geeks are Sexy

Cthulhuccino via Geeks are Sexy

Beowulf Socks via Sanguine Gryphon

Hello Kitty Donuts via Cherry Button

Fantasy World Map via Dan Meth


Dead Island Trailer

Mario Kart in Real Life

Pixar’s Builds a Zeotrope

The Today Show in 1994 “Can You Explain What Internet Is?”

Weekly Links- Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/12)


Congressman John Lewis to Write Graphic Novel About Civil Rights Struggle via GeekoSystem

Activision Cancelling Guitar Hero Franchise via Geeks are Sexy

Smartest Machine on Earth to Take on Jeopardy! Grand Champions via Geeks are Sexy

2011 Toy Fair: Walking Dead Figures Coming From McFarlane Toys via Toy News International

Valentine’s Dorklyst: The 8 Dumbest Romances in Videogame History

Throwing a Fandom Themed Party via Pink Raygun

Cancer Resembles Life 1 Billion Years Ago via Slashdot

Follicle Follies, From The Atari Age Until Now via Kotaku

SDCC sold out: 33 million hits in one day via Bleeding Cool

Arrested Development Movie: Now in Script Phase via GeekoSystem


Doctor Who & X-Files Mashup via Geet-art.net’s Facebook Page

Adorable Angry Birds in Real Life via My Modern Met

Sad Keanu Is Perfect Casting For The Sandman via Bleeding Cool comic

Pikachu Kitty via Neatorama (It’s Photoshop don’t worry PETA)

This Book Has Real Hyperlinks Sewn With Thread via Gizmodo

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The Board Game

Egypt Protests Now Conducted by Internet Memes via GeekoSystem

Bilbo and the 13 Dwarves via /Film

Star Trek vs. Doctor Who Art made by Summerset on Deviant Art via Geeks are Sexy

Hipster Gandlaf via Geeks are Sexy

I Chew Chew Chews You Valentine card at Zombieyeti.com! via Geeks are Sexy


L.A. Noir Gameplay via Topless Robot

Awesome Steampunk-Themed Music Video: Eye of The Storm (vimeo)

The Legend of Zelda Saria’s Song on Beer Bottles via Sp0ntanius (check out all his Zelda music videos)

X-Men: First Class – Official Trailer

Dog vs. Dalek via Buzzfeed

Weekly Links- Articles, Images, Videos and More! (1/29)


2011 Razzie Nominations [via The Flick Cast]

‘Axe Cop’ Fan Movie Chops With Deadly Accuracy Video [via Comics Alliance]

Harry Potter Quibbler Headlines [via Topless Robot]

Destructoid discusses Codename: NGP, the PSP successor

New Kirby Game coming to the Wii [via Destructoid]

Gandalf > Dumbledor [via Geeks are Sexy]

A Comprehensive Guide To ‘Daria’ Gifs [via MTV]

Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego Come to Facebook Next Month [via GeekoSystem]


Harry Potter Stardust [via Made with Awesome]

Prancing Cera and Spidey [via Tazar Tumblr]

Doctor Who Cyberman Swimcap [via io9]

Legend of Zelda Chicken Attack Cosplay [via Dorkly]

Geeky Cakes [via Otakus and Geeks]

New (anime-looking) ThunderCats Show coming to Cartoon Network

7 Videogame Characters Made out of Bottle Caps [via Dorkly]

Crocheted Optimus Prime [via Dorkly]

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Art by Alex Pardee [via Android Sith Lord Tumblr]


Little Big Planet in Real Life

Exclusive Ride in Dalek

Star Trek Girl – Music Video

Weekly Links- Articles, Images, Video and More! (1/22)


Banksy’s Identity for Sale on eBay via Geek0System

Nintendo 3DS New York Press Conference (via Otakus and Geeks)

Angry Birds the Animated Series Coming Soon! (via GeekoSystem)

3DS graphics review (via GamesRadar)

Top Five Movie Heroines: The Guys of BabbleOn 5 Weigh In (via Girls Are Geeks)

Man Hospitalized after playing real life Frogger via Geeks Are Sexy

Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in Nolan’s next Batman film via Gaming Angels

Images (and more):

C is for Chewie via Art Break

God Save the Queen (or Princess) via veryarthurdentofme.tumblr.com

Stormtrooper in Detention via Geeks are Sexy

Throne of Games via Meme-Meme Tumblr

Best skin care cream of all time!!! via 9GAG

Geeky Scarves via Geeks are Sexy

Cool Gas Mask Ring via Manillusion

X-Men Family Tree via Topless Robot


Metal Gear Solid Art Guy Yoji Shinkawa Paints Solid Snake Live via GeekoStystem

3 Minutes of Awesomeness via Geeks are Sexy

Starship: Acid Drive via Geeks are Sexy

Weekly Links (1/15)

(Picture above via Rather Childish Tumblr)

Unbelievable Star Wars Cakes via Buzzfeed

The Best Acoustic Version of the Darkwing Duck Theme Song You’ll Hear All Day via Topless Robot

Star Wars Pin-Ups via The Swedish Bed

PACMAN: The Movie Trailer via vimeo

Rumors: Death Note live action to be made by American director Shane Black via Comic Book Resources (image via Topless Robot and more info)

Popular Foods Mapped by State

Pikachu Lips via Neatorama

First Look at Spiderman Reboot via Otkaus and Geeks

Behold Tie-thulu: The most well-dressed of all the Elder Gods via College Humor

A Detailed Look at Chris Evans’ Captain America Uniform via GFB Robot

Doctor Who Retro Posters and Screensavers via BBC

The Scrollwheel

“The Scrollwheel” is a short film about the frustration that one experiences while watching someone who doesn’t understand computers try to surf the Internet. via Guyjcollins YouTube

Weekly Links- (1/1)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This has been a chaotic, beautiful, hilarious and most of all blessed year for me and hopefully the same for you (minus the chaos). I want to thank all the regular readers of my blog, subscribers and every-now-and-theners. I appreciate all your support and look forward to blogging more magnificent geekery in 2011.

It’s been a while since I’ve done Weekly Links since I’ve been on vacation but here’s a roundup of my favorite links this week.

Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time To Die. Article on the death of Geek Culture. [Via Wired]

Muppets with People Eyes Tumblr

A New Years Benediction from Neil Gaiman [Via GeekOSystem]

Doctor Who Nest Egg [Via Geekologie]

Top 10 Lists of Top 10 Lists [Via Girls are Geeks]

Star Trek TNG Crotched Dolls [Via Xanadoodles Etsy]

Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Rumors [Via Topless Robot]

Aliens Payback! Shirt [Via Threadless]

9 Biggest Nerd Disappointments of 2010 [Via Topless Robot]

The Communist Manifesto… Comic Book [Via GeekOSystem]


Happiest Penguin Ever [Via Neatorama]

Weekly Links (12/4)

(Chewbanukah via THE Lukas Kaiser Tumblr)

Robot Chicken “Star Wars 3” coming out Dec. 18th trailer here (via Idle Hands)

PSA: Social Media will destroy your family (via GeekPr0n)

10 Classic Speculative-Fiction Works Reinterpreted As Word Clouds (via Brainwaves)

The Walking Dead Fires Writers (via Comicbook Movies)

Minimalist Doctor Who Posters (via GeekOSystem)

Tracy Morgan talks about his love for Star Wars on Jimmy Falon (via GeekOSystem)

Steampunk Superheros (via ChetArt)

So bad it’s good “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus” (via Geeks are Sexy)

Automatic Sliding Doors Graph (via Geeks are Sexy)