Drowsy Musings on Doctor Who and Space



So I was laying in bed one night thinking about how much I love Doctor Who (stay with me now) and felt compelled to share my drowsy musings.

Answers… Sort of

Doctor Who, as well as most sci-fi, gives us answers to science questions. Albeit a fictional answer, but an answer nonetheless. But if Star Trek taught us anything it’s that science fiction doesn’t always stay fiction. With subjects like parallel universes and time travel, some Doctor Who episodes can be seen as scientific theories with a plot.

Sapphire Waterfalls

Doctor Who exercises our imagination by showing us our possible future. Pretty much anything you imagine can be made into a Doctor Who episode, which we have learned is sometimes for the worse. But it’s in those campy plots and shoddy graphics that my love somehow grows for this show. I just hope I’m around when we discover star whales and a planet with sapphire waterfalls.

We’re His Fave

Shattered gemstone waterfalls and wibbly wobbly time travel aren’t the most important things I takeaway from Doctor Who. The most significant thing for me is surprisingly human.

Traveling around time and space can easily make any human feel insignificant. But the Doctor, a genius who has arguably seen more of the universe than anyone else (except for maybe the Face of Boe), loves Earth and humans… Even when it’s hard for us to love ourselves. Out of all of the fascinating planets and beings, he always come back to Earth. And although one answer may be that it makes filming the show much easier, I like to think that it has to do with how important we are.

The Impossible Girl

I may not have a TARDIS to take me through time and space and make me question my importance in the universe, but I do have the stars. The furthest star is 13.8 billion light years away, a distance I can’t even fathom. But instead of that distance making me feel small and insignificant, it makes me feel like the most important being in the universe. Out of all of that, I exist.

“Say I Love You”: A Realistic Shoujo Anime… Sort of

say i love you cover

Nana broke my heart, in more ways than one. So after I dried my tears, I put on some lipstick, my best dress and went searching for a rebound anime. That’s when I ran into, Say “I Love You” (Suki-tte Ii na yo.).

[HorribleSubs]_Sukitte_Ii_na_yo._-_07_[480p].mkv_snapshot_04.00_[2012.11.20_10.39.10]I’m pretty picky with my shoujo since I typically prefer josei and seinen manga and anime. But of course, I find myself falling for some amazing shounen and shoujo like Bakuman and Ouran High School Host Club. I find a lot of shoujo anime too unrealistic for my tastes. I know, I know, that’s just the nature of the beast. But Say “I Love You” is not your typical shoujo. I found the characters and its depiction of high school life realistic… Well, as realistic as possible when you’re in shoujo land.

On the surface, it seems like the typical teenage romance you’ll find in a manga. Handsome popular boy, Yamato, falls for the wallflower, Mei. Yet, under the surface, there’s a lot more going on in this anime. But don’t fret shoujo-lovers! Say “I Love You” definitely has plenty of sappy moments and enough blushing to remind you what kind of anime you’re watching.

Despite their cliché appearance, the main characters have some depth and interesting qualities. Mei starts off as a socially awkward loner. She is quick to push people away and slow to trust others. But she’s emotionally stronger than she looks. As the anime progresses, she becomes more approachable and opens up her heart to friendship and love. She doesn’t make a complete change, but she’s getting there.say-i-love-you-anime-430x244

Then we have the charming Yamato, however, we discover he isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks. Mistakes he made in his past haunt him and he even makes some mistakes in his relationship with Mei. But he tries, and we love him for that. Although I do admit, I wish Mei didn’t need to fall in love with Yamato reconnect with the world… But it beez like that sometimes.

Because Nana was more mature and intense, I often felt like I was constantly getting my heart broken. Say “I Love You” was different. Oh trust me, it has its fair share of baby heartbreaks, but it also gives you moments that mend your heart.

TV Talk: The Walking Dead Episode 309 ‘The Suicide King’

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not discuss major spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talkin’ about TV.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a TV Talk, but it’s time I shared my thoughts on a platform other than Twitter.

the-walking-dead-3.09-the-suicide-king-explosionAs you probably know, I’m a pretty big fan of The Walking Dead. I read the comics, watch the show, play the game… I literally have the show in my calendar as an event. However, what I don’t do is blind admiration. I adore the show. It stresses me out in a way that may concern others. But I’m not ignorant to its faults. Now I don’t mean to worry you, I actually enjoyed almost all of this episode, but it left me a little nervous, and I’ll tell you why.

If TWD writers learned anything from season 2, it was that fans were not fond of the slow-paced farm life. I valued the melodrama and character development that occurred, but of course it dragged on like a hot and humid southern summer. Season 3 on the other hand has been the complete opposite. It has been intense to the point where I feel like I’m out of breath after watching an episode. It’s exciting again. (Yay!) All of the things I love from the comic are happening… all except one. Rick loosing his mind.

Rick’s mental break is completely understandable. Add up a zombie apocalypse, plus killing your best friend and your cheater wife dying, and you have the perfect ingredients for a mental breakdown. But I don’t want this to happen to Rick. I want him to be strong, and more importantly sane. I didn’t like the “phone thing” in the comic, and it still annoys me on the show. the walking dead the sucide king

I feel like there’s a link missing that doesn’t make the “Crazy Rick story” fit quite right. It feels more like an awkward and forced way to illustrate the stresses of living in a perpetual war zone. Excuse me if this sounds strange, but Rick seeing dead Lori took it too far. Yes, I know I’m talking about a zombie show, but it’s “my” zombie show. I love it dearly, therefore feel I can say when I think it may be headed in the wrong direction. The Crazy Rick storyline, despite how much it makes sense in the scheme of things, I feel can easily jump the shark. I’m not entirely against it, but apprehensive of where it could go.

Enough of crazy old Rick… Now onto some random musing about what happened in this episode. Michonne isn’t going anywhere, let’s be real. So I’m not worried about Rick being determined to throw her out. He’s going to need her when The Gov comes looking for revenge. I’m still really excited to have Tyreese on the show, Rick can’t kick them out. They didn’t bring them in and make us like them for him to kick them out an episode later. So the walking dead the sucide king rick grimesI’m not too worried about that either. Carl continues to be the bad ass that he is. It was a very touching (and sad) moment when he confessed to Carol that all he thinks about is being mean to his mom. There’s no amount of therapy that can fix that kid. Although, much time hasn’t passed in the show, you can already tell Carl’s personality has been dramatically molded by the apocalypse. In my opinion, he’s found a way to deal with it better than anyone else on the show.

Oh and Daryl will come back. He has to come back…

TV Talk Anime Edition: Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi No Apollon)- Moanin’

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes.  TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. I’m writing it with my heart and not my head. Just me, talking about TV. 

I’m head-over-heels for the new anime series, Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon). But honestly, what can I expect from director Shinichirō Watanabe (Samurai Champloo, The Animatrix) and composer Yoko Kanno (Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Wolf’s Rain)? The magical duo responsible for the perfection we know as Cowboy Bebop.

Kids on the Slope’s plot via Wiki:

The beginning of summer, 1966. Because of his father’s job situation, freshman high school student Kaoru Nishimi moves by himself from Yokosuka to Kyushu to live with relatives. Until then, Kaoru was an honor roll student who tended to keep to himself, but meeting notorious bad boy Sentaro Kawabuchi starts to change him. Through his devil-may-care classmate, Kaoru learns the attractions of jazz and finds the first person he can call a “friend.” He also discovers how much fun it is to play music with a pal. Other characters include Sentaro’s kind childhood chum, Ritsuko, who is the daughter of a record shop owner; the mysterious upperclassman, Yurika; and Brother Jun, the much-admired leader among their peers.

Adapted from the manga by Yūki Kodama, Kids on the Slope is a timeless coming-of-age tale where ying, Kaoru Nishimi, and yang, Sentarō Kawabuchi, become friends. But when you add Watanabe’s directing and Kanno’s composing, this typical story turns into something beautiful.
I’m a big fan of jazz, all thanks to my father. When I was younger I never cared for it, because I wasn’t ready for jazz. As I got older I started to feel jazz. If you love jazz you know what I mean. So it comes to no surprise that my favorite scene is when Sentarō and Kaoru begin playing the first few notes of “Moanin’” by Art Blakey with my heart skipping a beat. Jazz means a lot to me because my father introduced it to me. Remember when I said I feel jazz? Well certain songs I feel more than others, and “Moanin’” is one of those.

Kids on the Slope illustrates that there is beauty in the big and the small. For example, you have the obvious brilliance of the animation and music in Sen’s fight scene on the roof with the seniors. Or when Kaoru hears Sen playing the drums for the first time. Then it surprises you with the delicate subtleties such as the reflection of Kaoru’s hands on the grand piano. Or the transparency of the boys’ school uniforms after being in the rain, with Sentarō’s striped shirt and Kaoru’s skin showing through. I barely noticed when Kaoru casually takes of his glasses when he sees Mukae because she thinks Kaoru looks handsome without it. But when I did notice it, I smiled. It’s one of those shows you’ll watch again and again to catch something wonderful you might’ve missed before.

It’s not often that an anime is as visually and aurally impressive as Kids on the Slope. The story is good, but still traditional, but Wanatabe and Kanno make it special. This is truly my new favorite show.


Trailer for Sakamichi No Apollon

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers- Moanin’

TV Talk: The Walking Dead Finale ‘Beside the Dying Fire’

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not, however, discuss spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talking about TV. 

I’m writing this right after the finale ended. I’m still buzzing from Michonne‘s début. So please excuse me while I gush about how much I love her and I’ll probably ramble a bit… or a lot.

I loved Michonne from the moment she walked onto the prison in the comic series. Other than her blatant badassness and extremely cool katana wielding skills, she’s black. Now I’ve read a lot, and watched a lot of things, especially genre things, and black people, well any people of color for that matter, are under represented. So when there’s a black character, scratch that, a black woman who is also amazing, I’m extremely happy. I never realized how much of an impact it would be not seeing people who looked like me represented in the things I loved the most. But book after book, show after show, it became more apparent that there really aren’t that many people of color represented. I’ve come to realize that my brain loves Michonne because she’s an amazing complex character. But my heart loves her because she represents part of me.

Next on my gush list is the prison! Now if you’ve read the comics you know all about the prison and what happens there. The prison arc is my favorite part of the comic series by far and I’m sure the TV version will not let me down. (It better not.) Seeing the prison at the end of the finale, right after I finished screaming about Michonne’s début (yes I literally screamed out lout) was the icing on the cake, or rather the shotgun to the brain.

Now that those things are out my system I can talk about other stuff. This episode was utter chaos, and I mean that in the best way possible. They did a wonderful job really translating the madness of the zombie horde’s attack on the farm. I was tense and sitting at edge of my seat the first half of the show!

Rick’s character has went through a big transformation since the beginning of the series. Tonight was a turning point for him, where he had to let go and truly accept the “new Rick” and what comes along with that. What I love about Rick is how well he illustrates how hard it is to be a leader, especially during a zombie apocalypse. Rick didn’t ask to be the leader of the group, but he is. And living with the consequences of the critical decisions he made and will be forced to make bares down on his heart and it shows. It tears him apart, but I think that will ultimatley help him hold on to his humanity.

Overall I think the first half of the season dragged. If their excuse was character development, then I think it could have been handled differently. The second half was absolutely amazing! Each episode was exciting and engaging and the cinematography just gets better and better. Who knew zombies and a burning barn could be so beautiful? Thanks for reading my ramblings on The Walking Dead. Is it October yet?! Well at least I have Game of Thrones coming up to keep me company.

And just one last time… MICHONNE!  Okay I’m done now.

TV Talk: The Walking Dead Episode 211 ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not, however, discuss spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talking about TV. 

The Walking Dead Episode 211 ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’

This is the Rick I know. These past few episodes TV Rick has really been aligning with the Comic Rick, and I love it. But I do admit, it’s scary to see Rick make these critical decisions and they’ve only had a taste of the horrors that the humans and zombies will bring. I mean, they haven’t even met the governor yet!

Now let’s talk about the moment of the night, Dale’s death. I was completely shocked by his (very gross) death. I think the comics tainted my view of characters longevity in the tv show. Dale’s death wasn’t just the death of his character, it was the death of everything he stood for.

In this episode he’s the only one trying to save Randall’s life. He’s clinging to how life used to be and wants to remain ignorant on how much the world has changed. He was mostly likely going to be the only one to urge the group to hang on to their fleeting humanity in this now inhumane world. I’m interested to see how much that will affect the groups future decisions.

Random reflections:

  • – I sensed a bit of foretelling when Dale told Rick, “You think about your son… The message you’re giving him.” Just sayin’!
  • – And can we all take a moment to reflect on how cute the scene was between Hershel and Glenn.
  • – Was T-Dog even in this episode?
  • – Carl is 10 going on 35. That’s what happens to kids when the world has gone to shit. He ended up indirectly saving Randalls life (at least for this episode) and getting Dale killed.
  • – Also Carl, didn’t your mom ever tell you not to throw rocks at zombies?
  • – I saw someone tweet that Daryl went from the Sawyer of the group to Sayid (from Lost), and I agree.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. They did a fantastic job highlighting the new world these characters are living in and the choices and responsibilities that come with it.

TV Talk: Fringe- The End of All Things

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not, however, discuss spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talking about TV. 

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Fringe- Season 4 Episode 14 “The End of All Things”

Following the “Holy Shit” ending from last week, I expected this dramatically titled episode “The End of All Things” to blow my mind. But it didn’t. I enjoyed it, for the most part, but allow me to explain.

After many years, we finally find out who the observers are. I should be more excited about this than actually I am. But their big reveal was a bit predictable, or dare I say, safe.

The observers are super-evolved humans from a (possible) future timeline. Which I think was the most common and reasonable theory that has been adopted by many Cortexifans since season one. But that was pretty much the only “new” news that September told us. Even Peter gets frustrated and tells him, “Walter already told me this.”

Peter finds out he is a daddy, well, he was a daddy. Baby Henry wasn’t supposed to happen, or at least not with Fauxlivia, and that’s why Peter and Henry had to be erased. But like most people in Fringe, no one stays erased (or dead) forever.

I’m pretty sure Henry will come back. Even though I don’t believe Peter is projecting his thoughts onto Olivia like Walter and Lincoln believe, if we go with that theory then perhaps baby Henry will magically reappear into existence because Peter wants him back. Or maybe the right Olivia will get pregnant?

I felt like this scene would have been the perfect time to tell us how exactly Peter was able to return. Where was he when he “didn’t exist”? What was up with all those flashes of Peter that Walter was seeing in the beginning of the season? Hopefully we’ll find out those answers this season. I felt like the Peter/September mind-meld should have been one of the highlights of the season, but it fell short or to quote a friend, it was “blunted”.

Despite my feelings on the observer reveal. I did enjoy this episode. The pacing was fast, especially forFringe. Of course, in typical Bad Robot style we get one question answered, only to have several more questions emerge. Which Nina is working with Jones? Is it original Nina, Alt-Nina, shape-shifter Nina, or something completely different?

One of my favorite scenes was when Olivia goes all Jean Gray meets Carrie and used her powers to free herself from DRJ and save Peter. I did my best to ignore Olivia’s sorry excuse of a seizure (and by ignore I mean yell at my TV). We get yet another surprise, Jones can’t die, or at least easily. Pretty cool. But why didn’t Liv shoot the portal generator instead of DRJ? She could have either sliced and diced him (again) or trapped him. But then I guess we wouldn’t know that a bullet to his throat is harmless.

I wanted to strangle Peter when he tells Olivia for the umpteenth time, “You are not my Olivia”. And then it “suddenly” begins to rain…