Sunday Funnies: If Characters Acted Like Their Nerdy Fans

if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-batman if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-cthulu if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-dbz if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-doctor-who if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-GoT if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-pokemon if-characters-acted-like-their-nerdy-fans-sonic

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Sunday Funnies: Return to Animal Crossing

I lost my 3DS a few months ago after I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I worry about the well-being of my town everyday.

webcomic return to animal crossing

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Sunday Funnies: The Most Stubborn Pokemon


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Sunday Funnies: Bane of Thrones

Totally me.

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Sunday Funnies: Videogame Companies Are Your Friends


Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-nintendo

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-microsoftVideogame Companies Are Your Friends-sony

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-sega

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends- bethesda Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-activision Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-blizzard Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-EA

Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-valve Videogame Companies Are Your Friends-zynga


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Sunday Funnies- Hawkeye Needs A Ride

I couldn’t help but feature Noelle Stevenson’s comics again. Her teeny Avengers are so darn cute! Check out her Tumblr, The Ginger Haze, for comics that are sure to make you smile and squee.

Adorable Avengers assemble! 

And some other cute stuff just ’cause.


Sunday Funnies- How Games Are Meant To Be Played vs. How You Play Them

My PS3 has turned into a Netflix machine. I’m an ashamed gamer.

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Sunday Funnies- Growth Management

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Sunday Funnies- Every Episode of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead finale is tonight and I can’t wait to see some beautiful gory zombies and sexy head shots! *click click boom*

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Sunday Funnies- The Doctor Who Effect