Introducing Geek Girl Brunch


I’m excited to announce the launch of Geek Girl Brunch! GGB is a meetup group for geek girls who hang out over brunch. I’ve been working on this project for a while with my friends and co-founders, Yissel and Rachel.


Geek Girl Brunch- Game of Thrones Edition

Origin Story 

In a galaxy far far away… some geek girls had brunch. A few actually, and since we had so much fun geeking out and sipping on mimosas we wanted it to become a bigger thing. After a few brunches we tossed around the idea that we wanted to start making Geek Girl Brunch a “bigger thing” and open it up to more geek girls. We didn’t want to keep all of this fun to just our group! 

A talking cat with a crescent moon on her head told Rachel, Yissel and I that we were the chosen founders of Geek Girl Brunch. We’ve watched enough anime to know that talking cats are completely normal and immediately accepted the mission. Geek girl extraordinaire and design magician Leslie did some moon prism power stuff to our blog and made it pretty and we are forever grateful! 


Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 5.27.03 PMWhen you get a group of geek girls who like to shop and cosplay it was inevitable that we’d find excuses to dress up to these events. That’s when the concept of themes was born. So far we’ve had themes of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lolita, Reverse Harem Anime and Game of Thrones. Next month our brunch theme will be ‘Magical Girls’ in celebration of the relaunch of Sailor Moon in July.

For our themed brunches we tend to cosplay or dress up based on the theme, it isn’t required at all, but it’s fun! Whenever possible, we have field trips related to our theme. For our Lolita brunch, we attended the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

On our blog, we dedicate each month to a different GGB theme. This gives us time to learn more about each theme and share our love about it with others. 

We are more than just geek girls drinking mimosas 

GGB is more than just a group of geek girls who eat bacon, drink mimosas and talk about anime boyfriends (although there’s nothing wrong with that). As women that live in the geek subculture online and IRL, we know how it isn’t always welcoming. With Geek Girl Brunch, we want to create an environment where identifying lady geeks can be themselves without fear of sexism, bigotry or ridicule. We hope to provide a safe space to give voice, create friendships and hang out! 

No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Us

The founders of GGB are NYC based, but we have dreams of expanding around the world and to alternate dimensions (when the technology becomes available). We plan to recruit officers in other cities to spread GGB around the globe.

If you’re interested in becoming an officer or have any questions about GGB email us at If you live in the NYC area and want to attend one of our brunches or meetups you can sign up here! Follow us to stay up to date on GGB news and meetups! 

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The very first Geek Girl Brunch

The very first Geek Girl Brunch

GGB judging the Wasabassco Burlesque Costume Contest cosplaying as original characters

GGB judging the Wasabassco Burlesque Costume Contest cosplaying as original characters

Sakura Matsuri @ Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Sakura Matsuri @ Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Lolita Selfie :3

Lolita Selfie :3


Star Wars Brunch

Star Wars Brunch

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch (We are pretty much a J-pop boy band lol)

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch (We are pretty much a J-pop boy band lol)

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

Game of Thrones Brunch

Game of Thrones Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch


Blog Crush: When Geeks Wed


I’ve been crushing on When Geeks Wed since its birth back in January of 2012. The title says it all, When Geeks Wed is what happens when two geeks have a nerdtastic wedding. Cassandra features everything from invitations, fashion, food and more! I can’t lie, her blog makes me want to get married every day just so I can have all sorts of geeky weddings.

Warning: When Geeks Wed will have an addicting Pinterest-like effect on you!


Blog Crush: When Geeks Wed

Why do you blog?

image2Cassandra: Originally it was to brush up on my web design skills for my portfolio but now it’s become a hobby going on two years in January.

Favorite blog-related moment?

C: When a friend of a friend told me I had to check out this awesome site she found online and it was mine!

What do you obsess about?

C: The card game Munchkin. Throwing down the “Duck Of Doom” or “Wandering Monster” card on someone who’s about to win is pure gold (unless I’m on the receiving end then it cuts me deep). ThePacific Rim soundtrack which I listen to on repeat at work. Also, Call of Duty zombies which I don’t know why they don’t make as a stand alone game like Red Dead Redemption.

Who’s your favorite fictional couple? 

C: The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (Dr. Mrs. The Monarch) some of my favorite characters in The Venture Brothers (plus they get +10 for having matching outfits).

What video game, comic/book, show and movie would you want to have if you were on a deserted island?

C: Movie: The Harry Potter series so in my delusional state from hunger and heat exhaustion I can vividly imagine myself flying off this deserted island on a broomstick. Also Star Wars because it’s Star Wars.

TV Show: Adventure Time, every time I watch one episode I end up watching at least three.

Comic/Manga:  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

Book:  Kickin’ Bot: An Illustrated Guide to Building Combat Robots (with accompanying parts) perfect for killing time and evil robotic island monkeys. My bot also makes Mai Tais because I can’t be on an island and not have a Mai Tai in my hand.

Video Game:  Puzzle Quest

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Blog Crush: Leslie IRL

girls-gone-geekI’m obsessed with Leslie! Is that weird? Idc idc! I can’t remember when we first “virtually” met, but I’ll assume it was on Twitter because that’s where I live. She had a geeky blog, I had a geeky blog and next thing you know were internet besties.
Even though Leslie is such a lovely person, I have a sneaking suspicion that she has several gangers locked in her basement. That’s the only possible way she can work on all her projects! Seriously, folks.
I’ll make a list just to emphasize her awesomeness:


Blog Crush: Leslie IRL

Why do you blog? 
I love the geek and blogger community! In some regards, I blog to try to inspire people to be their best self. I love to give people ideas, advice, food for thought, contraverial things to comment on, and motivation to do cool things. I feel like by creating diverse and fun communities like the Geek Girl Pen Pals as well as blogging about my life, my art, and my raison d’etre, I might inspire, enable and empower others to go out there and create awesome. I want to be close to a community that isn’t exactly in my backyard, so I try to make myself a real presence online. I love connecting with people across the globe, including geeky celebrities, and to me, the best way to do that is to blog and maintain an online lifestyle.

Favorite blog-related moment? peach-cropped

Seeing a blog post like Geek Girl Advice: Things I wish I could tell my geeky 13-year old self hit 3,000 views in 1 day really tickled my pickle. And the best part was, I gave all those contributors a little bit of the spotlight and a place to voice their own wisdom. That made me really happy and fuzzy on the inside!

What do you obsessed about? 

Does wine count? Haha! I am obsessed with…. Harry Potter, Pewdiepie, Captain America, Instagramming, LARPing and cosplaying, and blogging! I am always plotting new blog ideas, writing, scouting other blogs for inspiration, and trying to connect with others with my blog and social media. I am such a typical millennial!

If Kirby were to eat you, what power would he get? 

I think he (she?) would get the ability to hug people and turn them into kittens.

What video game, comic/book, show and movie would you want to have if you were on a deserted island? 

Probably Animal Crossing, an Archie comic (hopefully at least a double digest), the Bible, Pretty Little Liars (help me, I am addicted to this show), and Moon so I can feel like I am slowly going crazy and try to build a robot friend to talk to me.

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Blog Crush: Super Space Chick


I met Kristin where most people meet nowadays, on Twitter. Both of us being geek girl bloggers, we had A LOT in common. Then I followed her on Instagram and fell in love with her geek chic wardrobe and most of my comments would consist of lots of exclamation marks and that emoji with the hearts for eyes.

Then one fine day at New York Comic Con, the planets were aligned and Jupiter was in retrograde (whatever that means) and we finally met IRL. Somewhere, at that very moment, a little geek girl bought her first comic book. We’ve been friends ever since and have been on geek girl brunches filled with fancy eggs, fancy mimosas and tipsy visits to Toy Tokyo and Forbidden Planet. She’s a sweetheart through and through and I’m glad to have met her. Oh, did I mention Kristin is practically famous? She’s one of the cast members of Syfy’s new show Fangasm! Even though I can see her face on television on Tuesday’s at 10pm, she hasn’t changed a bit!

Blog Crush: Super Space Chick

kristinsuperspacechickWhy do you blog? 

Where to start? There are so many reasons I love blogging!  I blog mainly because I am extremely passionate about my interests and I’ve always loved writing.  It’s so easy for things to get lost when you post on Twitter or tumblr, whereas a blog is an easy way to catalog your thoughts and obsessions.  I love that blogging, especially when reviewing comics, really forces you to think more critically about the story you just read.  I find that it enhances my reading experience and makes me enjoy the story even more.  Plus, it’s fun to share exciting things with everyone else on the internet and connect with other people who have similar interests.  There’s a really amazing, positive, and supportive community of bloggers online and I’ve made such great friends with some of them as a result of blogging!

Favorite blog-related moment? 

I have a few!  One of favorite blog related moments was when 801 Red redesigned my SuperSpaceChick site and made it as amazing as it is today.  I love everything about his design and every time I post something I feel so happy.  Another set of favorite moments are when authors I love retweet things I’ve written about their comics.  One of my favorite writers of all time, Jeff Lemire, has retweeted me in the past and I always have major fangirl moments whenever that happens.  I also love the process of blogging in general.  There are days where my plan is to drink a hot cup of tea, sit at my laptop and write for hours.  Those are some of my best days.

What do you obsessed about? 

I obsess over a ton of things.  Most of the time I’m obsessing over comics, books, art, or toys, but sometimes I’ll also obsess over movies, tv shows, other blogs, makeup and cupcakes.  Oh and fashion! I absolutely love incorporating geeky elements into my wardrobe and making them into fashionable outfits.  I’ve always been on the more daring side of the fashion spectrum and I’m not afraid to wear loud items of clothing that clearly scream I LOVE THIS (insert comic/movie/book here).

If you were a super villain, what would be your super power? ScreenShot2013-03-20at110457AM_zps84c9b31a

OoOoh I’m so into his question! Everyone always ask about superhero powers, but never super villains, who really are some of the most fascinating characters we read about.  If I were a villain, I would want to be like  Poison Ivy, and have her powers.  I love how she has the ability to control people and plants.  And she’s a hardcore environmentalist.  I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 5 years now, and like Ivy, I’m also very concerned with preserving our environment and all the goings on in the farming industry.  And it’s awesome that despite being a villain, Ivy is able to maintain a best friendship with Harley Quinn.  Their shared villain escapades seem like a lot of fun!

jamilakristinggbnyccWhat video game, comic/book, show and movie would you want to have if you were on a deserted island? 

Video Game – Super Mario Brothers (for regular Nintendo)

Comic – The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman

Book – The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Movie – Empire Strikes Back





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