Blogger Must-Have: iWerkz (Super Cute) Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Giveaway

iwerkz-folding-universal-bluetooth-keyboard-girl gone geek blog2

iwerkz-folding-universal-bluetooth-keyboard-girl gone geek blogWell, let me clarify, iWerkz Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard isn’t just for bloggers. Pretty much anyone who finds themselves lugging around their computer to work/write/blog/etc. would enjoy the iwerkz keyboard.

I always find myself away from my computer whenever I’m hit with a great bloggable idea. I attempt to start typing it out on my phone or ipad but give up after having to change all of the autocorrected words.

I actually have a different portable bluetooth keyboard from a brand that shall not be named. And it did it’s job just fine, however, it was kind of clunky and took up a lot of space in my purse (which is always occupied by the current week’s comic haul). And it was most definitely not pink!

You can get yours on HSN!

iwerkz-folding-universal-bluetooth-keyboard-girl gone geek blog iphone iwerkz-folding-universal-bluetooth-keyboard-girl gone geek blog ipad mini


Enter to win an iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard!


Win a LED Lighted iPhone Case from OMG Cases

OMG Case – Interactive color-changing LED lighted case.

Although I only have one phone, I collect cases as if they are Pokémon. But I never had one that turns into a Christmas tree! OMG Cases light up using LED tech (aka magic). So now, not only will my phone sound like the TARDIS landing when someone calls me, but it will light up like a disco ball!

OMG Cases come in 20 designs so you’re bound to find one that you like. I happen to like the zombie one (of course). This will definitely come in handy when I’m at a party and having trouble as usual finding my phone in my black hole of a purse.



One person will win an OMG Case of their choosing.

Tattoo Tuesday Featurette- Nicole’s Circuit Heart

269781_826772723944_2795397_nGGGB: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Nicole: I’m an automation engineer, derby girl, gamer, and blogger.

Let’s hear all about your geeky tattoo!

Nicole: I have a circuit board heart tattoo. I’ve been in love with technology since I was about 5 and got a toy laptop for Christmas. This love shaped my childhood and eventually became my career. I wanted a way to show my love for something that has given me so much.

Any plans for future tattoos?

Nicole: I’d like to get “Bad Wolf” in Circular Gallifreyan, a Zelda style life meter, and the number 42 with a galaxy in it.

What’s your current tech obsession?

Nicole: All things mobile.


What piece of science fiction technology can you not wait to be invented?

Nicole: I still really want a hover board.

If you were on a deserted island what game, book and TV show would you bring?

Nicole: Game: BioShock
Book: Daemon
TV Show: Doctor Who

Where can we find you on the internet?

Nicole: You can find me at

Nicole's Circuit Heart Tattoo

Nicole’s Circuit Heart Tattoo by Paul at Metamorphosis in Indianapolis

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Review & Contest: UbiRock Portable Vibration Speaker

I haven’t done a tech review before but I had to do one on the UbiRock. It’s just too freaking cool! The UbiRock is a portal vibration speaker. It’s small and therefore super portable. Basically you put the small UbiRock speaker on any flat surface and it turns that surface into a speaker. I don’t know how it works, magic probably.

It’s extremely easy to use. Just plug it into your Mp3 or laptop (or anything with a standard audio 3.5mm or USB plug) and press play! It’s rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about outlets or batteries. I also had entirely too much fun experimenting with different surfaces to see what sounds they create.

Girl Gone Geek Blog readers get $10 off UbiRock! Use the code: “GirlGoneGeek” (good until April 2nd)

Playing with my UbiRock:

UbiRock on the web: 



  • – Head over to UbiRock’s Facebook Page:
  • – Like their page and write on their wall what fictional surface you’d like to play your UbiRock on.
  •      – Example: “I’d test out my UbiRock speaker on the wall of the TARDIS!”
  • – The first 10 people who write on their wall get a code for $10 off!
  • – And you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a UbiRock speaker.
  • – Contest ends: Monday March 26th Good luck!

I’m all Sw’geeky Clean Again!

So like many other wordpress users my blog was recently hacked by this terrible terrible timthumbs.php. After I dyed the white Rouge-like streak that developed in my hair from my stress, and I tried my very best to fix it by diving headfirst in forums and getting to the bottom of it. So I followed all the steps I found and was pretty sure I cleaned up my precious. But not sure enough (don’t judge I never said I was a tech geek!)… 

Just in case I didn’t get all the baddies out my site I was willing to go to the extremes to not only clean up my site but hopefully not lose my beloved newb and vet readers. I was well on my way to completely deleting my blog and wordpress and uploading it all over again bit-by-bit which almost gave me an aneurism just thinking about it and how I would probably screw it up. But instead I signed up with Sucuri Security and they will keep my site geeky clean and annihilate all the baddies (this is not an ad for them, they and a friend just saved the day and my mind and deserve a shout out). Also Tony Zeoli of has been beyond helpful!

I adore my readers and fans from the bottom of my 8-bit heart and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frightening thoughts or this may have caused anyone.

If in the very unfortunate event you get a warning from my site, please contact me asap at girlgonegeekblog[at] thanks!


How to create the Mona Lisa using Microsoft Paint

This video makes you think twice about Microsoft Paint as the butt of a joke.  The video isn’t new but it’s still impressive!

[via Buzzfeed and made by Eclectic Asylum Art]

Tattoo Tuesday- Steampunk

Steampunkers enjoy!

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