Introducing Geek Girl Brunch


I’m excited to announce the launch of Geek Girl Brunch! GGB is a meetup group for geek girls who hang out over brunch. I’ve been working on this project for a while with my friends and co-founders, Yissel and Rachel.


Geek Girl Brunch- Game of Thrones Edition

Origin Story 

In a galaxy far far away… some geek girls had brunch. A few actually, and since we had so much fun geeking out and sipping on mimosas we wanted it to become a bigger thing. After a few brunches we tossed around the idea that we wanted to start making Geek Girl Brunch a “bigger thing” and open it up to more geek girls. We didn’t want to keep all of this fun to just our group! 

A talking cat with a crescent moon on her head told Rachel, Yissel and I that we were the chosen founders of Geek Girl Brunch. We’ve watched enough anime to know that talking cats are completely normal and immediately accepted the mission. Geek girl extraordinaire and design magician Leslie did some moon prism power stuff to our blog and made it pretty and we are forever grateful! 


Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 5.27.03 PMWhen you get a group of geek girls who like to shop and cosplay it was inevitable that we’d find excuses to dress up to these events. That’s when the concept of themes was born. So far we’ve had themes of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lolita, Reverse Harem Anime and Game of Thrones. Next month our brunch theme will be ‘Magical Girls’ in celebration of the relaunch of Sailor Moon in July.

For our themed brunches we tend to cosplay or dress up based on the theme, it isn’t required at all, but it’s fun! Whenever possible, we have field trips related to our theme. For our Lolita brunch, we attended the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

On our blog, we dedicate each month to a different GGB theme. This gives us time to learn more about each theme and share our love about it with others. 

We are more than just geek girls drinking mimosas 

GGB is more than just a group of geek girls who eat bacon, drink mimosas and talk about anime boyfriends (although there’s nothing wrong with that). As women that live in the geek subculture online and IRL, we know how it isn’t always welcoming. With Geek Girl Brunch, we want to create an environment where identifying lady geeks can be themselves without fear of sexism, bigotry or ridicule. We hope to provide a safe space to give voice, create friendships and hang out! 

No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Us

The founders of GGB are NYC based, but we have dreams of expanding around the world and to alternate dimensions (when the technology becomes available). We plan to recruit officers in other cities to spread GGB around the globe.

If you’re interested in becoming an officer or have any questions about GGB email us at If you live in the NYC area and want to attend one of our brunches or meetups you can sign up here! Follow us to stay up to date on GGB news and meetups! 

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The very first Geek Girl Brunch

The very first Geek Girl Brunch

GGB judging the Wasabassco Burlesque Costume Contest cosplaying as original characters

GGB judging the Wasabassco Burlesque Costume Contest cosplaying as original characters

Sakura Matsuri @ Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Sakura Matsuri @ Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Lolita Selfie :3

Lolita Selfie :3


Star Wars Brunch

Star Wars Brunch

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch (We are pretty much a J-pop boy band lol)

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch (We are pretty much a J-pop boy band lol)

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch

Reverse Harem Anime Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

Game of Thrones Brunch

Game of Thrones Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch


My Cosplay Bucket List

As you may remember from my post “Confessions of a First Time Cosplayer” I really like cosplaying. Who doesn’t?! But I have to admit, even after my numerous Doctor Who cosplays and my pretty killer femme Spike Spiegel, I still feel like a newb since I didn’t actually make anything from scratch myself. The designs and concepts were my own, but the crafting was not. But after some drinks with Cosplay Queen Darth Rachel and a little pep talk from her, I feel less newby.

I let my lack of craftiness limit me, but I will not let it hold me back any longer! I will try my damndest to create most of these clothes and items by hand. I will probably fail many times, but that’s part of the fun… right?

Either way, here’s my cosplay queue, the characters I want to cosplay badly because they are my faves and they look super freaking cool. Shout out to the homie Leslie IRL for the blog post idea!


Space Dandy 


Space Dandy is ridiculous anime and I love it so much. I’ll genderbend this up with a ’50s style dress or skirt and top to match Dandy’s Greaser look. But this cosplay is actually happening irl at NYCC this year! I have the jacket already, I just need to make shoes. >_<


Delirium from Sandman

delirium sandman

Sandman is one of my favorite comic book series of all time. Delirium was definitely one of my favorite of the Endless. I was always excited when she would pop up in the comic. Making the wig for her cosplay will be fun!


Gwendolyn from Saga

saga8f gwendolyn

I freaked out when I first saw Gwendolyn. Being a black girl who reads comics, I don’t see lots of characters that look like me, so when BVK created bomb-ass Gwendolyn I was beside myself. Just look at her looking all magnificent!


Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell 


The Major is one of my favorite characters ever! She’s a shining example of a strong female character. The Ghost in the Shell series is one of my all time faves as well. I even wrote a 20 page paper in grad school about GITS and post-humanism (see: Cyborgs Exist and Humanity is Doomed for a shorter version). There are so many looks I could go with; but I already know I’m not going to do the one where she doesn’t wear pants.


Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan


Spider is one of my favorite comic book characters. He’s such a lovable bastard! I’m doing a genderbent Spider. I really like genderbending.


Leatherface Joker

batman-13-interior-joker leatherface

I want to cosplay Leatherface Joker so badly. He’s so gorgeously gruesome! I’ll probably genderbend this one too because I just like to do that and it’s fun. I have no idea how I will even do the mask but if there’s a will, there’ s a way!


Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

lumpy space princess

Oh my glob! How can you not love LSP?! With this cosplay I’ll probably go the non-lumpy route and wear a over-the-top dress instead, with a big purple wig and of course, the star.


Berg Katze from Gatchaman Crowds


So I actually haven’t finished this anime yet… whoops. BUT I immediately fell in love with Berg Katze and his character design. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT HAIR! He’s fun villain and reminds me of the Joker because you don’t really hate him as much as you probably should.

Girl Gone Geek’s Best of 2013


Let’s just dive right in, shall we?


Game of the Year- Pokemon XY

I’m 2 badges away from beating the game because I keep getting distracted by Pokemon-Amie (but like, how can you not?!).


Comic Book Series of the Year- Saga

What praise is left to say about Saga that hasn’t already been said? Saga is damn near perfect.

Runner up: Nowhere Men


Comic Book Issue of the Year- Batman #17, Death of the Family Conclusion

The entire Death of the Family arc had me stressed. I was so concerned about Alfred’s wellbeing that I would think about him throughout the day and hope he was okay. Scott Snyder sure can come up with some twisted shit, but I love it!

Runner up: East of West #3


Comeback of the Year- Sandman Overture          

I really just made this category to gush about Neil Gaiman. Sandman is one of my favorite comic book series of all time, so when I heard that he was making a prequel I practically had to call out of work because of the feels. Then! Then! They said that the J.H. Williams III was going to be the artist and I just about fell out of my seat. JH3 deserves an award alone for his imaginative panels in the first issue.


Author of the Year- Matt Fraction

This guy! Hawkeye is pure brilliance and I was practically buzzing when I read the debut of Sex Criminals. It’s smart, funny, provocative and included a Lolita reference. What’s not to love?!

Runner up: Scott Snyder



Artist of the Year- Fiona Staples

The characters in the Saga universe are pretty diverse to put it mildly, so it takes someone pretty amazing to make them all blend together. Fiona Staples does just that in a breathtaking way… Even that giant ogre with the dirty private parts.

Runner up: Nate Bellegarde


Colorist of the Year- Jordie Bellaire

I am a super fan of Jordie Bellaire. From the clean lines of Nowhere Men to the expressive and painterly art of Pretty Deadly and American Vampire Anthology, Bellaire is a master of color.

Runner up: Fco Plascencia


Show of the Year- Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was flawless. I have never been this fully satisfied with a show since The Wire. Every episode, scene and line was carefully calculated and is easily one of the best shows. Ever.


Film of the Year- Gravity

I don’t know what scared me more, The Conjuring or Gravity. It was intense, beautiful and emotional.


Episode of the Year- Game of Thrones, The Red Wedding



Anime Series of the Year- Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

I saw someone on tumblr describe Attack on Titan as the anime that uses blood like most anime use cherry blossoms. Its first season was fully equipped with enough “holy shit” moments to probably last you the whole series. It’s a lot of fun.

Runner up: Another


Anime Film of the Year- Wolf Children

I may, or may not have cried.


Fandom of the Year- Welcome to Night Vale

Brilliant, eerie and funny! It’s basically Lovecraft without the stick up his ass.


TV Special of the Year- Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor

Clearly, I just added this category so I could add Doctor Who to my list. The 50th anniversary episode was everything I needed it to be.

Straight Outta Gotham: Geek Culture + Hip Hop Culture


There’s a unique bond that hip hop culture and geek culture share. If you’re a fan of both, you may have noticed their similar themes like alter egos, counter-culture and escapism. I’m one of the many that exist in that Venn diagram overlap where geek meets rap. A few weeks ago, I finally decided to mashup my love for these two sub-cultures with the tumblr, Straight Outta Gotham, where I feature rap lyrics that make geek references. The title of my blog came from N.W.A’s infamous Straight Outta Compton album. The G’ed up Batman mascot is made by the talented Steve Seeley.

SoG‘s origin story began when I had one of those Oprah “ah ha” moments while listening to “Knuck if you Buck” by Crime Mob. “Knuck if you Buck” is one of my favorite southern rap songs. There’s just something about it that always gives me life. So one day, I was cleaning my room, rappin’ and dancin’ along to the song and then M.I.G.’s verse came on, “Jumpin’ off from on the stage/ throwin’ bows like Johnny Cage”. In that moment, Straight Outta Gotham was born. Now, I’ve heard this song countless times and that Mortal Kombat line always made the gamer in me smile. I knew I wasn’t the only one who loved hearing geeky references in rap songs so I stopped cleaning up (because I didn’t feel like it anyway) and started brainstorming how I could make it a thing. A few hours later, it was an official thing with “Knuck if you Buck” being my first post.

SoG includes everything and anything that falls within the geek realm. I knew rap had geek references, but I didn’t realize just how much. There are a few rappers that I can always count on to show their fanboyness in a song. Pretty much all of Odd Future are geeks, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Lupe Fiasco is practically an otaku if his newest project “Testuo & Youth” wasn’t a big enough clue. Eminem used to collect comics when he was younger and Childish Gambino is the epitome of a blerd. Wu-Tang Clan is practically a given and the rapper Danny Brown seems to like a little bit of everything. Then of course there are random rappers here and there that have a little geek in them… But let’s be honest, don’t we all?

It’s so much fun finding geeky references for Straight Outta Gotham. I also take submissions, so if you heard something nerdy, send it my way!

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10 Tips For Surviving New York Comic Con


I’ve been going to New York Comic Con (NYCC) for a couple of years now and I’ve discovered some tips that’ll help you make the most of your wonderfully geeky weekend. If you’re going to NYCC and wanna say hi IRL, hit me up on Twitter or email me at jamila[at]! nyccc-mobile-promo

1. NYCC App

The NYCC App has everything you need to know about the con including panels, guests, rules, exhibitors, map and a bunch more. My favorite feature is that you can add panels to your schedule and they’ll remind you when it’s coming up.


2. Comphy Shoes & Clothes (Cosplay Willing)

If you plan to be there all 3 or 4 days you will be exhausted. The convention space is huge and you’ll be on your feet for a good portion of that time. Do your feet a favor and wear comfortable shoes. Of course, if your cosplay requires heels pack some emergency flats!


3. Nomz

If you’re like me, you plan to go to as many panels as time and space permit. Which means you’ll be waiting in line and camping out in rooms for hours. Don’t lose your spot in line, or that front row seat to a panel because you were hungry or thirsty. Pack some food and drinks! Drink extra OJ and take your vitamins that weekend, you don’t want to suffer from con-flu on Monday!


4. Chargers

Even if you have great battery life, bring your charger. You’ll be taking more photos and on your social media pages much more because it’s NYCC. There are some charging stations and random sockets around the convention center. If you have a portable charger bring that fo sho!


5. Camera(s)

As I mentioned above, the chances of your phone dying are higher than you seeing a Homestuck cosplayer. I know real cameras are becoming pretty rare, but if you have one bring it! The quality of your photos will be better and it’ll still be around when your phone isn’t. Worst case scenario is using your iPad. I know it’s pretty embarrassing and you look like a tourist, but I’m sure you can suffer 5 seconds of side eyes if it means taking a picture of an amazing cosplayer.


6. Sharpie

Yup, that’s it. A sharpie. Don’t be the one who runs into Stan Lee at the con with no Sharpie at hand for an autograph.



Bring your own comics. This goes hand-in-hand with the sharpie tip. Go through the list of guests and artists that will be at NYCC and bring some of their comics with you. I’ve been lucky enough to have Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, Brian K. Vaughan, Sean Murphy, Greg Capullo, Robert Kirkman (to name a few) sign my comics!

Pro tip: At the end of the panels, rush (in an orderly fashion) to the front of the stage. Most panelist stay and sign stuff and take pictures before they leave. No pushing!


8. Read/Watch/Play

If you plan to go to panels, you’ll be in a line. A lot. And you’ll be camping out in rooms (IGN theater, I’m looking at you kid). Although the con is my favorite place to people watch and make new friends, I suggesting bringing a book, comic, 3DS, PSP and/or an iPad to entertain you while you wait to be entertained some more. Plus, think of all the Street Passes you’ll get on your 3DS!


9. Buy (Almost) Everything Sunday

If you’ll be there for the whole weekend, wait until Sunday to buy most of your goodies. By then, you would have gotten to see the whole floor multiple times and compare prices on all the swag you want. Also, Sunday is shorter so you won’t have to carry your loot for that long. There are less attendees as well so you’ll have the space to get a good look at everything and shift through comics without bumping into a fellow con-goer or getting accidentally hit in the face by their cosplay. Doh!

adventure time homies help homies

10. Don’t Be a Jerk

Seriously, dude. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t cut in line. Be respectful of cosplayers. Revealing cosplay isn’t an invitation to be a creeper. No one likes a creeper. Help make NYCC a happy place.

Villain Vacation: My Island Hopping Summer

I’m a military brat, so I moved around. A lot. I was lucky enough to call the beautiful Hawaii my home twice. This summer, I went on vacations with my family and got to visit Hawaii again (and Puerto Rico). I hadn’t been there since the Spice Girls era and when Sailor Moon was on TV! The nostalgia was overwhelming and it was just as beautiful as I remembered.

Of course, In true Girl Gone Geek fashion, I brought along my crocheted Joker, made by Leesasaur, along for a #VillainVacation. He didn’t get in too much trouble, I think…

286520bcfdfe11e28b4622000a9e2975_7 girl gone geek joker villain vacation 1 hawaii girl gone geek joker villain vacation hawaii 2 girl gone geek joker villain vacation hawaii 3 girl gone geek joker villain vacation hawaii 4 girl gone geek joker villain vacation hawaii 5 girl gone geek joker villain vacation hawaii 6


More pictures from the Hawaiian islands O’ahu and Kaua’i




View from my hotel! The beautiful Waikiki Beach.




Me and my brother @rabble_rowserIMG_3429

On the North ShoreIMG_3609

Making lei’s at a luau IMG_3537

Rainbows all over the place!IMG_3514

Reading Shade the Changing Man on Waikiki BeachIMG_3482

We went dolphin watching, so much fun!IMG_3449

On the boat, dolphin watching.IMG_3698

Found Star Wars street art in Kaua’iIMG_3696


In Kaua’i at Waimea CanyonIMG_3679

Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the PacificIMG_3671


At a luauIMG_3655 IMG_3647 IMG_3638 IMG_3627


A candid, probably asking my brother is my lei is on straight

Still not ready for the photo


I remember playing in this tree when I was little!
IMG_3241 IMG_4109

Me and my dad, he’s probably talkin’ mess by the look on my faceIMG_4108

Now that’s better. :)IMG_3743

Liquor lei = best lei ever IMG_3249 IMG_3416

Matsumoto’s Shave Ice is the best on all the islandsIMG_3387

Did some pearl picking and this one had twins!

Another pink pearl I picked and made into a necklace


Dole Pineapple Plantation


The only reason we came to Dole was to get the amazing pineapple soft serve ice cream


Fresh mango with li hing mui powder. Dried salty plum power really popular in Hawaii.

Spotted a turtle in the water!IMG_3337

Diamond Head in the background

Obligatory beach selfie

Shaved Ice!IMG_3284

Hang Loose

 Oh, and I went to Puerto Rico, too!


Spotted Finn in the seat in front of me!


My in-flight reading material IMG_3945_2

Ferngully aka El Yunque RainforestIMG_3934

Hibiscus flower in El Yunque Rainforest

One of the many waterfalls at El Yunque RainforestIMG_3904_2 IMG_3902_2 IMG_3897_2

El Yunque Rainforest IMG_3885_2

El Yunque Rainforest IMG_3879 IMG_3876

El Morro in Old San Juan
IMG_3975 IMG_3970 IMG_3967 IMG_3962 IMG_3961 IMG_3960 IMG_3947

IMG_4021 IMG_4019

Me and my bro at El MorroIMG_3986

Cool squid graffiti in El Morro

Someone came to Old San Juan who loves Harry PotterIMG_4098 IMG_4090

Friendly reminder to watch Breaking Bad at an Old San Juan barIMG_4086 IMG_4084

Spotted more Star Wars street art! IMG_4079

Nerdy CarIMG_4078 IMG_4077 IMG_4063

Ready Player 1- On la playaIMG_4043 IMG_4033 IMG_4032

Puerto Rico had cool street artIMG_4023


AMA Vol. 1: Attack on Titan, Rocky Horror, Doctor Who & More!


I decided to start an Ask me Anything series on my blog. The first round was a lot of fun! Feel free to AMA for Vol. 2 in the comments section, Twitter or email!



@AboundlessworldWhat inspires you?

Me: Questions that can never be answered, fantastic stories, art, theories about the future, jazz, interesting people and the universe.


@demonweaselWho are your favorite and least favorite Doctor Who companions?

Me: My favorite companion is Donna without a doubt. I loved the relationship she had with the Doctor. She’s also the companion with the saddest story in my opinion. I’m still not over it. Sadly, my least  favorite is Martha. She was a rebound companion and I didn’t feel a strong connection to her. Such a bummer since she’s was a companion of color. I had high hopes!


@xoitsgottabeyou: If you like to cook, what’s your favorite thing to make?

Me: I wish I had more time to cook but I make a good curried couscous with golden raisins and veggies. I use Jamaican curry. My family and friends like it! But I can’t lie, I usually just make pasta.


@demonweaselWhat anime would you recommend to someone who doesn’t watch anime? 

Me: For a series I’d recommend Cowboy Bebop, I think it is the best anime series and definitely one that non-anime watchers would enjoy. As for an anime movie, I’d suggest Spirited Away, it’s beautiful with an imaginative, universal story. I love Akira but it might be too much for non-anime peeps.


@AboundlessworldWhat’s your biggest fear?

Me: Serious answer, disappointing my parents. Not serious answer, centipedes. They terrify me. I couldn’t even use a picture of a real centipede because I was too scared to Google one. That’s how real it is.


@xoitsgottabeyou: If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic, book, movie, TV show would you bring? 

Me:  I always ask this but never have to answer it myself. My answers would probably change depending on how I felt that day but I’d say: Game- Super Mario World, Comic- The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, Book- The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien, Movie- Rocky Horror Picture Show, Show- Doctor Who.


@DocWasabasscoAs a geek, what famous Sci-fi / fantasy property do you just not get the appeal of?

Me: Does Twilight count? Because I’m very anti-Twilight and a member of the vampires don’t sparkle club. I’m also not a fan of The Big Bang Theory.

kawaii cheese

Paul LFavorite type of cheese?

Me: I tried to think of some fancy cheese but to be honest I really like cheddar.



@xoitsgottabeyou: Earliest/longest standing geek interest/hobby?

Me: I’d have to say books. When I was little my parents would read to me all the time which sparked my love for reading. I remember we had this huge Grimm’s Fairy Tale book and my mom and dad would check off each story we read in the Table of Contents. There were a lot of check marks. I love print books (and comics), I love the smell, the feeling of them, the beautiful covers. I dream of having a huge library in my house which is why I won’t get an e-reader.


Paul SWhat’s your favorite really, really old anime series? Also, what’s your favorite new one?

MeFist of the North Star for old ATATATATATA! And my newest anime obsession is Attack on Titan. 
game of thrones sigils

Terrie AI know that you, like me, adore several fandoms. Put them in order, just the top 5. 

Me: I feel like I have to pick which child is my favorite. 1. Doctor Who 2. Studio Ghibli 3. Harry Potter 4. Game of Thrones/AsoIaF 5. Comics (Can I just lump them together? lol). Sorry for all of those that didn’t make the top 5, I love you guys too, honestly!