Girl Gone Geek blog is the mother of all the projects Jamila has and will create in the future. It ran from 2010-2016 and was a way for her to express her geek identity and share her thoughts about all the latest happenings in the culture. Then over the years it pulled a Pokémon and evolved into something better, a place for her to make great friends and discuss the stories and topics she’s most passionate about, in a more personal way. At the same time, it became a larger platform for her to explore new adventures and opportunities.


  1. umm, im not sure if this would relate to your blog or not, but as far as art goes, i started a lil social site for artists (of all arts). maybe you might wana check it out and help us spread the word? :) if not thats cool too. just thought id run it by you. http://socialmuse.ning.com

    you can also link to it from my blog from my “Creative Playground” tab :)


  2. came across your blog from a link from a link from a link from a… well you get the idea. you’ve got a lot of cool stuff. keep up the good work


  3. I swear I made mine before I saw your haha…funny we came up with the same name though.
    anyway I LOVE your blog so creative :) Love the tattoo tuesdays thing , keep up the awesome work


  4. Cool blog! I just found it. Great idea. I came here by way of the podcast interview you did with aboundlessworld.com. The owner of that site is someone I communicate with on an app called CyberDust. You should join if you aren’t on there. It will open up a new audience for you.


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