Zombie Week- Corpse Princess 

Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime) Parts 1 & 2 DVD is set to be released Sept. 14th with English Dubs.  Has anyone seen this before, what did you think?  Watch episodes here on FUNimation. Summary via Mania.com Plot Summary: Makina is dead, but she can’t let go of this world. She burned to death in a […]

Zombie Week- Plants vs. Zombies

Me: Whatcha playin? Brother: Plants vs. Zombies (for the iPod touch) Me: *laughs* How would Plants ever beat Zombies?! That game sounds dumb. Brother: *shrugs and continues to play game* (A Few days later…) Me: (ridiculously bored waiting to get our taxes done) Are you playing that Plant Zombie game again? Brother: Yeah this game […]

Zombie Week- Disney Undead

You ever wonder what your favorite Disney Princess would look like if she were a zombie?… No?  Well either way check out these very awesome Disney Zombies made by Jeffrey Thomas on Deviant Art in his Twisted Princess Series… They all don’t look exactly like zombies but something in their eyes tell me they still […]