Tattoo Tuesday- Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is perfect in my eyes. The characters, animation, music or storyline truly some of the best that any anime series has ever seen. I have a major crush on Spike Speigel (and Faye)… is that weird because they’re animated? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m also seriously considering getting a corgi just to be able to name […]

Tattoo Tuesday-Children’s Books

My brain nearly jumped out of my head with excitement as I explored the beautiful bounty of literary skin art on (and a few other sites).  Out of all of my many obsession literature is by far the one dearest to me.  It tickles my soul to see so many people who felt a […]

Interview with Geeky Pop Songstress Emii

The stunning singer-songwriter Emii is known for fun dance songs like “Stilettos”, “Magic” and “Mr. Romeo” feat. Snoop Dogg. But what some people may not know is that this talented singer is also a major geek. She grew up with a mic in one hand and a X-Men comic in the other. I’m pretty sure her resemblance […]

Weekly Links (10/30)

I think this will be the first of an ongoing weekly post I’ll be doing, much like the Sunday Funnies and Tattoo Tuesdays.  Saturday will be designated for all the interesting links I find on my favorite geek related blogs and websites. Enjoy and have a safe and Happy Halloween!  The Jack art above was […]