Congratulations Mario Kart League Shirt Winners!

First off a big thanks once again goes to Threadless for sponsoring yet another wonderful giveaway. First Doctor Who now Mario Kart? Two of my favorite things! (however I do have a lot of favorite things) Check out my interview with illustrator and designer responsible for the National Mario Kart League (NMKL) design Rodrgio Ferreira. Congratulations Nicole Kline and Joker!  I’ve […]

CONTEST: National Mario Kart League Shirt

I’m having another contest to reward you all for being insanely amazing and to thank you for your constant support. This time I’m giving away TWO NMKL (National Mario Kart League) shirts designed by Rodrigo Ferreira and available on Threadless. A HUGE thanks to Threadless once again, the same site that sponsored the popular Doctor Hoo shirt giveaway! Check out […]

Super Mario: The Indie Film

“How many people are you willing to step on to get what you want?” There have been quite a few Super Mario Bros. live action re-imaginings but this one I actually like. Oh and then there was that actual live action Super Mario Bros. movie… but we won’t talk about that. Mario was produced and directed […]

Mario Kart in Real Life

Here’s a fun video that Freddie Wong freddiew created with the self-explanatory title “Mario Kart in Real Life!”. There’s been quite a few Mario Kart in real life videos but this is by far my favorite. The friendly racing game seems to be much grittier when recreated in a real life situation. I would have […]