Drowsy Musings on Doctor Who and Space

  So I was laying in bed one night thinking about how much I love Doctor Who (stay with me now) and felt compelled to share my drowsy musings. Answers… Sort of Doctor Who, as well as most sci-fi, gives us answers to science questions. Albeit a fictional answer, but an answer nonetheless. But if […]

Doctor Who DVD Giftpack & Books Giveaway

Our favorite madman in the blue box is back on TV and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway! You don’t have to wait until Saturday to have the doctor in your life, check out these three new Doctor Who books from Broadway Books! Details about the three new book below. Giveaway Rules: 1. […]

How Much Is Doctor Who’s TARDIS Worth?

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me what a TARDIS was… well you know the rest. But we know as proud Doctor Who fans, that it’s our duty to spread the good word of the doctor, his companions and travels. Doctor Who is sacred and priceless, but did you ever wonder how […]

Star Wars & Doctor Who Valentine’s Day Jewelry

You: I love this jewelry. Me: I know. His and Hers Custom Star Wars Rings by SwankMetalsmithing Time Lord Love acrylic double heart necklace by houseofdarkly Doctor Who Ring I Love Your Stupid Face by emerydrive Doctor Who Braceletes  You’re the Doctor to my Rose chasingatstarlight  Star Wars Necklace- “I love you, I know” Han Solo and Princess […]

Doctor Who Street Art

I’ve always had a love and appreciate for street art and artists whether its Banksy, Shepard Fairey or Space Invader. To me, street art is made specifically for the people. Not just art snobs or critics, but the every day person. Which, in my eyes, gives it more authenticity. Now of course I have a […]